Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Diet Notes

Notes on Diet etc
will expand with time

Reaction time potential is more or less genetic/uniform.
You increase your in-game reaction time in two ways:
1) The brain uses fats in constructing nerve cells and animal fats are less good for this than plant fats, specifically omega-3s.
Fish oil is basically exactly what you want because it's just all the stuff that you want from algae already in the right form. Alternatively, Rapeseed oil or to a small extent virgin olive oil.
You have to keep in mind though that farmed fish and animals are a poor source of omega-3s because they are fed feed instead of grass/algae at which point they aren't a good middle-man for your omega-3s.
2) specifically training an automatic response to stimuli via reinforcing brain-paths.


green/black tea are natural sources of theanine and caffeine.
tastes disgusting lol

intake 45min to an hour before needed
2.5-5 hours halflife

caffeine increases choice reaction speed
theamine when paired with caffeine increases decision speed and reduces body/mental stress

more theanine than caffeine increases cognitive performance
less teamnine than caffeine does not but is still removes stress
(relative to just caffeine)

your body builds tolerance so you should only use it for performance and cycle off of it if effects weaken.

1 cup of tea is about 40mg of theamine and 40mg of caffeine which is slight increase, no real increase if you are tolerant to it.
pills are 200mg (to pair with 100 mg of caffeine) which is the upper limit of what is recommended as a supplement.

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  1. It's worth noting that theanine + caffeine reduces much of the "jitteryness" that most people get when they take caffeine alone.

    I've been taking this combo for a month or two as needed (200 mg theanine 100mg caffeine) just as a way to wean myself off soda and other liquid calorie sources of caffeine, but I've noticed that it's pretty kick ass for smash and I like it way better than drinking an energy drink or something similar.

    I personally don't think of it as something that raises my ceiling, so much as raising my mental floor when my mental energy is low or my brain is feeling out of it or foggy.