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Analysis for i4n

Analysis for i4n

not an expert at this MU, it’s weird and hard to judge because I haven’t noticed many falcos other than 2013 PP that are good at exemplifying good strats

i4n(Puff) vs Ryejew(Falco) game 1
notation by in game timer

8:00 non neutral start but the immediate reaction to vertical approach over his jump was really good
nair doesn’t combo at low% so you have to space outside of shine, probs ledgecancel there
yeah he shines. Indicates that he knows a bit about the MU.
fair out of hitstun is an overextension, you realized too late
DI falco’s combos out. He got more damage than was neccessay
7:52 that was interesting. So you do the same overextend fair and he does the same dair but this time you pull out early enough to punish.
slow to move out of landing so no followup
7:50 wow that was a low laser ryejew is good lol
good jump out but in this case a SH would have gotten you the fair and FH only forced shield
you close space after his dash back and catch his pivot laser w/ upair
bair was bad reaction, rest or uptilt rest
second upair is misspaced so you get uptilted
7:54 bair OoS is too late but that was a tight reaction window
fadeback was also late so another uptilt. It was a good roll by falco.
good DI and tech vs the dair
no reason to drop shield, maybe shielddrop upair is best there?
7:40 fair is misspaced so it doesn’t poke. Pound would have but at high risk high reward.
lol and you pound his dair, kk
because you read a missed tech and don’t react you drop the followup (; _ ; )
interesting nair but it’s only going to net you %. Dair is probs better there.
7:36 the roll gave falco frame adv instead of frame neutral. WD away is better, even an aerial on his shield is better.
7:33 good FH, guessing a read on his laser but he reacts to you being slow to close space. So if you make a read you need to follow through. In that case you read the laser so if you read a laser avoid it and immediately close space, don’t avoid it and then see if you were right before taking advantage. That way if you’re right you get a big punish, if you’re wrong you’re wrong.
7:29 slightly misspaced, that’s tough. I would have taken a moment on the right platform before approaching to make falco have to second guess his spacing.
7:25 ok you force him to the corner which is good, she shields so you just have to react to him going up or through. In this case the second fair prevented you from doing that with no real benefit.
7:22 stuff his jump again, I wonder if there’s a better punish there. I think dair but I am not sure.
you were slow to act out of land so his grab won
7:19 guessing you got stuck because of laser hitstun on the platform
7:18 consider upsmash instead of roll after the shine
7:17 fair would have been better than nair
you’re pretty good about limiting the effectiveness of his lasers
you net a decent punish
needed to dj after letting go of stage, didn’t react to his height.
7:06 bad bair on shield, all it did was put you at frame disadv, when he’s shielding don’t be afraid to let him shield and then punish his exit
good spacing afterward
good edgeguard setup, puff is a little slow so you had to fair, idk if there’s a better flowchart there but you should look and see if there is since it’s a recurring pattern for ryejew to go to plat
7:01 oh crazy grab lol
your brain is thinking let go of ledge because of the last time, you didn’t make yourself react to him.
lol did you read the lasers? that would have been funny if that fsmash hit
6:56 really bad crossup. Super unsafe. Will get baired every time.
6:53 you force shield again, note that he’s conditioned so you can start empty land grabbing
but you also drop frame adv with fair again
make sure to consider what your hits on shield do for you
badly timed fadeback nair gets you pinned by lasers
don’t be afraid to use side platforms as a resting spot for a second or two when falco is situated next to the opposite platform
6:48 I don’t think that was shieldgrabbable. Puff’s shield is naturally close to the ground so they have to hit super high to get grabbed as a general rule.
6:45 mistimed approach
6:39 was really good but you weren’t mentally ready for him to jump, needed to WD out then you would have gotten a grab
6:37 super obv laser grab, needed to spotdodge or roll
bad desperation pound. Desperation moves feel random but are actually very predictable.
6:30 oh I like that rising fair, puts you in good position esp because you’r inv so he can’t bair you
I would have pounded and broken his shield
you needed to at least space out more
6:27 ok shield grab but really high %. fthrow then good edgeguard. You take damage but that’s ok.
6:15 you let him take center then jump over his jumps but he catches you on the way up. Needed to break on side plat
6:12 at that range I thinkkk WD forward was better than jump
6:10 good recognition of grab
6:09 seems a little weird to me that he would shield after the nair. Were you looking to fair a whiffed shine? That’s what I was looking for too. I guess in 20puffpuff you space outside of shine and grab.
his bair is late so you should get a grab but you jump into an uptilt instead
6:07 net a pound, he jumps into bair
oooh and shortens, tricky tricky falco bullshit lol
good reaction but he has a good reaction too and you guys trade
6:01 shielddrop upair
5:57 you needed to react to the time left after your descent for him to run outside of fair range
ok good shit rhythmic beating his lasers with dair
grab is barely not real at 50 so you can either risk it or wait for the roll/spotdodge
which you do, sweet.
Because you’re down and high % I think you could have upthrow WoPed but he has bad DI, lucky.
5:45 great aerial in response to him jumping past shield, you look to punish the land but whiff, that could have been huge
he’s trying to get you to overcommit. There’s time, let him be the first one to get impatient.
a pair of little spacing errors and you’re off stage
5:31 not sure if he backed off because he recognized that you’ve started to roll out of shield in that spot or if he wants to extend his lead.
oh shit free grab sick
noooo just fair!
and you whiff the land punish boooooo
good spacing around his attack after, you should recognize that he’s nervous and grab his shield instead of bairing it.
5:17 good spacing now watch to punish his descent
WD instead of roll
really good spacing for the next like 5 seconds
bad pound
5:09 he is slow to react to the crossup so you get an upair
ooh ok I questioned the bair but you started it early enough that it was real
blegh you needed to recognize the DI and grab. It was tricky Di.
5:06 good shield now punish
4:59 yeah I’m noticing that ryejew is pretty comfortable with readjusting his spacing after you move between lasers. You need to start introducing wavedashes to alter the spacing a bit.
5:53 that was all great except for where you missed your dash lol
4:46 good reaction to tech in
note that that is a habit at this point so you can dash forward then WD back rest him next stock like tekk vs zhu on fountain
lol you sort of do that and get a grab
should upthrow but he techs in so you get a dair grab
needed to FH toward him to cover everything
he tricked you with fadeback after seeing you jump forward a bit
the double lasers were super predictable and it looks like you did the correct punish vs them one second late lol but that’s ok
ok so last stock 36%  this is good
4:33 you overcommit and get daired
fair out of the combo was pretty lucky but good recognizing his low % and spacing bair after
4:28 really good and run up shield, like one of the best decisions you’ve made so far
unfortunately it doesn’t hit until the way down. Maybe still could have upsmashed.
def should have upsmashed after the nair shine
4:24 now your shield is really low so you /have/ to either shield Di or spotdodge
if you get shined it’s ok because with DI out you’re fine
4:20 good upair on reaction to his land
not enough % for tech so good fadeback look to punish exit, he dairs, great but your shield is still too low blegh. You needed to tilt shield up.
4:16 good job not pounding his shield and dying lol
4:13 miss your jump before the upair?
4:11 he reads your fair attempt
4:08, hmmmm crossup was interesting but there were better options than bair. Maybe dair.
shitty jump gets daired. Could have WDed out but he actually anticipated that hence going to middle.
bad grab. Take your time.
3:53 slow reaction but that was an unexpected roll.
3:43 get a nair but you aren’t ready for it to hit so you don’t capitalize
3:42 absolutely perfect time to empty land grab upthrow rest
3:36 WD instead of roll
ah there it is, bad pound

fthrow at high % then edgeguard
upthrow rest
fsmash some jank

stocks lost:
misspaced nair is baired
bad pound on shield is baired
bad approach between lasers is baired
bad pound in neutral

*ryejew is pretty good lol
* need to look for when to WD to fix spacing between lasers
* need to recognize that at high % falco can only kill you with bad spacing, an overcommitment, or a jab bair etc, so avoid avoid avoid those and shark for his own overcommitments. Don’t feel desperate, that’s what he wants.
* need to recognize more punish opportunities before they happen, not as they happen (super hard but that’s just melee)

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