Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Analysis for Anytime

Anytime vs Strawhat

Game 3 DL
Notation by in game timer
normally FoD is better vs falcon but I agree with the pick based on how previous games went
8:00 non neutral start, you jump away from his jump but WD was enough
he stomps your roll, can’t tell if read or reaction, could have just crouched
remember that a huggggge thing in the MU is that falcon has 0 tools to punish puff’s crouch without jumping. That means that you can WD and crouch around the stage for free and don’t have to worry about anything but reacting if he jumps. If you don’t practice/abuse that then the MU is way more fair than it needs to be.
7:56 whiff punish was late because of missed tech. For some reason jigglypuff mains are the worst about going for punishes that they are clearly way too late to get.
you are backing away too much to threaten him. The further you fade back the more leeway he has.
ok he does a crossup which forces shield
you fair high though so no frame adv and the knee is safe
another missed tech so extended combo
7:49 bad fair. Fairing that high doesn’t do anything but limit your options.
you barely whiff a bair. You would get those if you play the game a tiny bit closer to him than you are.
7:47 good jump back. Jump back on reaction to him jumping forward is a strong tactic.
high nair won’t combo but he messes up and gets uptilt rested
the crossup nair that you did is generally the best in those situations because it’s a higher execution demand for them to punish
however in that case you needed (and would have easily gotten) a second uptilt in order to kill
7:39 WD away was a little premature, you didn’t need to give him the whole stage that early
7:37 bair whiff punish is late, you almost eat a knee counterpoke
7:35 fair should have probably been dair grab but you get the read
there was no reason not to grab ledge. If he gets on stage after just bair him off again.
7:30 bad pound, should have been stomped on reaction
7:27 don’t know why your jump was empty
he SDs so you get back for free, haha
7:19 can’t grab an inv falcon
DI down and away
if you want to mix it up (not sure if good or not) mix between that and up
7:14 descending fair forces you to land and eats into your inv time
you have time to react to falcon moving before you do an aerial
7:13 same thing, would have been able to react with upair
7:11 he tries to trick you but you’re ready
you can try to empty land grab in this position, uptilt has less reward at 0
7:08 unnecessary jump
weird crossup after but it works out
7:05 SH bair would have connected. On the way up SH bair has more range than FH bair.
7:03 don’t uptilt after an upair, the success % is in like the single digits
do one or the other
7:01 greedy fsmash. When you bair at low %s just try to punish what they habitually do out of hitstun
7:00 needed to react to the jump and shield the second knee
of CC upsmash? lol what an option
6:56 good spacing around the upair
no reaction, culd have jab reset
really good spacing afterward until you get kneed. I think a WD forward was better than a FH fair.
6:50 unsafe nair. If you want to protect your land use bair, it’s better at that job.
miss the punish on the stomp because you WD away out of nervousness.
6:48 that bair couldn’t have done much of anything, WD into him and crouch in front of his shield
6:43 unsafe jump
6:42 needed to shield
there is a mixup where he can empty land grab if you shield but it’s not a good risk reward because crouch beats grab and aerial (CC grab) at low-mid %s.
6:40 bad pound. Don’t do that it’s so predictable and so easy to get killed for. He should start FHing over it and kneeing you.
6:22 you run to ledge vs falcon inv which is better than jumping. I’m not sure what the best plan is but ideally you want to cross him up at the last moment for stage control. However he knows that so he tends to make it difficult. Probably just watch where hbox goes lol.
6:31 upair was good but a tiny bit late
6:27 he overextends so you get a good dair
won’t combo to grab but a lot of players will spotdodge, roll, or jab out of it so crouching is good
6:25 rest
practice that, the reaction is very doable
6:24 he catches you jumping preemptively.
6:19 he baits you into swinging so that he can run through
you don’t have to snatch him right away
6:18 his punish is too early, you get a grab
upthrow upair upair upair, ran out of jumps. Need to WL off of side plats in the middle if possible
6:12 no need for that jump, gets you punished. In general falcon wants you above him so don’t go there.
6:10 no reaction to stomp
haha, you can’t CC grab that move
ok good maneuvering to get ledge
good shield after the fair
don’t need to jump, WD forward if you’re afraid
5:56 same thing. He goes to the corner and waits for you to whiff an aerial, then goes around you
5:55 spaced too far away to punish the land
he misjudges the spacing, gets fsmashed
5:51 dsmash or dash attack or fair
5:50 you had time to turn around and SH bair instead of FH fair
5:46 bad spacing, could have beat it out horizontally as well as punished landing lag
5:45 shield grab was a weird guess that he would stay in shield after seeing you shield
5:41 Reallllly scary FH
it’s ok to just wait a heartbeat before you jump
I guess it’s a little bit weird for a jigglypuff player but being in teh air in front of falcon is not always a good idea. In fact if he is free to move then it is probably a bad position. You want to attack him with tempo. You want to swing second. And because it’s easy to protect yourself from him swinging first that is not overly difficult to arrange.
5:40 dash input was too early
5:36 because of bair’s horizontal range it is suppppppper hard for falcon to get that grab. When you land after a bair and crouch you want to react to him either jumping (WD away or shield) or running toward you (get ready to press downB or in this case because of your % probably fsmash)
bair out of crouch is suboptimal because it is sooo slow and actually not very safe after crossup on shield
5:33 hmmmm, speaking of which, part of the reason it is hard for you to land these whiff punishes is that rising bair is at its fastest frame 13
5:32 oh that fsmash is neat. falcon can’t get a hitbox out fast enough to punish before it can come out, that’s am interesting high risk high reward.
5:27 nair is too early and not good vs 0% falcon anyway
5:27 you get baited. Remember your goal is to recover, not to hit falcon
5:13 oh boy money grab
I would have ran forward and shielded to make him do that aerial
5:07 yeah high risk high reward options in the corner are actually very predictable. People feel like they need to land a high reward hit when they’re down so it’s easy to hang back and wait for them to whiff.

Falcon SDs
Falcon jumps off stage and gets edgeguarded
fsmash at high %

Stocks Lost
tries to grab inv falcon, downthrow knee
caught jumping under falcons FH knee
preemptive jump OoS
whiffed pound, downthrow upair

I really like the tag Anytime lol.
You space a little bit further away from falcon than you need to so it is harder for you to get direct punishes and easier for him to outmaneuver you.
You jump preemptively in positions were you could just wait and react to how he moves. Play more patient. Patient =/= campy. Patient = make sure you’re ready to take the free stuff.
You need to flowchart what to do off of initial hits because you keep dropping punishes by guessing.
This is really good though because if you fix those three things then you will get even more opportunities and start winning off of the ones that you get.

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