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Analysis for Floss

I obv don’t know all of your reasoning nor am I a final authority so I’m just going to write what I see and you can take that with a grain of salt or not.

Puff rewired pt 1

Marth vs Puff on DL (10:15)
notation by in game clock

8:00 non neutral but port 4 puff should just hold down to fall through plat
puff goes up and around, marth overextends so has to shield
7:57 puff nairs out of fear of running marth, looks to take back center
marth isn’t showing aptitude to whiff punish, focused on something else, don’t know what yet
7:55 slow reaction from both players, puff gets a nair, then lucky uptilt
should be rest, instead a bair, good DI prevents WoP, upsmash could have been a grab
7:51 good fade out on reaction to sideB but WD away burns the punish opportunity
note that marth spotdodges for fear of grab
both players fumble, haven’t recognized the tempo
note that marth habitually JC grabs
7:47 now marth is a little uncomfortable because he’s been comboed so he prioritizes keeping himself safe
that’s puff’s cue to nudge him under the platform.
In general, from center stage puff has an overly difficult time earning large punishes. Her objective is to push marth under the platform so that he doesn’t have access to the full range of his dash back. This is a really big deal in the MU.
7:46 marth is slow to fair off the platform. I would have preferred landing under him and shielding then punishing OoS
7:45 really good spacing around the aerial
stock, that’s a good lead
7:40 goes to side plat to wait out inv which is good but doesn’t wait it out which is bad. Remember, puff cannot threaten anything but her escape route for 2 seconds so all of those bairs are good for marth.
burns too many jumps and now puff is in a bad position
eats a bunch of aerials because of low jumps then does not DI out so gets daired, gross.
7:30 going to the ground was too early, you needed to wait a second to avoid letting marth go up and over like he does
don’t challenge marth directly when he’s above you on the top platform. Yes, that’s a weak position for him, but puff’s vertical mobility is too bad so she telegraphs her intentions. You want to intercept him on his way down, not attack him and hope he doesn’t move.
7:27 fair takes adv of marth’s lack of stage to DD on
at 0 it’s hard to combo to anything but that was a grab, nairs instead
shield is fresh so crossup uptilt only covers a delayed jump, bad option but wth he does a delayed jump lmao
yeah that was a tekk platform techchase
since you missed it either WL on and crouch or wait underneath and rest his gettup attack
7:23 good to recognize that you aren’t getting anything and prioritize stage control but you run too far away so now he can come in for free esp after the nair
nair is getting too spammy so he just reacts and fairs
not sure what goal was but I’m surprised that he he does fair fsmash instead of fair grab fsmash
good spotdodge to avoid grab, he’s not good enough to bait that out
good CC vs sideB, fsmash earns stage
7:16 you are low enough that running up the the ledge and crouching beats every option. I think that works until 55%. If he aerials in you get another CC fsmash. If he fadeback aerials you get to WD to ledge then kill him. If he WLs it’s reactable and you can bair him or something.
7:13 you could have grabbed him first, fsmash was going to be too slow
7:10 CC grab opp but you get a WoP. Is that by design? I don’t know how much hs upsmash has on marth.
7:07 was an upair like in that hbox vs m2k on YS gif
7:05 soooo lucky lol
overextension, now you’re in a bad spot
7:03 I do that nair too but it’s horrible lol. It requires marth to swing way too early or way too late. Should never hit a competent marth.
see even the next one. It feels like a “oh I should nair to protect myself” but actually all you’re doing is limiting your options and allowing marth to hitconfirm your fall (he doesn’t here)
7:00 lol you nair and then get nervous and change your mind. It was actually an ok nair if you had kept going. Not great but not bad.
note that marth is looking for sideB uptilt, you can take adv of that
6:56 whenever marth jumps he’s giving you stage. Run at him. If he aerials you shield. If he fades back you get stage.
6:54 weird to read that marth would run forward after he jumped a bunch. He jumps over you.
idk what he wants because he’s not taking anything or pushing in
so he gets dsmashed
that edgeguard wasn’t really possible
challenge inv marth from bad position and get daired
6:42 waste your inv on the platform. He’s trying to make it ambiguous which side he wants but you don’t actually care. You just want marth on one side.
because of that the stalling he can punish your land.
good patience, he does a badly spaced nair, free grab. You dash attack instead. Smaller window.
you don’t react to getting grabbed in time to DI the throw, tipper.
he lets you back.
6:30 this is a great position, just ry to keep him there. He’ll die eventually.
6:29 shield is late so you have to give up your position and get tippered. You just needed to FH instead of dash forward.
A little too liberal with your jumps again.
6:22 good maneuver with dair, free grab or fest, at 130 mayyyybe fsmash, don’t think upsmash will kill.
6:17 is a tricky spot for puff, you do well waiting it out for whiff punish
6:09 lol weird ass fsmash
good shield normally but he’s inv so you needed to run away, should have gotten grabbed
you fade back way too far so now marth gets stage
6:05 hm, I know that nair is good vs marth’s DD but I think that you are committing to it too early so he knows to stay away in the situations where if you had waited to confirm he was running in you would get either a hit or take stage back.
6:04 no hit confirm
oh gosh. The FH nair was so punishable but the combination of his delay and your not FFing gets you an uptilt lol.
you miss the rest. BUT I don’t think it was true anyway. 1 stale nair is not enough %.
miss the sdi timing in the doublestick tech.
5:53 lololol that pound is so funny. He can’t punish it because you’re inv (but he could have just run away on reaction)
hmmmmm, the sideB to avoid the rest was unfortunate. I’m not sure if the rest was a good or bad idea. Probably bad because it missed and a second upair could have still gotten a rest.
5:50 this is an interesting situation that I see all the time. Puffs like to FH bair when they’re not sure if someone will fall from platform or not. However, by doing the FH bair they drop the opp to punish anything except for a delayed drop. You should make the decision to SH bair under them or Sh immediate dj bair to hit their legs if they stay on the plat (FH bair does not reach). (SH bair is probably better in the long term)
5:49 ooh I agree with that upair crouch but he dairs it perfect. That’s a read. Interesting.
yeah bad spacing to start that nair after so you get fsmashed.
marth’s DD is too strong to challenge directly from a mid range when you don’t have to. Usually hbox will FH and then fade in if they dash away or jump away if they challenge him (because worst case he ends up on side platform and camps them from there)
5:46 you read the jump but choose to fair which is a low reward
from here he has noticed that you are antsy and willing to trade hits which obv he wins
you keep trying to land hits that might get you a combo to catch up
but that is really predictable and in reality a really bad idea ( plus the following vid touch on that)
when playing from behind you need to justin wong it and play very smart and safe and then get a monster punish, not play risky and hope for a monster punish
5:30 marth overextends and you get a bair, this is your spot, you need to FF well to follow up, ah don’t move out of lag fast enough so he gets out
lol you are so lucky he dropped empty onto an fsmash
bad edgeguard, needed to regrab then punish land, ok trading fairs is fine.
5:19 so now your goal is to land 2 bairs. After that rest is on the table and he will be scared. When he is scared that means that he will give you stage which you can use to look for WoP.
LOL attacking him when he’s inv is not good for that! Frightened me.
need to turn your back. Nair is not scary when he is at CC and you will die%
He watches you move the the corner then calls out your jump with fsmash.

whiff punish dj dair with bair, grabs ledge
whiff punish bair at high%
trades aeirals off stage

stocks lost
bad positioning vs inv, burns jumps then doesn’t DI aerials away so gets daired
flubbed edgeguard, challenge the ledgegrab and get daired
missed rest
cornered then fsmashed when jumping in

general notes:
* you stall too long when you’re at top platform
* you don’t take adv of marth being forced into the corner (when he’s over there you don’t every have to fight him or call him out. Just FH at the inside of the platform and wait for him to hang himself.)
* when you fade back you fade back way too far
* You play way too risky from behind and that contributes to you not getting the punishes that you are hoping for.

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