Thursday, February 18, 2016

Analysis for maXy

vs spacies is a little tough because they have so many options at any given time.
I am of the opinion that until your punishes are super solid and you are killing them off of the vast majority of the grabs/obvious punish opportunities that you get you shouldn’t worry about much of anything other than perfecting punishes and solving for whatever are the most annoying problems that you run into. It’s hard to really play the game before then.

maXy(puff) vs Way(fox) Game 4
notation by in game timer
8:00 you played great until you shielded from full screen, lol
you don’t have to be afraid of an aerial until after they jump
no sdi on the upairs
7:53 that bair was a bit of an overextension but you slip through to center
7:48 misspaced nair grab
7:46 that nair approach was good but you didn’t fadeback enough to stay safe
no sdi and dead (; _ ; )
7:40 ok so because you’re inv you don’t actually have to protect yourself ever with aerials. That means that if you ever aerial while inv it should be to either cut off an escape route or get a hit. A high bair on shield doesn’t really do anything for you.
7:38 you don’t hit confirm the grab so it’s punished by a dj dair
7:36 unsafe land
7:31 great full hop pursuit. Gets you a good bair. The grab barely whiffs because you didn’t quite fade the bair in far enough. Very small mistake, should have been a stock.
7:29 that was bad spacing, no need to hang around inside of an active fox, lol
no sdi
7:23 good bair
I can’t tell what happens afterward but it looks like it should have been a shieldgrab, instead you got hit
7:20 when descending like that you can use the threat of an edgecancel to buy you more space
staying ambiguous as to where you are going to fall a) keeps them guessing b) keeps your options open
7:18 stayed in your shield for too long
7:16 very unsafe fair, could have gotten upaired. He’s not threatening you yet, don’t jump the gun.
7:13 kind of unfortunate that the platform was there but you could have avoided the situation by coming down onto the ledge instead of trying to airdodge through fox.
7:07 ok you caught him sticking in center for too long. You won’t get a grab so watch to punish the jump
eh, you don’t have to jump after him, you can punish his descent
7:05 a FH over you is an invitation to WD out of the way
7:04 that was an interesting upair but it was probably not going to hit, needed to bair
the uptilt definitely couldn’t have hit any common options
7:00 you miss because dj before second bair isn’t needed
6:56 should have daired
very high risk moderate reward pound
6:51 was a good grab setup, missed because fox misjudged spacing
free grab on the dash attack
6:49 you probably could have empty land grabbed instead of fair
6:47 because he didn’t hit tech you needed to run up and shield, not jump
if you jump preemptively that is fine too but you need to FH so that you don’t get hit if he misses tech and does getup attack
6:43 missed L cancel? I mean, it’s weird that you would have to L cancel that at all, must have fast fell it too early.
bad FH DJ after, needed to react to fox jumping with you
6:36 those bairs could have easily hit but you don’t fade in at all so they aren’t serving their purpose of buying you chances/stage
6:30 smart spotdodge from fox
he’s putting himself at awkward spacings. It’s on you to just hold yourself in check and wait for a mistake.
6:26 instead of a dair you could have just empty landed then reacted to if he ran in or stayed in the corner.
you get the grab anyway. Backthrow, nair was bad choice. Needed to pound.
6:19 WDs back means that fox wants you to overextend. That means that you need to refuse to bite the bair and keep defensive space, then inch forward a litttttle bit at a time.
6:17 because fox was out of the way that nair didn’t actually protect your land, it just limited your timing options.
he kinda bullies you in the corner. You need to land a solid hit or stay patient and out of the way until you do if he does that.
6:00 ahhh just barely too early
5:57 unsafe crossup
5:55 you read the jump timing wrong but he doesn’t sweetspot so you get a second bair
consider FHing empty facing him and then reacting to his jump timing
5:49 no need to shield
no sdi
5:43 don’t abandon center without a reason
good spacing around his approach, should have grabbed his endlag
5:37 good fair, proably could have upaired after, dunno why the airdodge came out
5:32 good spacing around the approach but you shield so you can’t grab it
you do a good job zoning outside of danger for the next little bit
remember that the purpose of zoning is to watch carefully for him to give you an opportunity for either a punish or to take center.
5:23 you don’t confirm your grab
 I think he read your nair afterward
then he walks forward because you’re spaced too far out to actively threaten him
so he gets you cornered where he can look for an easy grab (; _ ; )

unspaced nair on shield, upthrow upair
missed tech, upsmashed
jab upsmash
bair, edgeguard

Stocks lost

land in the corner, upthrow upair

* Way is an amazzzzzing tag lol
* need to sdi upairs, it’s a big deal
* you shield too often, too early and for too long. With good spacing you can react to fox’s movement and don’t have to guess his intentions as much.
* you are trying to invent a lot of hits but if you play more reactively you will notice the free grabs/hits that fox is giving you, then you will destroy him and better understand what hits you should be looking for.
* remember every opportunity to kill him you drop is one more opportunity you have to find from scratch

maXy(puff) vs Craft(falco) Game 4
“I’m not too sure what to do about these close ranged lasers when my back is against the ledge like”

8:00 non neutral start, take center, good reaction to falco jump, should have grabbed him
7:57 no need to give up stage, could have WD forward and reacted
7:55 no need to shield (unless it was a bait?)
you get a nair but at 0% you have to space out afterward or CC shine beats you up
7:51 no need to shield yet
those bairs are spaced too far away to be effective so he just punishes your descent
7:46 risky fair, second fair is misspaced
7:43 that shield was risky, it’s low enough that could have been poked. Needed to WD away or FH when he didn’t immediately attack.
He whiffs a grab, you get a bair
bad fsmash, couldn’t have hit him
7:39 whiff punish the uptilt with bair, ah, you uptilted but it was the perfect time to empty land grab
remember grab is actually faster than uptilt and has higher reward on spacies
you take a couple lasers but that’s ok
take your time and let him shoot. You like it when falco is comfortable jumping in front of you.
7:29 you needed to take center instead of landing under the plat
7:25 don’t sit in shield in front of falco unless you have to. That’s a recurring issue in this first 30 seconds. You have time to jump away or roll through or do something mobile. Shield is actually really horrible vs falco because it can only take a few hits then you get dtilted. But he is grabbing so you haven’t been punished that hard yet.
7:20 you don’t have to go that far off lol
7:15 after the FH bair over the laser you could have taken center. Force him to shield or get hit or leave.
missed whiff punish on the nair
7:08 needed to shielddrop or keep shielding, jumping away was too slow
7:02 ok you force him to shield then use inv to get uptilt, gj, tied game
6:56, hold shield then wait for the shine and upsmash
ooh grab upthrow, potential rest but you upair, potential rest after but looks like you weren’t confident. Would have been big.
6:49 that was a good nair but you didn’t follow through, you retreated instead.
oh gross, you hang out on the platform too long so get double shined
6:41 you take center, use threat to get a sick nasty upair, miss the rest, slightly late (; _ ; )
6:37 that fair is pretty bad, consider its range (not really any better than WL grab) and remember that upair and dair will autocancel
6:32 good jump back nair but your grab is super late
6:27 ok you get a miracle grab, upthrow, could have rested the missed tech but that’s not expected
his drop through was pretty slick
6:20 see how high he is? He can’t possibly get to you before you can WD dash to the middle and out of the way.
You get a bair after though. Not ready for the edgeguard.
and he kills himself lol
6:09 you land at a bad timing so he could have grabbed you but he doesn’t recognize and backs off out of fear, you get a bair, at low % you can’t follow it up but it is still valuable %
you need to look to punish if he does something impulsive afterward (like he does)
you get the grab but mess up the techchase, could have skipped it and just rested him (looks like it’s not there but it is)
5:58 bair is late so you are naired, bad DI
5:53 you are getting good opportunities off of inv
missed rest again
5:48 he gives you a grab but you miss another rest.
Another one right after but you prioritize an edgeguard which you actually pull off super super well. nice work.
5:35 could have crouched or WDed under the low laser, he was too far away to punish.
5:33 this is actually pretty interesting because it looks like a free bair that you whiff but actually this situation happens to me a lot and it’s difficult not to trade or lose to that uptilt. The best punish is to WD after him and grab if he stays tries it.
5:34 good shield, bad (and late) shieldgrab.
5:23 that grab was wayyyyyy late. But I don’t think it was a real combo anyway.
needed to WD away when he descended slowly above you
5:16 you didn’t need to retreat that far
the lasers aren’t actually that troublesome, you are just hanging out in their way. Either go to the platform or wait underneath it. Don’t hop around off stage just where nothing can happen but you getting hit with lasers, haha. I mean, you could even just plank for a couple seconds.
5:08 the last two rolls should have been WD grabs. It’s like 20fs faster.
those descending bairs aren’t threatening because falco is so far away.
5:02 WD forward when you see him jump away.
you get a bair, he doesn’t have to tech so you are right to wait outside of him
good shield, nottttt a good rest. That was a WD away grab or an upsmash.

uptilt rest
he SDs lol

stocks lost
slow jump from shield, gets baired
sit on platform, get double shined off the top
naired at high%

* Craft is a great tag too lol
* you sit in your shield for too long at a time
* you need to space about a WD closer to falco than you are. Remember that good spacing is giving yourself exactly as much space as you need to react to him moving. If you focus and have good reactions then you can get away with less space.
* if you hit your punishes then this would have looked a lot different. Puff has a really hard time if you don’t finish your food. Makes things a million times harder than they need to be.
* when falco is very high above you just move to the side, don’t sit and wait for him.
* it’s hard to give you much more specific advice on situations because if you change a few little things then you’re going to find yourself in very different (and better for puff) situations.

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