Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Accepting Responsibility

Statement: "Puff can't beat fox/marth/whoever I lost my last tournament set against."
Retort A) False. Puff can. YOU can't.
Retort B) 
What reality are you trying to prepare for where you have to fight against theoretically perfect characters and not other human beings?

Statement: "Hbox plays Puff very close to her full human potential and he still has trouble." Retort A) Bull. Watch a video back in slow motion. He makes frequent mistakes. He frequently makes bad judgements. He frequently commits to bad strategies. Despite this, he is a top 10 player.
Retort B) That has nothing to do with YOU. 
Do YOU play puff anywhere close to your full potential?

These are scrubby attitudes specifically designed to remove your responsibility for your losses.

What can YOU control? What can YOU do better? There's so much. Make a list. It'll be long. That's what matters.
Why are you wasting time and attention attributing your failures to things that you can't control? Congrats on being more comfortable with mediocrity. You deserve your results.

Stop perpetuating useless and discouraging banter about theoretical endgame MU conclusions. Stop clogging up my character's meta with your negativity and lack of creative/valuable insight. 
If you truly believe that jigglypuff is the problem then you need to pick a different character. If you don't think that jigglypuff is amazing then you need to pick a different character. You could be right. But if you think puff is viable/great then withdraw your option to complain and make a plan. I've been running this blog for less than half a year. In that time I've completely changed the way that I play and discovered/shared game-changing tactics. Do you think that's insignificant or that there isn't more innovating that can be done?
Stop trying to play fair. Stop trying to win losing matchups with the same losing strategies (i.e. the mechanics of the losing MU). Abuse your tools, abuse your brain. Are you so afraid to be the smarter player? 
Are you so afraid of engaging? Systematically dismantle your opponent.

(note: opening quotes are purposefully and inappropriately pulled out of context, I'm just illustrating what is in isolation a bad mindset, one that I catch myself in sometimes too. In accordance, this post is more negative/aggressive than I like to be but that's not necessarily a bad thing.)