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Analysis for FrozenLight

Frozenlight vs Ravenlord

Game 1 BF
notation by in game timer
8:00 non neutral start, you move into center then out of nair range
spacing was good but needed to grab earlier in order to catch endlag. That is tough but doable.
fox FHs out, gives you stage
7:56 unsafe nair, looks like you realize and back off but fox is fast enough to punish land. Started it way too high for anything else to happen
When choosing aerials choose based on your objective. To link to grab on grounded fox use FH fair/nair, to threaten space use bair. If you just want him to whiff then consider not using any moves and just watching the spacing/keeping your options open.
7:52 Dj is an overcommitment
7:49 shielddrop upair is neat but he’s at 0 so won’t make him tech and you start the upair too late
maybe could have WD back grabbed, not sure
7:48 that nair was really really unsafe
7:47 catch grounded fox with FH fair, get the grab, upthrow rest
7:39 try not to do superfluous fairs, fox can start upairing you for doing that later
fox is waiting for you to come down so that he can grab your land
you don’t have to if you don’t want
7:30 he falls for the bait and you get a crossup bair, links to grab, upthrow rest but needed another aerial to ensure a death so you should have upair regrabbed.
7:23 good spacing to get the bair
7:22 wow I don’t disagree with that WD in but he was ready for it. You telegraphed it a littttttle too early.
7:16 you cut off stage then cover a jump to platform but he watches and gets under you for free
you nair a second crossup. It was unsafe because you hit him high and didn’t fade back.
hm, you get him to jump in, it looks like you’re ready for the spotdodge but bad spacing so you get shined. Your jump was too late to be a safe crossup. Should have daired or baired.
7:09 high risk high reward pound, not a fan.
you land on stage and shield dunno why. at 14% grabs are scarier than non-grabs.
7:06 second fair was an overcommitment at that range
your shielding is keeping you from being mobile so he gets a grab, no sdi
7:00 bad jump, could have reacted to his jump and gotten a punish
6:56 you’re caught in a pattern of taking a little bit of stage then getting scared and giving it up and giving him a grab
needed to dj out of the throw to get a bair
bad spacing on your way down so you get baired
6:47 good punish, grab, backthrow, bait the sideB and rest. Could have easily fsmashed on reaction and avoided potential stock trade.
6:38 punish opportunity on accidental upair
looks like you read the upsmash but don’t shieldDI in so it pushes you to ledge and no punish
6:35 another punish opportunity on that upsmash but you take platform instead. You need to kill him off of his mistakes or you cannot win.
6:30 good spacing around the nair but you underestimate how long it will be out
6:27 uptilt was weird to me but he whiffs the punish. Could have grabbed him instead you do ultra high risk moderate reward pound
get a techchase grab
upthrow upair techtrap rest
fox is giving you grabs which is great keep taking them.
6:13 you come back and bait him into another bad grab, get your own grab. He DIs this time, you react slowly. SH upair regrab. You could have pounded and gotten a techchase because it wasn’t full DI forward.
6:10 slow to WD away could have gotten the grab again
pound out of hitstun is weird but he was in a weird spot so it works
dropthrough upair is suboptimal. Because you knew he had to tech you could have reaction rested or grabbed.
after the upair you choose to read tech in (could have reaction techchase rested off of a FH) but do not choose to rest it.
6:04 CC grab
5:57 you fade a little too far in for fade back land to be safe. Needed to recognize that and do another fair or buffer spotdodge after the land
5:56 you were out of hitstun when the upair hit so you could have DJed the other way and/or airdodged
5:50 good positioning to catch him on the platform at that time
5:45 you bait him onto the stage but don’t punish
5:43 tricky fair haha
second one should have been dair
nair was suboptimal, didn’t have a reward, gets you grabbed
5:37 ah, that nair makes me nervous. I thinkkk that fair would have done the same thing but safer
5:36 bad spacing
fair afterward also makes me nervous but you used it as a bait. It looked like an easy shieldgrabbut due to spacing he actually hit very low on shield
5:31 you didn’t react to his jump
5:29 needed to fair on your way down
5:25 second bair is mistimed so you are grabbed
get the sdi, probably should have jumped away from danger in case he baired or upsmashed
5:22 catch his land, need this edgeguard
it was good until you FHed instead of SH
5:19 grab whiffs which is unfortunate, needed to shield DI in
you get two lucky pokes to keep him off of you
then he does a really bad sideB and you can bair it, good

upthrow rest
grab whiffed upsmash, backthrow rest sideB lag
upthrow techtrap rest
bair an early sideB

Stocks lost
rWD forward into an upsmash
rest trade
unsafe land, upthrow upair

So far it looks like you’re getting a really good number of opportunities and you just need to tweak what you are looking for when and take a magnifying glass to optimizing your recurring punishes.

Game 2 FD
you WD in and poke his dash, late move out of endlag so you are grabbed
he runs under your high nair and takes a free 15. High nairs are bad for exactly this reason.
7:54 he is late to grab punish so you get an uptilt. Missed input on pivot grab.
No sdi and you’re dead after making 3 notable mistakes (; _ ; )
7:56 you cut off stage, the uptilt was not necessary
FH prevents you from pressuring or punishing his land
7:43 don’t do that upair, the risk reward is actually very very very poor
7:39 descending nair catches his jump because he is slow (he could have just grabbed your land)
you maybe could have grabbed after
shines your spotdodge, roll is better in that position because he will have frame adv after but not enough to directly punish a roll.
7:35 bad pound
7:32 don’t directly challenge his jumps. It is overly difficult. Try to punish their descent/land.
7:30 he drops shield so you get an uptilt, should have been ready to punish w/ jab reset, instead you dash away and have to cobble together an alternate punish.
7:27 when you do that edgeguard you need to be facing him of he can get through exactly like that.
7:25 you get another grab, this time you downthrow which works better
good pound but he gets a miracle tech wow that was crazy
7:18 you space for a CC but he does an invincible combat roll
then you get faked out and grabbed
good sdi
scary close to that upsmash
jump bair is too early
7:11 ahhh, that was really good until you DJ
7:03 catch him slipping then read a jump and get a solid bair
definitely could have grabbed ledge before him on reaction
6:57 you’re spaced too far out to get that grab
ok WD back fsmash works
6:51 don’t use nair to protect your land from the ledge. Use the threat of bair it’s way better at it and buys you more space.
6:48 oooh snatched him right out of the air, that’s so hard. Upthrow rest.
One of those and you’re back in this.
6:42 it’s harder for him to cover DI behind and you had time to DI that way from the grab.
6:38 lucky nair hits just over his. D on’t like it but it gets you a grab, this time you upair regrab which is optimal. Fair after the second upair is mistimed. Needed to be earlier.
6:31 lol I’m guessing that ftilt was an accident.
no sdi
6:26 that uptilt isn’t doing anything for you
6:22, nair is not correct reaction, could have probably fallen after him and grabbed endlag
6:18 you space super close and he misses a back dash so you get a really good grab. Could have rested. He sweetspots which you needed to SH to cover. At that range you can grab ledge before him and still punish the endlag if he goes over you because he won’t go very far into the stage.
6:13 he does an accidental walljump but you don’t recognize in time to punish, luckily he shields out of nervousness so you can grab
Same edgeguard situation
late reaction to him ledgejumping
6:05 could have grabbed the whiffed shine
6:00 jumping forward there was weird for you, a lot of risk, it’d be strange for him not to be in position to punish.
5:57 not a good fair
5:54 hm, looks like you recognize the crossup jussst too late to avoid the grab
good di/sdi though
yeah he reads the bad nair and you almost die for it
he’s being very deliberate and letting you put yourself in bad positions. When he does that it’s on you not to take the bait, to turn your back and keep immaculate spacing for the rest of the stock. Don’t gamble because he has better cards and more chips.

WD back fsmash
Upthrow rest.

Stocks Lost
land punish upthrow upair
runs under you and upsmashes
accidental ftilt, upthrow upair
jab upsmashes you fall

you’re missing too many upair sdi opportunities. You’re playing more aggressively on this stage which is making it easier for fox to get you to kill%. If a match on FD finishes in 2 minutes it probably means that the puff got bopped.

Game 3 DL
8:00 non neutral start, mirror opening to game 1 start but fox recognizes the grab and jumps away lol
7:57 you had time to react to fox staying in place, you’re both unsure so you both run away
7:55 predict his jump, fair would have been better, nair gets you grabbed
sdi didn’t work because fox was spaced perfectly
meh nair on the way down but it baits an approach, you give him too much space so you can’t punish
uptilt predicted a dash that way? Not a bad call.
Shield in time, WD could have been caught by a shine.
7:47 that’s the same pound you did on BF. Could have been a grab. Is it you jumping away not sure if the fox will get to you and then pounding when you see the grab whiff? Because if so I mayyybe like it but I still just don’t like pounds from neutral. They’re too high risk with too little and too situational a reward.
He CCs.
7:45 risky fair
7:43 bad nair. If you want space then use bair. If you are fishing for a grab then you have to confirm the space/frame adv to be safe first.
7:39 that nair was bad because it was started slightly too early so couldn’t do what you wanted it to.
7:37 obviously a  horrible pound lol
7:33 bair is better for buying stage to land than nair is, he should be upsmashing that.
his % is too low to crossup on hit
7:26 upair is a little early, you have time to watch him fall more
7:25 need to try to confirm that he jumps before you try to fair him or he gets under you for free
7:24 oh crazy, I would have baired and gotten very little, uptilt was really smart there it was just barely too slow
no sdi
7:17 same too early nair from the platform as before
7:16 that was a bad pound. I think that he went to punish it but misjudged how close you were. Could have been shined.
I think that he has a read on you always FHing above the stage to edgeguard, leaving the ledge open.
Ideally you want to fall about parallel with him and grab ledge (or fair if you are facing him) as he is able to sideB to ledge. If he sideBs earlier then you can jump over it on reaction then fall on top of him with bair or rest.
7:12 good reaction w/ bair
good recognition that he had to upB, you trade because you hit the side of him, you want to sort of sit your butt on his head.
I would have used sing to grab ledge after the trade but another fair works too.
Blegh, but you try to guess when he will press upB again instead of just reacting. You have almost a full second, there’s no need to guess.
7:06 bad nair, I think an empty WD forward was better because you could have reacted to any descent
7:03 lucky shield now rest him
he recognizes and jabs your grab. If you want a grab you have to shield DI the upsmash in.
FH fair beats grounded fox
good FH edgeguard
oh gross SD
6:51 you decide not to overextend and take center
jump back and nair a whiffed grab. Suboptimal punish. Maybe dair then look to punish his buffered spotdodge because he’s at low %.
6:48 good jump back, he shines instead of spotdodge so you get teh grab.
upthrow rest and it’s tied up.
lol what a punish.
could have easily ran off and killed him with fairs but you let him back. Don’t be a nice guy this is a losing MU in a competitive game.
6:39 nair should have been a bair
he spasms on his controller so no punish
DJ over the nair is good, sets you up for a CC grab but you don’t CC
6:33 hmmm, you were invincible so shine misses but you overshoot the pound. In that spot I think a reverse bair would be best but that’s hard if you don’t claw.
I think hbox would land and uptilt. If fox jumps you have time to shield.
oh cool that’s exactly what you do lol good job
your jab is too late though (; _ ; )
6:30 ok that was a perfect FH fair upair. Amazing.
and you predict the jump. You fade back a little too far to get the second one.
6:27 good WD, you should have pivot grabbed.
You don’t have to shield at low %s fox is definitely going to prioritize grabs.
I think you could have gotten a grab before he landed. TAS probs could have rested but that looked hard. Jump bair was too slow to catch anything but missed tech though and if he was going to miss tech you should have just waited to jab him.
FH bair under the plat works out but generally it’s not as good as SH because he can’t go very far so FH just makes you laggy.
6:24 I don’t like choosing nair. Commits to an entire jump’s worth of lag. It looks like you were trying to cover both in place and the roll but at very low reward and you moved forward too much anyway.
6:22 pound is now predictable and gets punished
6:17 there wasn’t much of a reason for you to go up there
6:16 your fall was later than the last time this happened so you needed to recognize his active frames and space away and bair
6:13 WD reaction was too late but that was a tough position
6:11 bad nair, you give him too much warning so he gets to try to punish it and gets your landing
6:05 ok you slip through and then he whiffs an upsmash but you try to nair which isn’t going to get him.
However he gets scared and spotdodges so you land a bair after
But it makes me nervous because had he dashed away you’d be in a tough position instead of a good one
6:00 fair is just short
5:57 really really good shield
ah, but you miss the rest. Your jump was too late. It didn’t help that the pushback was that severe. Shield DI in vs upsmash makes it much easier to punish every time.
5:47 you take center then give him opportunity to nair, he’s not taking the bait any more.
5:42 he sees that you’re looking for a nair and you react to him staying grounded too late so you get grabbed. Had you stayed a little more ambiguous I think he would have been more willing to jump.
5:36 lucky pound, good bair reaction
5:31 he was too far away for you to challenge. You should have baired the low angle then punished the fall if he went high.
Really bad nair out of hitstun, almost got you killed. If you nair you can’t jump.
5:28 you WD out of a grab then fsmash him.
5:21 there it is. You space a little closer this time and then he bites.
grab but accidental fthrow. I found that I stopped doing that by using C stick for throws.
almost die for not spacing your aerials out vs low % grounded fox.
5:08 he read your jump off the platform but misspaced
can still get teh jab upsmash vs land though.
Needed to keep your decent 100% safe.

FH fairs running fox, FH edgeguard
Upthrow rest.
WD out of grab, fsmash

Stocks Lost
bad crossup, jab upsmash
missed ledgedash SD
missed rest, upsmash
jab upsmash

You have simple recurring situations that work in your favor, you need to identify them, optimize them, and cut out the jumps/crossups/etc that are high risk low/moderate reward.

Game 4
8:00 run under platform then onto then into center. Your nair from platform is too early to protect your land again. Fox was pretty close too.
7:54 that fair at the platform was pretty clearly going to whiff to me, would prefer you going under teh platform toward center and reacting to fox’s decent
7:49 you needed to move to the right when you saw fox cross you up
wow that’s an aggressive fox. Give him an extra little bit of space to kill himself in front of you.
7:41 he anticipates your waveland but is slow. Should be a grab or a rest for you. I think that you were slightly too slow but hard to tell if it could have gotten him.
pound was risky but fox was overzealous. Could have just dropped with fair but it works out.
7:34 a little late to run away from inv
lol unfortunately bad spacing vs the upsmash
7:22 react to descent with nair, he dashes in time to not get grabbed, you don’t react to whiff in time to avoid his grab
no sdi
7:17 he predicts a nair, you fade back with fair. The fair preented you from punishing his jump.
7:14 wow you keep getting these pounds after close whiffs
was a good FH to techchase but the DJ puts you in a bad position instead of a good one
7:10 CC grab that nair
7:06 looks like he thought you would ledgedash and you bair instead
don’t nair, keep the threat of bair out and take stage back
6:57 good jump
lol normally you pound there
it’s actually very annoying when fox can spotdodge and you have to guess if he will or not
mango nairs to force them to shield because he is so good vs shields. Hbox does a couple different things and I haven’t figured out what his system for deciding is yet.
6:49 great uptilt. You need to start reacting to get the jab reset.
Good rest OoS though
6:41 a rising nair is a free shielddrop upair or shieldgrab
6:40 needed to shieldDI in to avoid falling off. On that topic, watch mango’s puff vs alex19 and specifically watch his shield DI. Not saying that it’s overly important but it is very cool and underutilized.
6:38 ledgedash was risky because he was right there. I would have reverse faired then watched him.
6:35 slow reaction
6:32 great WD but the punish was clearly a grab
6:30 very unsafe nair
6:25 you get a grab on that same overextension he keeps doing
upthrow, you choose to techchase regrab which is fine
on the second platform I would just techchase rest him, it is not hard from that position.
6:16 pound was an overextension
6:06 you had time to react to and grab the spotdodge
6:03 miss the techchase because you miss your dash input
get a pair of FH fairs vs grounded fox
then bair vs jumping fox, perfect.
5:55 really good decision to wait him out. Your reaction to his jump is a little too slow.
5:51 bair was a million years to late, should have just waited
5:43 another good WD, fox really needs to start delaying his grab but we’ll take it.
accidental fthrow
outspace his nair with a bair
oh great decision to jump after him but should have baired
5:29 nair is an overextension
5:24 you can’t shieldgrab that. Wait for the shine then WD out or upsmash or something based on the fox’s habits.
5:21 bad pound
downthrow miss tech upsmash

pound, edgehog
rest OoS vs get up attack
bair then  edgeguard

Stocks Lost
runs into an upsmash
jab upsmash after he spotdodges a grab
jab upsmash
downthrow missed tech upsmash

This game was kinda more of the same.

Game 5 BF
8:00 nair under teh platform again, he nairs again, needed to CC grab
bad shieldgrab
he waits to punish your pound
nair starts high enough he can react and grab it
no sdi
7:49 CC grab
nair was too early to protect your fall
upthrow upair
7:40 WD out of grab but no punish
miracle grab lol
upthrow techchase opportunity
he is freakkking out haha
7:31 rising aerial on shield is a free punish
7:29 there was no tech trap so he was free to tech the upair
foxes like to bair or upsmash after you sdi an upair, watch for it so you can avoid and maybe punish
7:21 he tricked you
7:16 kind of funny, he was doing falling upairs between stocks earlier but just now uses it
you need to punish fox’s falls from beside him, not directly under him
7:08 hail mary invincible uptilt is a bad habit
well spaced nair after though
I don’t like falling upair vs spacies. It rarely works.
7:05 bad pound he could have upsmashed or grabbed you easy.
7:02 really good empty land
double fair, good
hm, looks like there was a 50/50 whether he jumps to ledge or back then sideBs. You avoid playing that game and take stage which is probably best.
he does a super shitty sideB but shortens so it’s hard to punish
6:50 see how he is waiting for your pound?
6:45 ok good spacing to punish the land
gets BFed
ew gross SD
6:32 you misspace and he gets a grab
6:29 could have grabbed isntead of jab
he SDs
6:21 clear overextension by fox, you could have daired him instead of fair
6:19 he isn’t spaced to account for the pound but you don’t get anything off of it
6:17 oh you catch him falling through platform empty, you read but didn’t have to, missed tech is I think 26f long, easy reaction
6:11 lolololol what a CC
6:01 you avoid a hail mary upsmash, get a grab upthrow, full DI out so upair is very frame tight to land
oh no you anticipated the roll but you committed to WD so have endlag
pound happens to coincide with spotdodge but he gets out
you both play nervous and high commitment for a bit
lol then you miss rest on tech downthrow. Hm, I think I read somewhere that you can jump rest him out of that but I’m not sure if that’s true. Would strongly prefer buffered spotdodge first.

bair at high%
he SDs
CC rest a dash attack loool

Stocks Lost
grabs land after nair  upthrow upair
falling upair
miss a rest

These games are going by pretty quick and there are a lot of opportunities that you are dropping. That’s a good sign because that means that your gameplan is giving you lots of chances to win. You are really really good at avoiding raw DD grabs. You need to minimize your overextensions so that you are taking less damage from aerial combos. You have very clear recurring punishes that you need to optimize. If fox is ahead then you need to be comfortable taking your time and trust yourself to find a punish in 15-20 seconds instead of putting yourself in a high risk low reward situation trying to find that punish right now.

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