Monday, February 29, 2016

4% vs Vudujin Analysis

4% vs Vudujin, Invitational
Notation by in game timer
I am not very familiar with this MU so a lot of what I point out will be conjecture we can talk about later.

Game 1 BF
8:00 neutral start, takes stance outside of then over WD range
vudijin isn’t moving to try to punish lands, he’s trying to confirm an OoS punish
I think that means that you have to stay empty if you see him shield. If you are empty then you can ff and grab/upsmash/fsmash/whatever if you see him WD OoS whereas if you have bair out then you can’t ff or ac safely.
7:53 gets one
you push him back, get grabbed out of a jump punish because of low %
generally puff has to land 2 aerials before they have to respect her
vudujin does not bite at anything on your way back
dairs you for whiffing a jump punish
this happens a lot, important for puffs to remember that it is easier to punish a descent than an ascent
7:44 FH over a punish, take center, luigi shields then nairs another whiffed jump punish
you both misspace for a bit
low nair on shield is +1, you’ll never grab it but it looks like you can WD away after the rising aerial then punish the whiff or fair in between
7:36 what a crouch. Grab is a pretty meager punish on luigi. dthrow would have been better position after.
You shield for fear of ivn smash attack but that also loses to grab. Not a good position.
7:33 haha, you get a clean jump punish but realize it’s unsafe so you jump away. Jump was more than necessary, I think fading back was fine. Or airdodge down maybe.
preemptive nair from inside of WD to prevent it
he FHs instead but you misspace the land punish
7:26 good dj to avoid tech
7:24 WD prevents CC. Don’t fill CC with anything or it won’t work. Bad habit a lot of puffs have.
7:21 unsafe crossup, he’s aware of it
7:18 bair is better at protecting your land than dair is
vudujin is either bad at or doesn’t care to try punishing lands
he’s also playing pretty… bitchy. He’s clearly only waiting for overextensions.
7:14 you guess jump and he WDs instead.
Just based on interactions this stock I think that you shouldn’t try to preemptively punish his jumps. Luigi’s mobility is poor enough that if he jumps you can bully his descent. It is much safer to try to defensively react to his WD. That’s something that we should flowchart based on range and %. Make it a science. Then when he doesn’t WD but jumps instead it’s a pleasant surprise. Would make things much more consistent.
7:10 you bait his jump then fair his fair startup.
He WDes in after and gets baired but had he held shield you could have died.
7:07 grab is telegraphed by the waveland from that far away. Too slow. Should have wavelanded then crouched.
7:05 land punish is slow
lol you read the WD and the waveland but the preemptive dair was too risky. Let him whiff and then punish.
6:48 fair is an overextension. Grab ledge then fair.
6:52 he goes high which we don’t mind. He also messes up which is good but you miss the upair, could have fsmashed or grabbed the fall
he immediately takes a stance a full WD away where he can react to your approach.
you try to bait him down but mess up so have to shield
he shields a bair, doesn’t take the punish, is happy with stage
6:40 you land inside of WD range then bair but he reacts with shield
holy shit that’s an annoying problem
6:38 doesn’t challenge your descent, gets shieldpoked
you preemptively cover a WD, have to buffer spotdodge, can CC from 0-32%. Would have been easy CC jump rest.
I think grab was better than nair out of endlag. Beats shield and is faster.
6:33 you pressure him for jumping really well but misspace the upair, was too high/early
6:29 use bairs to force him up again then misspace the punish again
6:23 read his approach and fsmash
let me look some stuff up before I continue
6:19 miss grabbing the ledge so he gets back
6:16 ok so you read that he’ll WD back for fear of fair so you WD instead
but then you FH fair which whiffs by a lot and isn’t a good punish so it puts you in the corner in your shield
you get a fair after rising dair, that’s good. According to quick math there’s a 7f window to fair between when dair hits and nair starts.
reaction punish the sideB, cool.
6:04 I’m not sure why he does this jump
your pursuit whiffs so you do a second fair to protect your land but that forces you to shield.
I think you should have jumped away to the platform.
Frame advantage on land is a big deal in this MU because of his horizontal speed. Maybe even a bigger deal than fox, actually.
6:00 another preemptive bair is punished
he waits for you to overextend
5:53 preemptive nair. Hmmmmm looks like preemptive nairs would be good if they fade back and end outside of his WD. Then they punish his WD but can’t be punished be a late WD.
5:50 he respects your spacing on reaction to his jump and goes high, good.
nair on shield hits high so you can shieldgrab it. Upthrow is obv best choice.
jumps with upair are slightly too late for punishes
5:44 preemptive fair hits, no reward
5:41 bair his attempt at a land punish
5:40 it looks like he thought your bair was going to poke his head so his gut reaction was to jump
bair vs his ledgegrab was a clear overextension. It couldn’t do anything but put you in a bad position.
5:38 he fakes running away and then dairs your pursuit.
bairs make him give you a way back
5:30 he’s waiting, you scare him into jumping then preemptive bair cuts off his WD back to center
oh gosh really close spacing, you get the dair, could have comboed to grab
5:21 you back a little bit too far off to punish his land
read his shield, fthrow for stage. Would have preferred upthrow, seems much easier to land an additional hit after
5:14 he recognizes you baiting his fall so he WLs back which gives you stage, you think he will WD in after so you preemptive fair, he shields on reaction then tries to jab grab dthrow punish, misses. Would have been bad.
5:12 preemptive fair is clear overextension, he punishes your land
5:03 vudujin is doing inv wavelands, punishing them directly is impossible
See how he waits outside of your jump then WDes in in response to your FH?
driveby dsmashes to eat your shield
4:52 you preemptive nair that one
4:50 wait outside of ledgedash then grab the shield
fthrow, bair his late exit from hitstun
4:40 dair grab at 0 is not a combo but you react faster than he does
fthrow for stage (I don’t like it because he could have snapped to ledge)
bair flubbed movement
4:36 bad falling upair. It has a horrible horrible success rate.
dair or crossup nair
4:33 missed ledgecancel
4:30 can’t tell if he whiffed that dair on purpose
4:23 there’s that weird retreating jump again
4:19 that was a tight window and your shieldgrab was late
he’s fishing super hard but can afford to
4:00 you get a tricky dair, miss the l cancel but funnily that lets you punish the spotdodge
fthrow for stage
ok, in this situation I disagree with your decision. You dash back as if to cover a roll and then dash forward to punish the shield. You have to choose, if you try to cover both then you will cover neither.
(prioritize covering the roll because him shielding in the corner is A-ok with us)
3:37 you preemptive bair to cover WD but don’t space to cover the WD
grab was mistimed by a lot
3:52 you take center, jab to cover a crossup, luigi goes high
you don’t confirm his land so fair whiffs
but you both react a little slow so ledgecancel fair hits
3:48 preemptive fair to stuff WD misses by a lot and luigi sliding forward makes your land unsafe.
I guess you don’t have to land there, you can DJ away but vudujin probably fairs that
3:45 you try to read his jump but he doesn’t so he crosses you up and gets damage
3:39 jumping that far in vs on ledge luigi is an overextension
3:38 that fair was scary too
3:36 reads your spotdodge based on the dash
3:32 unsafe crossup
3”25 guessing the roll was unintentional, keeps you from challenging his land
3:24 preemptive nair catches him off guard
3:17 damage from having luigi on the platforms
he gets down because you try to bait him into moving but he just waits for you to be out of position
3:12 that time you get it
3:09 dash toward ledge was scary puts you in a bad spot
you read the WD but are misspaced
3:04 he misses OoS punish on FH bair, and the read on your roll
3:00 nair doesn’t work vs inv or shielding luigi which is all that he’s done so far
2:57 bair his land
2:55 again
2:52 barely miss
2:48 you do a shallow nair to bait a WD then fsmash him
2:43 he gives you the stage because he wants you to have to approach
you are flirting with the edge of his WD which is good but he moves it by walking a bit so you have to shield
you keep godlike spacing for like 20 seconds but eventually trade with a fair
2:07 the bair is late so it trades. Sort of a hard spot because by the time you saw the need for a bair it was late.

fair between dair and nair shield pressure
fthrow bair, high %

Stocks Lost
fair whiffs, is faired
fair whiffs, dsmash land punish
whiffed grab is daired

the way you play this game 95% of your preemptive aerials are high risk low reward.
Vudujin is playing extremmmmmmely passively. He understands that his character has the stronger options as long as he stays grounded and is netting damage almost exclusively by waiting for you to make a mistake in front of him. He is not close to optimized though, he is pretty content just playing super lame and hoping to win at the end.
You are getting decent conversions off of luigi in the air.
I’m going to look some stuff up before I continue because some of the pattern is clear and there’s not much point to describe it more without ideas for solutions.

- - -

Luckily for us, Luigi yells “YAH” when he leaves the ground (incl if he WDes). This reduces the amount of time needed to react. On f20 after jumping (f15 after YAH) of earliest action out of full WD, dsmash, ftilt, and jab are all out at the length of the center purple hexagon on BF (grab is a tiny bit shorter) (this is pretty much exactly the lenght of his full empty WD) This is convenient because it is basically exactly the same as what we can react to. So if we are at or outside of the length of the purple BF hexagon range and we jump on reaction to hearing YAH then we are safe. If we are inside of that range then we have to guess what he’ll do and choose shield or crouch but with a good reaction to the YAH noise we get the mixup.
Crouch always beats jab (CC grab it) and upsmash. It beats grab almost always, ftilt until 90, and dsmash until 33. It loses to upB. This means that under 30 he cannot punish crouch with a WD from any range if you respond correctly.
Shield is weird because you the best you can get consistently is like a dair but if he doesn’t grab and you don’t overextend out of shield then it’s not much harm done and you avoided getting dsmashed (basically the only thing that you’re afraid of).
If he jumped instead of WD and we chose to jump or shield or something defensive it’s no big deal at all. That’s what we want. He is stuck in the air for a minimum of half a second, more likely in that scenario a lot more. Worst case we force him backwards a bit.

Luigi cannot consistently grab crouching puff. His standing grab will get her if she wobbles but only sometimes so it is not worth the risk, like marth. Hist dash grab will never grab crouching puff.

Luigi’s dair is the only rising aerial that can hit crouching puff. It must be out on f1 and the range is the same as strong super jump punch. Meaning that if he can’t strong upB you OoS then he can’t rising aerial your crouch.

shield pushback makes punishing puff’s fsmash OoS very weird for luigi. He can’t grab or aerial, he has to correctly guess the amount of pushback and angle his WD appropriately in order to WD to her and get a smash attack out. This has a surprisingly small window, between 1-6f or so. It would take practice.

I think that you need to optimize what you do preemptively because the risk of the FH aerials that sometimes clip him and sometimes get faired is too dramatic. Work out on paper what you want to do from the ground and from the air vs what options he has from inside and outside of WD length.

Reviewing Hbox vs Vudujin, gonna look at what he does.
Hbox is, as you would expect, not approaching unless vudujin moves backward or is in endlag. But he’s not retreating at all which makes vudujin eager to do those things. Hbox stays exactly outside of that purple hexagon range and hits luigi for making commitments. He’s not going inside without frame adv and keeps very very tight spacing when he is in there. He never crosses luigi up.
When he does preemptive aerials it’s a FH bair, rising one fills the space at the end of luigi’s WD (no closer because that introduces risk if he’s wrong, if he’s wrong and fades back then he can react to what luigi does before he has to land). He is keeping vudijin from walking forward by using dash attack at those moments or if he is in the air threatening a falling bair which vudu is respecting because he’s afraid of Hbox’s WoP accuracy.

- - -

Ok, now that I understand the MU better

Game 2 DL
8:00 non neutral start
vudu runs away then runs back so that you have to tap his shield, jumps away. Hbox would have just landed at the edge of his WD and wated for vudu’s reaction.
you win the aerial spacing battle
7:51 you guess shield, vudu does SH dair
you didn’t have frame adv so grab was high risk
in my head hbox turns his back and shields, then FH bairs back to WD length if luigi doesn’t do anything
7:49 you do a really late bair, he goes to whiff punish, is late, FH bair goes around him, was a good choice
he shields in time to stop the upair, you read his jump/WD but he reacts. You run outside of his fall but bair is slow. 5+9=minimum of 14 which is slower than fsmash. Recurring problem that puffs have is that they use bair for tight punishes like that and it is always shielded.
makes your crossup unsafe but he is nervous about getting shieldgrabbed (you would have missed)
7:42 I think that upthrow is better. More damage, better chances for more hits. Please tell me if you disagree.
7:39 When at frame disadvantage inside of luigi’s WD hbox almost always shields. I think he is weighing the probability that luigi wants to get a hit vs that luigi uses Z. In that case you were under 30 so I would have crouched though.
7:36 sick. That is the exact rising bair that luigi can’t punish and that gives you good opportunities.
mmhhhmmm, you outspace him, grab instead of bair this time, get a backthrow, force out his jump, bair his fall. Better positioning so you got better followup.
No jump luigi so you can go ham
7:21 luigi’s endlag lets you cross up
7:19 you need to immediately SH to clip their feet on the platform
he jumps for fear though, you get an upair trade
7:16 shitty pound. Shouldn’t ever pound without confirmation it’s predictable and hella high risk.
7:12 he fakes you out by not moving. Because you aren’t at the magic spacing don’t challenge him. Just plant your feet and get to the spot where you can bair over the edge of his WD (or you could have just baired anyway like you did to get the last backthrow.
7:11 you recognize the tomahawk but jump isn’t the right option lol. Probs roll behind him?
7:10 almost get the upair
are too close after landing for bair to be safe
7:07 high risk negative reward pound
7:01 this preemptive fair is what made last game so hard. It’s not very good on hit or whiff.
SH nair is better. Dash away is better. FH bair is better.
I don’t know why you DJ bair after the SH.
Had he jumped you would have still been in position to punish. Low bair on shield forces him back a smidge which is perfect. Now you’re just hanging above him in end lag because you guessed wrong.
6:55 turning your back makes him let you take ledge again.
the waveland grab without frame adv is risky. You can bair at him to trigger him to make a decision with endlag.
perfect spacing for next little exchange
dair grab isn’t real until about 60 so most of the time you can crouch next to them and they either jab roll or spotdodge
good punishes on vertical luigi and great spacing to avoid bair then recognizing he had to shield and getting the grab. This is amazing play right now.
woud have preferred upthrow
6:35 you recognize inv WL and shield
dair and nair here are high risk moderate reward
bair would have been low risk moderate reward.
lol what a spotdodge, he does that habitually when you grounded dash at him.
6:31 get in the habit of holding down, L and mashing A and Z when someone jabs you.
good shield, you opt to grab instead of bair (to avoid possibly trading with dair?)
He has good DI vs fthrow
6:26 perfect spacing outside of WD to get reaction bair
snipe him with fair then correct reactions in tangle under the stage
a million times better spacing this game and way fewer FH fairs.
6:17 he takes ledge which is ok ‘cause it gives you stage
6:15 FH bair is a little too close so he gets a land punish. Hard to tell if you input it late on purpose in order to preemptively punish a jump or not. If so there’s no need for you to do that.
You take a lot of damage preemptively covering jumps that don’t happen.
You do the most damage punishing him after the jump.
6:09 dair without frame adv was overly risky. Protect your fall space with bair.
6:02 you force shield with upair. That upair always makes them shield and never has reward. Consider using empty uptilt more often? I mean, esp there, you’re invincible so he can’t punish it.
6:00 misspace upair
5:59 turn your back after the fair.
5:54 bair whiffs because you dashed forward first. Would have been a juicy 2-3 bairs.
you hover out of his WD range, filling it with an aerial then landing outside of it which is pretty safe. Choose the best aerial though. I honestly think it’s bair at this %.
not high enough % for dash attack.
5:47 bair lets you back
he commits to lag which lets you bair in
you drop the WoP thinking he’d go up, misjudging his % a couple times now.
5:40 careful, you don’t have to stick your feet that far in in order to cover WD.
5:40 you guess he’ll shield but he reacts to your forward movement again, looks like.
You can probably mask that better by using WDs instead of dashes. Same speed over that distance, much less conspicuous.
5:38 he fakes you out
you could have covered that option with much less risk via bair
5:35 oh ok, you recognize that he’ll think grab/grounded attack so you wait for him to jump
but you try to fair the jump which we’ve established doesn’t work in this MU lol
if you see luigi jump you need to think “punish the fall”
5:33 ok he’s caught on that you are punishing close land whiffs with grabs so he jumps out
that’s ok though because it just gives you another chance
you react late though
5:29 slightly too slow reaction to spotdodge
gross. From 5:27-5:22 he just sits and waits for you to come in guessing. Eventually you do.
When vudujin does that refuse to play that stupid game with him. It’s deliberate, it’s super lame, and it’s motivated by his not being able to think of anything better to do than rely on you to mess up in neutral. Yes, he has center, but you are a Jigglypuff with no need for stage control and an stock up so you have no incentive to walk into him, at least not right away. Plant yourself at the edge of his WD and safely poke the edge of his range. From rising bair outside of his WD your threat angles are better and more flexible. You have no reason to come in on a risky guess with not reason or endlag confirmation.
5:15 when you see him jump up you can just WD away, he can’t hit crouching/deflated WDing puff on his way up.
can’t shield grab that nair
5:12 super bad pound
good spacing vs his jumps
needed to turn your back, no need to try to preemptive fair
4:57 CC grab
5:54 ooh slick upair
4:47 could have gotten WoP with bair
4:44 amazing spacing to get that grab
backthrow, perfectly spaced bair, perfect luigi edgeguard
retreat to ledge, makes him jump, upair could have clipped him
4:27 you react faster than he does
good spacing gets double bair uptilt rest.

Yeah after watching this carefully idk why you would want to fair instead of bair. Bair is wayyyyyyy safer, has better range combos better, and you can do 2 of them in a FH instead of 1.

backthrow gimp
outspace WD, bair, edgeguard
grab his land, backthrow gimp
uptilt rest

Stocks Lost
dair into his fair for no reason
fair into his dair for no reason

Game 3 FD
should be interesting because very explicit ranges and fall punishes without the platforms. It is wide enough that you can abuse spacing outside of his WD pretty darn hard.
8:00 you open with pretty perfect spacing, he chooses to spotdodge rather than shield but you react so it’s fine
hmmmm, you’re right Sh bair DJ bair doesn’t seem very good unless it is at full WD range it just put you at a tough angle
7:55 no descent punish
7:52 you can just CC grab that it’s way easier
yeah good reaction to empty land
same situation
7:47 you’re under 30 so you can just crouch when he WDes
7:45 he keeps jumping when you run at him
good upair string
7:39 bair was badly spaced, couldn’t get there in time, needed to back off
7:34 nair is too far in
he baits the grab. That’s kinda annoying.
7:27 whiff punish
bair was I think the right choice vs walking around luigi you just misspaced slightly
good decision not to press for an unsafe crossup and just take ledge
7:22 fair is an overextension
7:21 wtf is he doing
hmmm I think maybe you should have just let him WL then reacted? You were outside of WL smash attack range. He hasn’t shown WL WD yet that I noticed.
good dair grab though
I still think upthrow is better than throwing him to where he will just snap to ledge.
7:14 aerial OoS was an overextension, can just WD away and punish land
really good descent. Hovered where you could react to a jump then punished when he put himself in endlag.
Could have comboed to upsmash uptilt or grab
7:04 high risk low reward fair
7:01 oh there’s that exact dair I was talking about
you don’t react in time the next iteration though
crazy DI
look at how much stage bair buys you
6:54 he’s just waiting for you to whiff something risky in front of him
weird for that nair to hit you, did you jump and not WD away?
6:46 you force him into the corner so he jumps, you grab his land
pretty risky fair but the angle is good
misjudge his sideB
great empty land grab
backthrow bair. Looks like that is a real combo at high %s.
6:28 FHs prevent him from doing much with his inv
you react to a weird empty jump with fair
second fair isn’t gonna work at 0
no need to roll
6:20 spotdodges instead of shield again
6:18 and again
sucks for him if you do an empty land uptilt
bad pound
6:15 bad DJ bair, don’t preemptively cover his jumps
6:11 FH fair is high risk low reward. Could have covered same option with SH bair away.
6:08 good spacing but he has time to spotdodge.
6:05 hm he baits you with that shield. You were in a good position, just didn’t space out enough.
6:01 aghhh, an upair input too late?
bad FH fair. Turn your back.
5:54 ehhhhh, that’s pretty much exactly why dair isn’t actually good at protecting your fall
5:49 he was never going to sit in shield for that long
good crouch on the jab but no CC grab
5:43 bad fair. Let him shield and reset to WD spacing where you can react to him.
5:41 that FH nair that he does seems really horrible
inner hitbox of bair so easy WoP
5:37 oh wow reacting to the whiff and doing a rising bair after was really good
5:32 you can’t outspace dair with fair. You can with bair though.
5:28 you corner him then jab his crossup. That’s pretty flawless on this stage, right?
he jumps, whiff punish
edgeguard was good until you FF bair too early
5:20 you were ready you just didn’t confirm before you hit Z
lol crouch fsmash
5:08 CC grab was hella late
you FH fair inside of his WD and get land punished
5:00 can’t tell if you read the roll or not, if so you needed to confirm it first. Acting too early is a real thing.
4:57 second jump bair covered 0 options and let him get under you.
5:56 hard to get that grab out of hitstun
4:53 nair was pretty bad. No need to challenge lagless luigi directly with that. Too much warning.
4:45 land punish.
4:42 oh surprise
5:40 FH fair was too close to him
4:38 he was too close for SH bair to be safe
idk about the nair into fsmash either lol
4:28 FH fair is too close
4:24 land punish, fthrow has no reward
4:22 CC grab
4:13 could have punished better
4:08 lol spacing bairs and then running and grabbing is not a real mixup
4:06 spotdodges instead of shield again
3:57 same inv nair jab gets you a land punish
fthrow, he snaps to ledge, was inv for the fair
3:54 if you don’t attack his shield immediately then don’t attack his shield at all. Mixup works better that way. Recurring situation for tons of players.
3:53 good WD
3:50 good bairs they were just started from slightly too close. That’s how you beat him doing nothing from a full WD
3:47 baits with single jab again. Ughhhhhh I hate watching gimmicky low tier players.
3:44 spotdodges instead of shield again. You empty land grab this time. Fthrow snaps to ledge, gets inv uptilt.
3:40 idk why that fair hit him but I think you do
super luigi edgeguard
3:30 wow what a grab
upair the descent, misspaced slightly so nothing more
protect fall with threat of bair, he overextends pretty hard with FH dair, you try to beat it preemptively almost take the dair, miss the whiff punish
you play around outside of his range until you get a dair on his guess
land punish a spammy bair, backthrow, snaps to ledge and situation reverses.
slowly take stage with FH bair threat.
he spotdodge ftils, your spacing is noncommital so you can’t punish or avoid. Gotta make sure that you’re covering options.
3:04 you use his gut reaction to flee running puff to take the rest of stage
3:01 cleanly punish his jump, WoP
2:58 ooh good nair
and the mini dash dance grab! Kreygasm
backthrow, cover some options, he airdodges, should be a regrab
fthrow, cover his jump, goes low, take ledge for inv with perfect timing, I think fallign fair was better than rising nair. Could have SHed to ledge.
2:48 you don’t respect that vudu does inv ledgedashes, scary risk
FH fairs are ineffective vs luigi
good micro reactions goodness
dair upsmash callout on his movement habit doesn’t kill, if you turned your back you could have threatened the ledgegrab
2:31 bairs were well spaced outside of his range but still threatening him until that one
2:24 don’t recognize the opportunity for a land punish until too late
2:23 you do the thing where you cover the roll then stop covering the roll just as he does it again lol
there are really scary crossups
2:17 same situation where you bair his shield during WL. What is the best solution to that?
2:12 land punish
fthrow, oh gosh you spaced so close. Just turn your back and use the disjoint.
some wonky spacing.
he ends up upsmashing you for landing inside of his WD.

emptyland grab backthrow bair
crouch under grab fsmash
fair, edgeguard

Stocks Lost
caught to close and get naired
try to beat dair with fair
spotdodges a bair, dsmash
land in his WD, upsmash

Ok I feel like I have identified important patterns. Doing the rest of the set in depth would be redundant and not helpful. I’m just reiterate that you take too much damage from FH fairs lol.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Analysis for FrozenLight

Frozenlight vs Ravenlord

Game 1 BF
notation by in game timer
8:00 non neutral start, you move into center then out of nair range
spacing was good but needed to grab earlier in order to catch endlag. That is tough but doable.
fox FHs out, gives you stage
7:56 unsafe nair, looks like you realize and back off but fox is fast enough to punish land. Started it way too high for anything else to happen
When choosing aerials choose based on your objective. To link to grab on grounded fox use FH fair/nair, to threaten space use bair. If you just want him to whiff then consider not using any moves and just watching the spacing/keeping your options open.
7:52 Dj is an overcommitment
7:49 shielddrop upair is neat but he’s at 0 so won’t make him tech and you start the upair too late
maybe could have WD back grabbed, not sure
7:48 that nair was really really unsafe
7:47 catch grounded fox with FH fair, get the grab, upthrow rest
7:39 try not to do superfluous fairs, fox can start upairing you for doing that later
fox is waiting for you to come down so that he can grab your land
you don’t have to if you don’t want
7:30 he falls for the bait and you get a crossup bair, links to grab, upthrow rest but needed another aerial to ensure a death so you should have upair regrabbed.
7:23 good spacing to get the bair
7:22 wow I don’t disagree with that WD in but he was ready for it. You telegraphed it a littttttle too early.
7:16 you cut off stage then cover a jump to platform but he watches and gets under you for free
you nair a second crossup. It was unsafe because you hit him high and didn’t fade back.
hm, you get him to jump in, it looks like you’re ready for the spotdodge but bad spacing so you get shined. Your jump was too late to be a safe crossup. Should have daired or baired.
7:09 high risk high reward pound, not a fan.
you land on stage and shield dunno why. at 14% grabs are scarier than non-grabs.
7:06 second fair was an overcommitment at that range
your shielding is keeping you from being mobile so he gets a grab, no sdi
7:00 bad jump, could have reacted to his jump and gotten a punish
6:56 you’re caught in a pattern of taking a little bit of stage then getting scared and giving it up and giving him a grab
needed to dj out of the throw to get a bair
bad spacing on your way down so you get baired
6:47 good punish, grab, backthrow, bait the sideB and rest. Could have easily fsmashed on reaction and avoided potential stock trade.
6:38 punish opportunity on accidental upair
looks like you read the upsmash but don’t shieldDI in so it pushes you to ledge and no punish
6:35 another punish opportunity on that upsmash but you take platform instead. You need to kill him off of his mistakes or you cannot win.
6:30 good spacing around the nair but you underestimate how long it will be out
6:27 uptilt was weird to me but he whiffs the punish. Could have grabbed him instead you do ultra high risk moderate reward pound
get a techchase grab
upthrow upair techtrap rest
fox is giving you grabs which is great keep taking them.
6:13 you come back and bait him into another bad grab, get your own grab. He DIs this time, you react slowly. SH upair regrab. You could have pounded and gotten a techchase because it wasn’t full DI forward.
6:10 slow to WD away could have gotten the grab again
pound out of hitstun is weird but he was in a weird spot so it works
dropthrough upair is suboptimal. Because you knew he had to tech you could have reaction rested or grabbed.
after the upair you choose to read tech in (could have reaction techchase rested off of a FH) but do not choose to rest it.
6:04 CC grab
5:57 you fade a little too far in for fade back land to be safe. Needed to recognize that and do another fair or buffer spotdodge after the land
5:56 you were out of hitstun when the upair hit so you could have DJed the other way and/or airdodged
5:50 good positioning to catch him on the platform at that time
5:45 you bait him onto the stage but don’t punish
5:43 tricky fair haha
second one should have been dair
nair was suboptimal, didn’t have a reward, gets you grabbed
5:37 ah, that nair makes me nervous. I thinkkk that fair would have done the same thing but safer
5:36 bad spacing
fair afterward also makes me nervous but you used it as a bait. It looked like an easy shieldgrabbut due to spacing he actually hit very low on shield
5:31 you didn’t react to his jump
5:29 needed to fair on your way down
5:25 second bair is mistimed so you are grabbed
get the sdi, probably should have jumped away from danger in case he baired or upsmashed
5:22 catch his land, need this edgeguard
it was good until you FHed instead of SH
5:19 grab whiffs which is unfortunate, needed to shield DI in
you get two lucky pokes to keep him off of you
then he does a really bad sideB and you can bair it, good

upthrow rest
grab whiffed upsmash, backthrow rest sideB lag
upthrow techtrap rest
bair an early sideB

Stocks lost
rWD forward into an upsmash
rest trade
unsafe land, upthrow upair

So far it looks like you’re getting a really good number of opportunities and you just need to tweak what you are looking for when and take a magnifying glass to optimizing your recurring punishes.

Game 2 FD
you WD in and poke his dash, late move out of endlag so you are grabbed
he runs under your high nair and takes a free 15. High nairs are bad for exactly this reason.
7:54 he is late to grab punish so you get an uptilt. Missed input on pivot grab.
No sdi and you’re dead after making 3 notable mistakes (; _ ; )
7:56 you cut off stage, the uptilt was not necessary
FH prevents you from pressuring or punishing his land
7:43 don’t do that upair, the risk reward is actually very very very poor
7:39 descending nair catches his jump because he is slow (he could have just grabbed your land)
you maybe could have grabbed after
shines your spotdodge, roll is better in that position because he will have frame adv after but not enough to directly punish a roll.
7:35 bad pound
7:32 don’t directly challenge his jumps. It is overly difficult. Try to punish their descent/land.
7:30 he drops shield so you get an uptilt, should have been ready to punish w/ jab reset, instead you dash away and have to cobble together an alternate punish.
7:27 when you do that edgeguard you need to be facing him of he can get through exactly like that.
7:25 you get another grab, this time you downthrow which works better
good pound but he gets a miracle tech wow that was crazy
7:18 you space for a CC but he does an invincible combat roll
then you get faked out and grabbed
good sdi
scary close to that upsmash
jump bair is too early
7:11 ahhh, that was really good until you DJ
7:03 catch him slipping then read a jump and get a solid bair
definitely could have grabbed ledge before him on reaction
6:57 you’re spaced too far out to get that grab
ok WD back fsmash works
6:51 don’t use nair to protect your land from the ledge. Use the threat of bair it’s way better at it and buys you more space.
6:48 oooh snatched him right out of the air, that’s so hard. Upthrow rest.
One of those and you’re back in this.
6:42 it’s harder for him to cover DI behind and you had time to DI that way from the grab.
6:38 lucky nair hits just over his. D on’t like it but it gets you a grab, this time you upair regrab which is optimal. Fair after the second upair is mistimed. Needed to be earlier.
6:31 lol I’m guessing that ftilt was an accident.
no sdi
6:26 that uptilt isn’t doing anything for you
6:22, nair is not correct reaction, could have probably fallen after him and grabbed endlag
6:18 you space super close and he misses a back dash so you get a really good grab. Could have rested. He sweetspots which you needed to SH to cover. At that range you can grab ledge before him and still punish the endlag if he goes over you because he won’t go very far into the stage.
6:13 he does an accidental walljump but you don’t recognize in time to punish, luckily he shields out of nervousness so you can grab
Same edgeguard situation
late reaction to him ledgejumping
6:05 could have grabbed the whiffed shine
6:00 jumping forward there was weird for you, a lot of risk, it’d be strange for him not to be in position to punish.
5:57 not a good fair
5:54 hm, looks like you recognize the crossup jussst too late to avoid the grab
good di/sdi though
yeah he reads the bad nair and you almost die for it
he’s being very deliberate and letting you put yourself in bad positions. When he does that it’s on you not to take the bait, to turn your back and keep immaculate spacing for the rest of the stock. Don’t gamble because he has better cards and more chips.

WD back fsmash
Upthrow rest.

Stocks Lost
land punish upthrow upair
runs under you and upsmashes
accidental ftilt, upthrow upair
jab upsmashes you fall

you’re missing too many upair sdi opportunities. You’re playing more aggressively on this stage which is making it easier for fox to get you to kill%. If a match on FD finishes in 2 minutes it probably means that the puff got bopped.

Game 3 DL
8:00 non neutral start, mirror opening to game 1 start but fox recognizes the grab and jumps away lol
7:57 you had time to react to fox staying in place, you’re both unsure so you both run away
7:55 predict his jump, fair would have been better, nair gets you grabbed
sdi didn’t work because fox was spaced perfectly
meh nair on the way down but it baits an approach, you give him too much space so you can’t punish
uptilt predicted a dash that way? Not a bad call.
Shield in time, WD could have been caught by a shine.
7:47 that’s the same pound you did on BF. Could have been a grab. Is it you jumping away not sure if the fox will get to you and then pounding when you see the grab whiff? Because if so I mayyybe like it but I still just don’t like pounds from neutral. They’re too high risk with too little and too situational a reward.
He CCs.
7:45 risky fair
7:43 bad nair. If you want space then use bair. If you are fishing for a grab then you have to confirm the space/frame adv to be safe first.
7:39 that nair was bad because it was started slightly too early so couldn’t do what you wanted it to.
7:37 obviously a  horrible pound lol
7:33 bair is better for buying stage to land than nair is, he should be upsmashing that.
his % is too low to crossup on hit
7:26 upair is a little early, you have time to watch him fall more
7:25 need to try to confirm that he jumps before you try to fair him or he gets under you for free
7:24 oh crazy, I would have baired and gotten very little, uptilt was really smart there it was just barely too slow
no sdi
7:17 same too early nair from the platform as before
7:16 that was a bad pound. I think that he went to punish it but misjudged how close you were. Could have been shined.
I think that he has a read on you always FHing above the stage to edgeguard, leaving the ledge open.
Ideally you want to fall about parallel with him and grab ledge (or fair if you are facing him) as he is able to sideB to ledge. If he sideBs earlier then you can jump over it on reaction then fall on top of him with bair or rest.
7:12 good reaction w/ bair
good recognition that he had to upB, you trade because you hit the side of him, you want to sort of sit your butt on his head.
I would have used sing to grab ledge after the trade but another fair works too.
Blegh, but you try to guess when he will press upB again instead of just reacting. You have almost a full second, there’s no need to guess.
7:06 bad nair, I think an empty WD forward was better because you could have reacted to any descent
7:03 lucky shield now rest him
he recognizes and jabs your grab. If you want a grab you have to shield DI the upsmash in.
FH fair beats grounded fox
good FH edgeguard
oh gross SD
6:51 you decide not to overextend and take center
jump back and nair a whiffed grab. Suboptimal punish. Maybe dair then look to punish his buffered spotdodge because he’s at low %.
6:48 good jump back, he shines instead of spotdodge so you get teh grab.
upthrow rest and it’s tied up.
lol what a punish.
could have easily ran off and killed him with fairs but you let him back. Don’t be a nice guy this is a losing MU in a competitive game.
6:39 nair should have been a bair
he spasms on his controller so no punish
DJ over the nair is good, sets you up for a CC grab but you don’t CC
6:33 hmmm, you were invincible so shine misses but you overshoot the pound. In that spot I think a reverse bair would be best but that’s hard if you don’t claw.
I think hbox would land and uptilt. If fox jumps you have time to shield.
oh cool that’s exactly what you do lol good job
your jab is too late though (; _ ; )
6:30 ok that was a perfect FH fair upair. Amazing.
and you predict the jump. You fade back a little too far to get the second one.
6:27 good WD, you should have pivot grabbed.
You don’t have to shield at low %s fox is definitely going to prioritize grabs.
I think you could have gotten a grab before he landed. TAS probs could have rested but that looked hard. Jump bair was too slow to catch anything but missed tech though and if he was going to miss tech you should have just waited to jab him.
FH bair under the plat works out but generally it’s not as good as SH because he can’t go very far so FH just makes you laggy.
6:24 I don’t like choosing nair. Commits to an entire jump’s worth of lag. It looks like you were trying to cover both in place and the roll but at very low reward and you moved forward too much anyway.
6:22 pound is now predictable and gets punished
6:17 there wasn’t much of a reason for you to go up there
6:16 your fall was later than the last time this happened so you needed to recognize his active frames and space away and bair
6:13 WD reaction was too late but that was a tough position
6:11 bad nair, you give him too much warning so he gets to try to punish it and gets your landing
6:05 ok you slip through and then he whiffs an upsmash but you try to nair which isn’t going to get him.
However he gets scared and spotdodges so you land a bair after
But it makes me nervous because had he dashed away you’d be in a tough position instead of a good one
6:00 fair is just short
5:57 really really good shield
ah, but you miss the rest. Your jump was too late. It didn’t help that the pushback was that severe. Shield DI in vs upsmash makes it much easier to punish every time.
5:47 you take center then give him opportunity to nair, he’s not taking the bait any more.
5:42 he sees that you’re looking for a nair and you react to him staying grounded too late so you get grabbed. Had you stayed a little more ambiguous I think he would have been more willing to jump.
5:36 lucky pound, good bair reaction
5:31 he was too far away for you to challenge. You should have baired the low angle then punished the fall if he went high.
Really bad nair out of hitstun, almost got you killed. If you nair you can’t jump.
5:28 you WD out of a grab then fsmash him.
5:21 there it is. You space a little closer this time and then he bites.
grab but accidental fthrow. I found that I stopped doing that by using C stick for throws.
almost die for not spacing your aerials out vs low % grounded fox.
5:08 he read your jump off the platform but misspaced
can still get teh jab upsmash vs land though.
Needed to keep your decent 100% safe.

FH fairs running fox, FH edgeguard
Upthrow rest.
WD out of grab, fsmash

Stocks Lost
bad crossup, jab upsmash
missed ledgedash SD
missed rest, upsmash
jab upsmash

You have simple recurring situations that work in your favor, you need to identify them, optimize them, and cut out the jumps/crossups/etc that are high risk low/moderate reward.

Game 4
8:00 run under platform then onto then into center. Your nair from platform is too early to protect your land again. Fox was pretty close too.
7:54 that fair at the platform was pretty clearly going to whiff to me, would prefer you going under teh platform toward center and reacting to fox’s decent
7:49 you needed to move to the right when you saw fox cross you up
wow that’s an aggressive fox. Give him an extra little bit of space to kill himself in front of you.
7:41 he anticipates your waveland but is slow. Should be a grab or a rest for you. I think that you were slightly too slow but hard to tell if it could have gotten him.
pound was risky but fox was overzealous. Could have just dropped with fair but it works out.
7:34 a little late to run away from inv
lol unfortunately bad spacing vs the upsmash
7:22 react to descent with nair, he dashes in time to not get grabbed, you don’t react to whiff in time to avoid his grab
no sdi
7:17 he predicts a nair, you fade back with fair. The fair preented you from punishing his jump.
7:14 wow you keep getting these pounds after close whiffs
was a good FH to techchase but the DJ puts you in a bad position instead of a good one
7:10 CC grab that nair
7:06 looks like he thought you would ledgedash and you bair instead
don’t nair, keep the threat of bair out and take stage back
6:57 good jump
lol normally you pound there
it’s actually very annoying when fox can spotdodge and you have to guess if he will or not
mango nairs to force them to shield because he is so good vs shields. Hbox does a couple different things and I haven’t figured out what his system for deciding is yet.
6:49 great uptilt. You need to start reacting to get the jab reset.
Good rest OoS though
6:41 a rising nair is a free shielddrop upair or shieldgrab
6:40 needed to shieldDI in to avoid falling off. On that topic, watch mango’s puff vs alex19 and specifically watch his shield DI. Not saying that it’s overly important but it is very cool and underutilized.
6:38 ledgedash was risky because he was right there. I would have reverse faired then watched him.
6:35 slow reaction
6:32 great WD but the punish was clearly a grab
6:30 very unsafe nair
6:25 you get a grab on that same overextension he keeps doing
upthrow, you choose to techchase regrab which is fine
on the second platform I would just techchase rest him, it is not hard from that position.
6:16 pound was an overextension
6:06 you had time to react to and grab the spotdodge
6:03 miss the techchase because you miss your dash input
get a pair of FH fairs vs grounded fox
then bair vs jumping fox, perfect.
5:55 really good decision to wait him out. Your reaction to his jump is a little too slow.
5:51 bair was a million years to late, should have just waited
5:43 another good WD, fox really needs to start delaying his grab but we’ll take it.
accidental fthrow
outspace his nair with a bair
oh great decision to jump after him but should have baired
5:29 nair is an overextension
5:24 you can’t shieldgrab that. Wait for the shine then WD out or upsmash or something based on the fox’s habits.
5:21 bad pound
downthrow miss tech upsmash

pound, edgehog
rest OoS vs get up attack
bair then  edgeguard

Stocks Lost
runs into an upsmash
jab upsmash after he spotdodges a grab
jab upsmash
downthrow missed tech upsmash

This game was kinda more of the same.

Game 5 BF
8:00 nair under teh platform again, he nairs again, needed to CC grab
bad shieldgrab
he waits to punish your pound
nair starts high enough he can react and grab it
no sdi
7:49 CC grab
nair was too early to protect your fall
upthrow upair
7:40 WD out of grab but no punish
miracle grab lol
upthrow techchase opportunity
he is freakkking out haha
7:31 rising aerial on shield is a free punish
7:29 there was no tech trap so he was free to tech the upair
foxes like to bair or upsmash after you sdi an upair, watch for it so you can avoid and maybe punish
7:21 he tricked you
7:16 kind of funny, he was doing falling upairs between stocks earlier but just now uses it
you need to punish fox’s falls from beside him, not directly under him
7:08 hail mary invincible uptilt is a bad habit
well spaced nair after though
I don’t like falling upair vs spacies. It rarely works.
7:05 bad pound he could have upsmashed or grabbed you easy.
7:02 really good empty land
double fair, good
hm, looks like there was a 50/50 whether he jumps to ledge or back then sideBs. You avoid playing that game and take stage which is probably best.
he does a super shitty sideB but shortens so it’s hard to punish
6:50 see how he is waiting for your pound?
6:45 ok good spacing to punish the land
gets BFed
ew gross SD
6:32 you misspace and he gets a grab
6:29 could have grabbed isntead of jab
he SDs
6:21 clear overextension by fox, you could have daired him instead of fair
6:19 he isn’t spaced to account for the pound but you don’t get anything off of it
6:17 oh you catch him falling through platform empty, you read but didn’t have to, missed tech is I think 26f long, easy reaction
6:11 lolololol what a CC
6:01 you avoid a hail mary upsmash, get a grab upthrow, full DI out so upair is very frame tight to land
oh no you anticipated the roll but you committed to WD so have endlag
pound happens to coincide with spotdodge but he gets out
you both play nervous and high commitment for a bit
lol then you miss rest on tech downthrow. Hm, I think I read somewhere that you can jump rest him out of that but I’m not sure if that’s true. Would strongly prefer buffered spotdodge first.

bair at high%
he SDs
CC rest a dash attack loool

Stocks Lost
grabs land after nair  upthrow upair
falling upair
miss a rest

These games are going by pretty quick and there are a lot of opportunities that you are dropping. That’s a good sign because that means that your gameplan is giving you lots of chances to win. You are really really good at avoiding raw DD grabs. You need to minimize your overextensions so that you are taking less damage from aerial combos. You have very clear recurring punishes that you need to optimize. If fox is ahead then you need to be comfortable taking your time and trust yourself to find a punish in 15-20 seconds instead of putting yourself in a high risk low reward situation trying to find that punish right now.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Analysis for maXy

vs spacies is a little tough because they have so many options at any given time.
I am of the opinion that until your punishes are super solid and you are killing them off of the vast majority of the grabs/obvious punish opportunities that you get you shouldn’t worry about much of anything other than perfecting punishes and solving for whatever are the most annoying problems that you run into. It’s hard to really play the game before then.

maXy(puff) vs Way(fox) Game 4
notation by in game timer
8:00 you played great until you shielded from full screen, lol
you don’t have to be afraid of an aerial until after they jump
no sdi on the upairs
7:53 that bair was a bit of an overextension but you slip through to center
7:48 misspaced nair grab
7:46 that nair approach was good but you didn’t fadeback enough to stay safe
no sdi and dead (; _ ; )
7:40 ok so because you’re inv you don’t actually have to protect yourself ever with aerials. That means that if you ever aerial while inv it should be to either cut off an escape route or get a hit. A high bair on shield doesn’t really do anything for you.
7:38 you don’t hit confirm the grab so it’s punished by a dj dair
7:36 unsafe land
7:31 great full hop pursuit. Gets you a good bair. The grab barely whiffs because you didn’t quite fade the bair in far enough. Very small mistake, should have been a stock.
7:29 that was bad spacing, no need to hang around inside of an active fox, lol
no sdi
7:23 good bair
I can’t tell what happens afterward but it looks like it should have been a shieldgrab, instead you got hit
7:20 when descending like that you can use the threat of an edgecancel to buy you more space
staying ambiguous as to where you are going to fall a) keeps them guessing b) keeps your options open
7:18 stayed in your shield for too long
7:16 very unsafe fair, could have gotten upaired. He’s not threatening you yet, don’t jump the gun.
7:13 kind of unfortunate that the platform was there but you could have avoided the situation by coming down onto the ledge instead of trying to airdodge through fox.
7:07 ok you caught him sticking in center for too long. You won’t get a grab so watch to punish the jump
eh, you don’t have to jump after him, you can punish his descent
7:05 a FH over you is an invitation to WD out of the way
7:04 that was an interesting upair but it was probably not going to hit, needed to bair
the uptilt definitely couldn’t have hit any common options
7:00 you miss because dj before second bair isn’t needed
6:56 should have daired
very high risk moderate reward pound
6:51 was a good grab setup, missed because fox misjudged spacing
free grab on the dash attack
6:49 you probably could have empty land grabbed instead of fair
6:47 because he didn’t hit tech you needed to run up and shield, not jump
if you jump preemptively that is fine too but you need to FH so that you don’t get hit if he misses tech and does getup attack
6:43 missed L cancel? I mean, it’s weird that you would have to L cancel that at all, must have fast fell it too early.
bad FH DJ after, needed to react to fox jumping with you
6:36 those bairs could have easily hit but you don’t fade in at all so they aren’t serving their purpose of buying you chances/stage
6:30 smart spotdodge from fox
he’s putting himself at awkward spacings. It’s on you to just hold yourself in check and wait for a mistake.
6:26 instead of a dair you could have just empty landed then reacted to if he ran in or stayed in the corner.
you get the grab anyway. Backthrow, nair was bad choice. Needed to pound.
6:19 WDs back means that fox wants you to overextend. That means that you need to refuse to bite the bair and keep defensive space, then inch forward a litttttle bit at a time.
6:17 because fox was out of the way that nair didn’t actually protect your land, it just limited your timing options.
he kinda bullies you in the corner. You need to land a solid hit or stay patient and out of the way until you do if he does that.
6:00 ahhh just barely too early
5:57 unsafe crossup
5:55 you read the jump timing wrong but he doesn’t sweetspot so you get a second bair
consider FHing empty facing him and then reacting to his jump timing
5:49 no need to shield
no sdi
5:43 don’t abandon center without a reason
good spacing around his approach, should have grabbed his endlag
5:37 good fair, proably could have upaired after, dunno why the airdodge came out
5:32 good spacing around the approach but you shield so you can’t grab it
you do a good job zoning outside of danger for the next little bit
remember that the purpose of zoning is to watch carefully for him to give you an opportunity for either a punish or to take center.
5:23 you don’t confirm your grab
 I think he read your nair afterward
then he walks forward because you’re spaced too far out to actively threaten him
so he gets you cornered where he can look for an easy grab (; _ ; )

unspaced nair on shield, upthrow upair
missed tech, upsmashed
jab upsmash
bair, edgeguard

Stocks lost

land in the corner, upthrow upair

* Way is an amazzzzzing tag lol
* need to sdi upairs, it’s a big deal
* you shield too often, too early and for too long. With good spacing you can react to fox’s movement and don’t have to guess his intentions as much.
* you are trying to invent a lot of hits but if you play more reactively you will notice the free grabs/hits that fox is giving you, then you will destroy him and better understand what hits you should be looking for.
* remember every opportunity to kill him you drop is one more opportunity you have to find from scratch

maXy(puff) vs Craft(falco) Game 4
“I’m not too sure what to do about these close ranged lasers when my back is against the ledge like”

8:00 non neutral start, take center, good reaction to falco jump, should have grabbed him
7:57 no need to give up stage, could have WD forward and reacted
7:55 no need to shield (unless it was a bait?)
you get a nair but at 0% you have to space out afterward or CC shine beats you up
7:51 no need to shield yet
those bairs are spaced too far away to be effective so he just punishes your descent
7:46 risky fair, second fair is misspaced
7:43 that shield was risky, it’s low enough that could have been poked. Needed to WD away or FH when he didn’t immediately attack.
He whiffs a grab, you get a bair
bad fsmash, couldn’t have hit him
7:39 whiff punish the uptilt with bair, ah, you uptilted but it was the perfect time to empty land grab
remember grab is actually faster than uptilt and has higher reward on spacies
you take a couple lasers but that’s ok
take your time and let him shoot. You like it when falco is comfortable jumping in front of you.
7:29 you needed to take center instead of landing under the plat
7:25 don’t sit in shield in front of falco unless you have to. That’s a recurring issue in this first 30 seconds. You have time to jump away or roll through or do something mobile. Shield is actually really horrible vs falco because it can only take a few hits then you get dtilted. But he is grabbing so you haven’t been punished that hard yet.
7:20 you don’t have to go that far off lol
7:15 after the FH bair over the laser you could have taken center. Force him to shield or get hit or leave.
missed whiff punish on the nair
7:08 needed to shielddrop or keep shielding, jumping away was too slow
7:02 ok you force him to shield then use inv to get uptilt, gj, tied game
6:56, hold shield then wait for the shine and upsmash
ooh grab upthrow, potential rest but you upair, potential rest after but looks like you weren’t confident. Would have been big.
6:49 that was a good nair but you didn’t follow through, you retreated instead.
oh gross, you hang out on the platform too long so get double shined
6:41 you take center, use threat to get a sick nasty upair, miss the rest, slightly late (; _ ; )
6:37 that fair is pretty bad, consider its range (not really any better than WL grab) and remember that upair and dair will autocancel
6:32 good jump back nair but your grab is super late
6:27 ok you get a miracle grab, upthrow, could have rested the missed tech but that’s not expected
his drop through was pretty slick
6:20 see how high he is? He can’t possibly get to you before you can WD dash to the middle and out of the way.
You get a bair after though. Not ready for the edgeguard.
and he kills himself lol
6:09 you land at a bad timing so he could have grabbed you but he doesn’t recognize and backs off out of fear, you get a bair, at low % you can’t follow it up but it is still valuable %
you need to look to punish if he does something impulsive afterward (like he does)
you get the grab but mess up the techchase, could have skipped it and just rested him (looks like it’s not there but it is)
5:58 bair is late so you are naired, bad DI
5:53 you are getting good opportunities off of inv
missed rest again
5:48 he gives you a grab but you miss another rest.
Another one right after but you prioritize an edgeguard which you actually pull off super super well. nice work.
5:35 could have crouched or WDed under the low laser, he was too far away to punish.
5:33 this is actually pretty interesting because it looks like a free bair that you whiff but actually this situation happens to me a lot and it’s difficult not to trade or lose to that uptilt. The best punish is to WD after him and grab if he stays tries it.
5:34 good shield, bad (and late) shieldgrab.
5:23 that grab was wayyyyyy late. But I don’t think it was a real combo anyway.
needed to WD away when he descended slowly above you
5:16 you didn’t need to retreat that far
the lasers aren’t actually that troublesome, you are just hanging out in their way. Either go to the platform or wait underneath it. Don’t hop around off stage just where nothing can happen but you getting hit with lasers, haha. I mean, you could even just plank for a couple seconds.
5:08 the last two rolls should have been WD grabs. It’s like 20fs faster.
those descending bairs aren’t threatening because falco is so far away.
5:02 WD forward when you see him jump away.
you get a bair, he doesn’t have to tech so you are right to wait outside of him
good shield, nottttt a good rest. That was a WD away grab or an upsmash.

uptilt rest
he SDs lol

stocks lost
slow jump from shield, gets baired
sit on platform, get double shined off the top
naired at high%

* Craft is a great tag too lol
* you sit in your shield for too long at a time
* you need to space about a WD closer to falco than you are. Remember that good spacing is giving yourself exactly as much space as you need to react to him moving. If you focus and have good reactions then you can get away with less space.
* if you hit your punishes then this would have looked a lot different. Puff has a really hard time if you don’t finish your food. Makes things a million times harder than they need to be.
* when falco is very high above you just move to the side, don’t sit and wait for him.
* it’s hard to give you much more specific advice on situations because if you change a few little things then you’re going to find yourself in very different (and better for puff) situations.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hbox vs Hax at GOML Analysis

Hbox vs Hax GOML GFs
notation by in game timer

Game 3
8:00 non neutral start hbox imediately falls with nair to take center
rising fair to cut off grounded approach
then FH nairs into the DD. That sequence is pretty intense off the bat.
Hax shields the nair so gets a shine knockdown, he reads techroll away
7:54 jumps away from whiff punish on missed grab, prioritizes nair again.
Maybe because nair punishes are grounded so they do less % but the reward is a grab.
7:53 I think he tries to CC grab but too early then shieldgrabs late
WD forward afterward is super tight, assumes that fox wills stay empty for a second, forces shield again, at best gets stage or grab but gets shined (low immediate risk)
7:48 fox’s spotdodge is a missed input, probably another shine
good reaction to shield after fox FHFF, bad(predictable) shieldgrab after shine.
super horrible pound
the ff is unexpected and forces fox to vacate ledge
dair is premature so gets baired
the spotdodge grab is a 50/50 that is weighted in puff’s favor because it’s a harsher execution for fox (fox wants to grab/aerial to punish, is less likely to wait)
upthrow, upair for % to kill, missed grab opportunity pretty sure
but fox burns dj which = another upair, predictable getup, easy upair rest.
see how he’s dead off of one grab? lol
7:25 stalls until fox gives him a way down
intercepts the descent, again trying to link to grab
the bair was an overextension so he tries to mix up evasive options after
goes to CC the nair but is too high %
7:19 hax reads a spotdodge because hbox has spammed it so doesn’t go for grab right away
but he hesitated enough to get naired, nair hits high so no combo to grab, have to back away and punish if there’s a CC option
so get’s a dair, reads a roll away but was wrong lol
7:14 he is WDing back in anticipation of a dash attack, I think
7:11 dash attack is a high risk low reward movement read
gets daired but hax misses conversion to jab upsmash
he is free to bair in place thoguh because hbox is just sitting there spamming
7:05 hbox cuts off space, is slow to turnaround grab
that pound was actually not too unsafe because of range, second pound in response to fox jump so it will at worst trade, free edgeguard.
Very simple conversion off of one opportunity.
6:57 waits outside for fox to overextend and allow a crossup, not long enough so trades but that’s ok
6:52 this pound was high risk moderate reward, gets shielded and shined
oh my gosh, hax read the pound and went to shine it but messed up
he almost died right then and there
6:45 hbox is more ready than fox to convert off of the scuffle
6:43 he tries to fair over the dj but misjudges, needed to fh immediately dj
slow to adjust spacing so gets paired
hax overextends the edgeguard and gets pounded again (>_<; )
6:32 idk why hbox hangs out for long enough to have to shield, I’m guessing it was a misclick
has to get grabbed vs inv fox because he can’t shielddrop
6:27 hm, that nair could have been upsmashed. He’s looking for nair grab again.
he fakes hax out by using edgecancel to change his angle then gets a fair
shields a potential CC shine
WD out of ff bair, that was close, could have pivot grabbed
I think the FH nairs are presumed safe because hax has been exclusively using grounded approaches from a greater range, so hbox thinks that hax is not comfortable challenging head on and will wait to challenge the endlag, which is better for puff because it’s small and easy to buffer roll after or something.
Shield beats aerial or grab since fox can’t reliably kill off of grab anymore.
oh wow the WD forward was good and he dashed back on reaction to the sh bair.
goes to close space or get hit with counterhit bair
6:20 see how descending dair is spaced so that he can land and still have time to react should fox try to punish the landing?
If fox doesn’t that’s ok, he just gave up the whole stage for free.
but he slips under a FH bair (not a great option vs cornered fox for this reason, not enough nuanced control/timing)
6:16 ok yeah I am pretty sure the FH nairs are there to take stage/maybe get a grab/spaced and confirmed vs hax to be safe from immediate land punish
6:15 this one only doesn’t work via bad spacing
should have been dair jab upsmash
6:10 interesting, reads the dash back so bair is unsafe. He does rising pound to cover more space and keep in the air. Could have done the same thing but wayyyy safer with dj fair. Pound is not actually safer than bair on whiff lol.
6:06 shows his hand too early with that ff
6:03 corners fox again, nairs just because he’s inv and why not, hax runs into it lol
5:58 fox covers his feet so I don’t know why that uptilt hit. Fox must have jumped to try to shine OoS or something.
covers missed tech with bair then grabs the tech out. You can do this in many many many situations.
upthrow, partial DI behind, bair, another techchase, this time I think he reacts after jumping to tech in place
5:50 fsmash was a rhythm read
5:48 I think the nair is to cover spotdodge that happened before, not esp effective
5:47 nair forces grounded evasive fox to shield
note that fair and nair are better vs fox in the corner
reproduces the same nair and goes to punish the shine OoS but hax mixes it up
with no lasers or consistent  punishes it’s ok for hbox to take his time just slightly missing aerials until one hits
see how he keeps taking damage but then rolling out and resetting?
5:21 really good grab by hax
5:13 corners him, hax WLs on again then jumps but protects it with dair
CC grab, fthrow (dunno why not bthrow), thrown off by the slide off tech
5:09 cuts off hax’s jump path with nair
5:06 ok so the slight pause before jumping up at hax threatened a shieldpoke because had puff sh dj baired it would have gotten his exposed feet by the time she got there after a pause. Because of this hax jumped, which hbox was either ready for or reacted to. Kinda interesting.

upthrow conversion
pound to edgeguard
pound to edgeguard
baits jump and bairs, high%

Stocks Lost
spams spotdodge, gets baired
overextension recovering, gets baired
tomahawk grab upthrow upair

Game 5
8:00 FHs over potential lasers and DD
fox stays still so hits his shield
nairs after dash forward, fades back ‘cause he thinks he overcommitted, WD to ensure more fadeback costs grab opportunity.
WD nair to take stage, hax punishes with well spaced nair, exactly what he never did on DL
but he doesn’t hit confirm correctly so gets shield grabbed
upthrow upair for %, hax djs out again. Hmmmm I don’t know off hand if that is real, I think it is not but it looks close. Hbox reacts with pound, wasn’t banking on hax to hit tech.
7:52 empty WD forwards take stage with thread of aerial, pretty tricky. Neutral with fox is a lot of juggling unsafe options based on what you think he is and isn’t looking to punish.
hbox takes the whole stage then looks to punish hax’s aerial in, since that’s his new pattern out of the corner with no plats.
he telegraphs it though so hax reacts to the setup and djs out.
this is still an opportunity. hbox goes to punish, sees he’s late, then nairs to try and cover roll and no roll, could have just stood still for a second first.
7:47 nifty crossup upsmash
hax misses the ledgegrab, has to upB should be dead but suboptimal edgeguard. Needed to drop and bair.
7:40 bad spacing
7:38 vertically spaced nair cuts off fox’s jump and allows for fadeback if he doesn’t jump
guesses no tech or tech in place, is wrong
7:32 slight jump backward covered all options, but fair probs should have been a dair
the approach afterward is mistimed because he had to go so far to get to it
7:26 bair on reaction to the crossup
shitty edgeguard lol could have FHed out there to force hax to flinch, instead gave up ledge for free
the next nair is unsafe so it forces hbox to give up a lot of space
idk why hax responds to that with FH nairs and gets grabbed
7:16 the jump threatened ledge so hax goes high which is reactable
decides to stall off stage then messes up but hax lets him back w/ flub ledgejump
Note how hbox threatens the space in front of the ledge to give himself some stage to land on
then if fox doesn’t force the fadeback he doesn’t fade back
almost gets a grab because hax didn’t expect him to actually go forward that far
7:02 super confident predictions on how and when fox wants to move based on fox not showing much willingness to jump
6:58 feigns ff ledgegrab then crosses up instead as fo tries to beat him there
not sure what the next exchnge was aimed to do, sometimes hbox grabs just before an aerial hits him. I don’t know why. I think it is because his brain thinks “crouch grab” but he hasn’t focussed on confirming the crouch? I honestly have no clue.
6:54 nair out of hitstun, fox gets shieldpoked, actually. Not enough % to confirm grab from high hit so looks to punish after but hax attacks out
6:50 surprise pound. Because he’s made hax focus on crossup or no crossup hax isn’t prepared for that.
late reaction to tech.
6:44 super late upsmash
6:38 takes stage
ooh, that was a smart recognition that he could dair there. He reads a roll in again, hax spotdodges instead.
6:34 the classic hbox “um, uptilt missed I guess I do it again what’s the worst that can happen?”
6:31 that was an easy rest but he made it harder and then missed lmao
eats a MONSTER punish but sdis out of upthrow upair, phew
descent was actually pretty unsafe but hax didn’t capitalize
6:15 anticipates the roll, could have dash attacked other options too
nair beats imperfect sideB, easy edgeguard
6:02 “ok so if we hang out up here just how much stage will he give me?”
lots of aerials spaced just outside of fox’s jump range just in case he runs forward into them
really good spacing for like 10 seconds
5:51 almost gets that grab
5:50 doesn’t tilt shield
5:48 positions and takes adv of hax wayy overcommiting vertically w/ a pound
doesn’t position to punish the tech
5:45 WD is too deep. Not sure what it is that makes hbox shieldgrab vs WD grab against what looks like the same grab.
5:42 mashes the crap out of jump
5:41 huh that’s the same maybe poke but doesn’t look like it uptilt that we saw on DL. Not sure how that is working. It might be his tail?
ehhh he had time to rest
5:34 reads the roll but misses the pivot grab again
5:32 oh cool he does a neat conditioning bair. He does a shallow bair, then WDs away and SHs. In your head it seems like he will do a shallow bair but from farther away so it is safe to run forward but this time hbox does a deep, late bair and catches the approach.
5:25 yeah hbox is getting a lottttt off of how willing hax is to dj right next to him from an unreal edgeguard
note that theses bairs are not converting to kills but a) hbox is up a stock and b) nairs and fairs are easier to punish with kill moves at this %
5:20 very very very careful spacing so that his recovery is safe unless fox goes off a bit, which hax has not shown willingness to do. It is funny because presumably that is to avoid risk but he’s lost a lot of stocks and dropped a lot of opportunities by trying to be safe but not actually being safe.
I believe that the next few nairs have no intention of hitting and are baits due to being spaced so far out
5:08 anticipates the airdodge which actually is pretty impressive
5:03 stalls at prefect height, makes way down and through
4:57 that nair cuts off the whole stage, high DD execution demand, shield afterard to avoid a hard punish (at most grab which can’t directly kill)
but hax fakes him out and bairs. Should have been aware of that.
5:51 takes stage, hax clearly wants to ledgedash so he nairs over it where ledgedash can’t reach but will nick an accidental ledgejump
4:47 nairs, sees it is unsafe so backs up and then immediately does a counterpoke fair to stuff a punish. Trades but late grab out of it.
4:43 shield is getting low so he FHs back (which is what he should have done instead of nair just before) and hax allows the crossup for fear of aerial
some jank follows, lots of disrespectful pounds but hey they’ve worked often enough so far lol
hax overextends and dies.

shieldgrab FH nair, edgeguard
fthrow, edgeguard
reads airdodge recovery, double fair
intercept dj with bair, edgeguard

Stocks Lost
whiffed grab is baired
drops shield under FH bair

So big things are how hbox is maximizing his punishes and minimizing risk
he is not especcccially minimizing his chance of getting hit, but definitely minimizing getting hit with something that will lead to lots of damage or a kill
pay super close attention to the ranges that he chooses to nair/fair and how he will fade in or out based on how fox moves during startup. It is important and specific.
Note that fox puff is definitely a losing matchup. If you try to play “fair” then fox wins. Period. You have outplay fox to some capacity. You have to take some risks. But Hbox has found a way to choose to go for risks that will net him probably a grab then a kill and that will net fox maybe a sour spot nair or a shine (I’m talking about neutral. The pounds etc I think are totally disrespect i.e. wow this keeps working so I guess I will just keep doing it, which is a different kind of decision-making).

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Analysis for i4n

Analysis for i4n

not an expert at this MU, it’s weird and hard to judge because I haven’t noticed many falcos other than 2013 PP that are good at exemplifying good strats

i4n(Puff) vs Ryejew(Falco) game 1
notation by in game timer

8:00 non neutral start but the immediate reaction to vertical approach over his jump was really good
nair doesn’t combo at low% so you have to space outside of shine, probs ledgecancel there
yeah he shines. Indicates that he knows a bit about the MU.
fair out of hitstun is an overextension, you realized too late
DI falco’s combos out. He got more damage than was neccessay
7:52 that was interesting. So you do the same overextend fair and he does the same dair but this time you pull out early enough to punish.
slow to move out of landing so no followup
7:50 wow that was a low laser ryejew is good lol
good jump out but in this case a SH would have gotten you the fair and FH only forced shield
you close space after his dash back and catch his pivot laser w/ upair
bair was bad reaction, rest or uptilt rest
second upair is misspaced so you get uptilted
7:54 bair OoS is too late but that was a tight reaction window
fadeback was also late so another uptilt. It was a good roll by falco.
good DI and tech vs the dair
no reason to drop shield, maybe shielddrop upair is best there?
7:40 fair is misspaced so it doesn’t poke. Pound would have but at high risk high reward.
lol and you pound his dair, kk
because you read a missed tech and don’t react you drop the followup (; _ ; )
interesting nair but it’s only going to net you %. Dair is probs better there.
7:36 the roll gave falco frame adv instead of frame neutral. WD away is better, even an aerial on his shield is better.
7:33 good FH, guessing a read on his laser but he reacts to you being slow to close space. So if you make a read you need to follow through. In that case you read the laser so if you read a laser avoid it and immediately close space, don’t avoid it and then see if you were right before taking advantage. That way if you’re right you get a big punish, if you’re wrong you’re wrong.
7:29 slightly misspaced, that’s tough. I would have taken a moment on the right platform before approaching to make falco have to second guess his spacing.
7:25 ok you force him to the corner which is good, she shields so you just have to react to him going up or through. In this case the second fair prevented you from doing that with no real benefit.
7:22 stuff his jump again, I wonder if there’s a better punish there. I think dair but I am not sure.
you were slow to act out of land so his grab won
7:19 guessing you got stuck because of laser hitstun on the platform
7:18 consider upsmash instead of roll after the shine
7:17 fair would have been better than nair
you’re pretty good about limiting the effectiveness of his lasers
you net a decent punish
needed to dj after letting go of stage, didn’t react to his height.
7:06 bad bair on shield, all it did was put you at frame disadv, when he’s shielding don’t be afraid to let him shield and then punish his exit
good spacing afterward
good edgeguard setup, puff is a little slow so you had to fair, idk if there’s a better flowchart there but you should look and see if there is since it’s a recurring pattern for ryejew to go to plat
7:01 oh crazy grab lol
your brain is thinking let go of ledge because of the last time, you didn’t make yourself react to him.
lol did you read the lasers? that would have been funny if that fsmash hit
6:56 really bad crossup. Super unsafe. Will get baired every time.
6:53 you force shield again, note that he’s conditioned so you can start empty land grabbing
but you also drop frame adv with fair again
make sure to consider what your hits on shield do for you
badly timed fadeback nair gets you pinned by lasers
don’t be afraid to use side platforms as a resting spot for a second or two when falco is situated next to the opposite platform
6:48 I don’t think that was shieldgrabbable. Puff’s shield is naturally close to the ground so they have to hit super high to get grabbed as a general rule.
6:45 mistimed approach
6:39 was really good but you weren’t mentally ready for him to jump, needed to WD out then you would have gotten a grab
6:37 super obv laser grab, needed to spotdodge or roll
bad desperation pound. Desperation moves feel random but are actually very predictable.
6:30 oh I like that rising fair, puts you in good position esp because you’r inv so he can’t bair you
I would have pounded and broken his shield
you needed to at least space out more
6:27 ok shield grab but really high %. fthrow then good edgeguard. You take damage but that’s ok.
6:15 you let him take center then jump over his jumps but he catches you on the way up. Needed to break on side plat
6:12 at that range I thinkkk WD forward was better than jump
6:10 good recognition of grab
6:09 seems a little weird to me that he would shield after the nair. Were you looking to fair a whiffed shine? That’s what I was looking for too. I guess in 20puffpuff you space outside of shine and grab.
his bair is late so you should get a grab but you jump into an uptilt instead
6:07 net a pound, he jumps into bair
oooh and shortens, tricky tricky falco bullshit lol
good reaction but he has a good reaction too and you guys trade
6:01 shielddrop upair
5:57 you needed to react to the time left after your descent for him to run outside of fair range
ok good shit rhythmic beating his lasers with dair
grab is barely not real at 50 so you can either risk it or wait for the roll/spotdodge
which you do, sweet.
Because you’re down and high % I think you could have upthrow WoPed but he has bad DI, lucky.
5:45 great aerial in response to him jumping past shield, you look to punish the land but whiff, that could have been huge
he’s trying to get you to overcommit. There’s time, let him be the first one to get impatient.
a pair of little spacing errors and you’re off stage
5:31 not sure if he backed off because he recognized that you’ve started to roll out of shield in that spot or if he wants to extend his lead.
oh shit free grab sick
noooo just fair!
and you whiff the land punish boooooo
good spacing around his attack after, you should recognize that he’s nervous and grab his shield instead of bairing it.
5:17 good spacing now watch to punish his descent
WD instead of roll
really good spacing for the next like 5 seconds
bad pound
5:09 he is slow to react to the crossup so you get an upair
ooh ok I questioned the bair but you started it early enough that it was real
blegh you needed to recognize the DI and grab. It was tricky Di.
5:06 good shield now punish
4:59 yeah I’m noticing that ryejew is pretty comfortable with readjusting his spacing after you move between lasers. You need to start introducing wavedashes to alter the spacing a bit.
5:53 that was all great except for where you missed your dash lol
4:46 good reaction to tech in
note that that is a habit at this point so you can dash forward then WD back rest him next stock like tekk vs zhu on fountain
lol you sort of do that and get a grab
should upthrow but he techs in so you get a dair grab
needed to FH toward him to cover everything
he tricked you with fadeback after seeing you jump forward a bit
the double lasers were super predictable and it looks like you did the correct punish vs them one second late lol but that’s ok
ok so last stock 36%  this is good
4:33 you overcommit and get daired
fair out of the combo was pretty lucky but good recognizing his low % and spacing bair after
4:28 really good and run up shield, like one of the best decisions you’ve made so far
unfortunately it doesn’t hit until the way down. Maybe still could have upsmashed.
def should have upsmashed after the nair shine
4:24 now your shield is really low so you /have/ to either shield Di or spotdodge
if you get shined it’s ok because with DI out you’re fine
4:20 good upair on reaction to his land
not enough % for tech so good fadeback look to punish exit, he dairs, great but your shield is still too low blegh. You needed to tilt shield up.
4:16 good job not pounding his shield and dying lol
4:13 miss your jump before the upair?
4:11 he reads your fair attempt
4:08, hmmmm crossup was interesting but there were better options than bair. Maybe dair.
shitty jump gets daired. Could have WDed out but he actually anticipated that hence going to middle.
bad grab. Take your time.
3:53 slow reaction but that was an unexpected roll.
3:43 get a nair but you aren’t ready for it to hit so you don’t capitalize
3:42 absolutely perfect time to empty land grab upthrow rest
3:36 WD instead of roll
ah there it is, bad pound

fthrow at high % then edgeguard
upthrow rest
fsmash some jank

stocks lost:
misspaced nair is baired
bad pound on shield is baired
bad approach between lasers is baired
bad pound in neutral

*ryejew is pretty good lol
* need to look for when to WD to fix spacing between lasers
* need to recognize that at high % falco can only kill you with bad spacing, an overcommitment, or a jab bair etc, so avoid avoid avoid those and shark for his own overcommitments. Don’t feel desperate, that’s what he wants.
* need to recognize more punish opportunities before they happen, not as they happen (super hard but that’s just melee)

Friday, February 12, 2016

Analysis for Floss

I obv don’t know all of your reasoning nor am I a final authority so I’m just going to write what I see and you can take that with a grain of salt or not.

Puff rewired pt 1

Marth vs Puff on DL (10:15)
notation by in game clock

8:00 non neutral but port 4 puff should just hold down to fall through plat
puff goes up and around, marth overextends so has to shield
7:57 puff nairs out of fear of running marth, looks to take back center
marth isn’t showing aptitude to whiff punish, focused on something else, don’t know what yet
7:55 slow reaction from both players, puff gets a nair, then lucky uptilt
should be rest, instead a bair, good DI prevents WoP, upsmash could have been a grab
7:51 good fade out on reaction to sideB but WD away burns the punish opportunity
note that marth spotdodges for fear of grab
both players fumble, haven’t recognized the tempo
note that marth habitually JC grabs
7:47 now marth is a little uncomfortable because he’s been comboed so he prioritizes keeping himself safe
that’s puff’s cue to nudge him under the platform.
In general, from center stage puff has an overly difficult time earning large punishes. Her objective is to push marth under the platform so that he doesn’t have access to the full range of his dash back. This is a really big deal in the MU.
7:46 marth is slow to fair off the platform. I would have preferred landing under him and shielding then punishing OoS
7:45 really good spacing around the aerial
stock, that’s a good lead
7:40 goes to side plat to wait out inv which is good but doesn’t wait it out which is bad. Remember, puff cannot threaten anything but her escape route for 2 seconds so all of those bairs are good for marth.
burns too many jumps and now puff is in a bad position
eats a bunch of aerials because of low jumps then does not DI out so gets daired, gross.
7:30 going to the ground was too early, you needed to wait a second to avoid letting marth go up and over like he does
don’t challenge marth directly when he’s above you on the top platform. Yes, that’s a weak position for him, but puff’s vertical mobility is too bad so she telegraphs her intentions. You want to intercept him on his way down, not attack him and hope he doesn’t move.
7:27 fair takes adv of marth’s lack of stage to DD on
at 0 it’s hard to combo to anything but that was a grab, nairs instead
shield is fresh so crossup uptilt only covers a delayed jump, bad option but wth he does a delayed jump lmao
yeah that was a tekk platform techchase
since you missed it either WL on and crouch or wait underneath and rest his gettup attack
7:23 good to recognize that you aren’t getting anything and prioritize stage control but you run too far away so now he can come in for free esp after the nair
nair is getting too spammy so he just reacts and fairs
not sure what goal was but I’m surprised that he he does fair fsmash instead of fair grab fsmash
good spotdodge to avoid grab, he’s not good enough to bait that out
good CC vs sideB, fsmash earns stage
7:16 you are low enough that running up the the ledge and crouching beats every option. I think that works until 55%. If he aerials in you get another CC fsmash. If he fadeback aerials you get to WD to ledge then kill him. If he WLs it’s reactable and you can bair him or something.
7:13 you could have grabbed him first, fsmash was going to be too slow
7:10 CC grab opp but you get a WoP. Is that by design? I don’t know how much hs upsmash has on marth.
7:07 was an upair like in that hbox vs m2k on YS gif
7:05 soooo lucky lol
overextension, now you’re in a bad spot
7:03 I do that nair too but it’s horrible lol. It requires marth to swing way too early or way too late. Should never hit a competent marth.
see even the next one. It feels like a “oh I should nair to protect myself” but actually all you’re doing is limiting your options and allowing marth to hitconfirm your fall (he doesn’t here)
7:00 lol you nair and then get nervous and change your mind. It was actually an ok nair if you had kept going. Not great but not bad.
note that marth is looking for sideB uptilt, you can take adv of that
6:56 whenever marth jumps he’s giving you stage. Run at him. If he aerials you shield. If he fades back you get stage.
6:54 weird to read that marth would run forward after he jumped a bunch. He jumps over you.
idk what he wants because he’s not taking anything or pushing in
so he gets dsmashed
that edgeguard wasn’t really possible
challenge inv marth from bad position and get daired
6:42 waste your inv on the platform. He’s trying to make it ambiguous which side he wants but you don’t actually care. You just want marth on one side.
because of that the stalling he can punish your land.
good patience, he does a badly spaced nair, free grab. You dash attack instead. Smaller window.
you don’t react to getting grabbed in time to DI the throw, tipper.
he lets you back.
6:30 this is a great position, just ry to keep him there. He’ll die eventually.
6:29 shield is late so you have to give up your position and get tippered. You just needed to FH instead of dash forward.
A little too liberal with your jumps again.
6:22 good maneuver with dair, free grab or fest, at 130 mayyyybe fsmash, don’t think upsmash will kill.
6:17 is a tricky spot for puff, you do well waiting it out for whiff punish
6:09 lol weird ass fsmash
good shield normally but he’s inv so you needed to run away, should have gotten grabbed
you fade back way too far so now marth gets stage
6:05 hm, I know that nair is good vs marth’s DD but I think that you are committing to it too early so he knows to stay away in the situations where if you had waited to confirm he was running in you would get either a hit or take stage back.
6:04 no hit confirm
oh gosh. The FH nair was so punishable but the combination of his delay and your not FFing gets you an uptilt lol.
you miss the rest. BUT I don’t think it was true anyway. 1 stale nair is not enough %.
miss the sdi timing in the doublestick tech.
5:53 lololol that pound is so funny. He can’t punish it because you’re inv (but he could have just run away on reaction)
hmmmmm, the sideB to avoid the rest was unfortunate. I’m not sure if the rest was a good or bad idea. Probably bad because it missed and a second upair could have still gotten a rest.
5:50 this is an interesting situation that I see all the time. Puffs like to FH bair when they’re not sure if someone will fall from platform or not. However, by doing the FH bair they drop the opp to punish anything except for a delayed drop. You should make the decision to SH bair under them or Sh immediate dj bair to hit their legs if they stay on the plat (FH bair does not reach). (SH bair is probably better in the long term)
5:49 ooh I agree with that upair crouch but he dairs it perfect. That’s a read. Interesting.
yeah bad spacing to start that nair after so you get fsmashed.
marth’s DD is too strong to challenge directly from a mid range when you don’t have to. Usually hbox will FH and then fade in if they dash away or jump away if they challenge him (because worst case he ends up on side platform and camps them from there)
5:46 you read the jump but choose to fair which is a low reward
from here he has noticed that you are antsy and willing to trade hits which obv he wins
you keep trying to land hits that might get you a combo to catch up
but that is really predictable and in reality a really bad idea ( plus the following vid touch on that)
when playing from behind you need to justin wong it and play very smart and safe and then get a monster punish, not play risky and hope for a monster punish
5:30 marth overextends and you get a bair, this is your spot, you need to FF well to follow up, ah don’t move out of lag fast enough so he gets out
lol you are so lucky he dropped empty onto an fsmash
bad edgeguard, needed to regrab then punish land, ok trading fairs is fine.
5:19 so now your goal is to land 2 bairs. After that rest is on the table and he will be scared. When he is scared that means that he will give you stage which you can use to look for WoP.
LOL attacking him when he’s inv is not good for that! Frightened me.
need to turn your back. Nair is not scary when he is at CC and you will die%
He watches you move the the corner then calls out your jump with fsmash.

whiff punish dj dair with bair, grabs ledge
whiff punish bair at high%
trades aeirals off stage

stocks lost
bad positioning vs inv, burns jumps then doesn’t DI aerials away so gets daired
flubbed edgeguard, challenge the ledgegrab and get daired
missed rest
cornered then fsmashed when jumping in

general notes:
* you stall too long when you’re at top platform
* you don’t take adv of marth being forced into the corner (when he’s over there you don’t every have to fight him or call him out. Just FH at the inside of the platform and wait for him to hang himself.)
* when you fade back you fade back way too far
* You play way too risky from behind and that contributes to you not getting the punishes that you are hoping for.