Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Refreshing Puff's Ledge Invulnerability

Refreshing Puff’s Ledge Invulnerability

Note: When you grab ledge you go through a 7f animation called "Cliffcatch." You cannot let go of ledge until the second frame of the following "Cliffwait" (i.e. you must wait 8f total). If you try to move before this then you will buffer an action from ledge. Conveniently, Puff's cute little grunt sound will be cut short if you are accurate, so that's a good indicator for your timing. If it sounds like one note then you're good. Two: you're late. Buffered an action: you're early.
You can practice this stuff in frame counter.

Aerial Refresh

Let go of ledge, double jump away, input an aerial, then fade back to ledge and regrab as it ends.
Fair is coolest because it shows off either your sick finger finesse or that you claw.
perfect execution:
grabs on 42
12f of vulnerability.

Sing Refresh

Fast fall from ledge, double jump on the 12th frame and rising sing
perfect execution:
grabs on 38
8f of vulnerability

FFDJ Refresh
Fast fall from ledge, double jump on the about the 12th frame.
perfect execution:
grabs on 38
8f of vulnerability

Pound Refresh
Let go of ledge, immediately rising pound.
perfect execution:
active on 13-28
grabs on 47
17f of vulnerability (30-47)

S0ft Dashing

This is like a hax dash for puff but requires interacting with the stage's solidity.
Let go of ledge, fast fall for 5f, then double jump while pressing forward to grind against the side of the stage. Once you’ve popped up over it enough, waveland backwards and tap down to buffer a ledgegrab.
perfect execution:
grabs on 30
0 frames of vulnerability

For ease of reference:

Puff's perfect ledgedash has up to 9f of inv, allowing shield, dash attack, jab, ftilt, uptilt, grab, up smash, and down-b, but due to her traction/jumpsquat poor range and no invincible aerials.

Puff's fair is active 7-22, IASA at 35 (13f endlag)
bair is active 9-12, IASA at 31 (9f endlag)
nair is active 6-28, ends at 49 but will likely be ACed after 29.

CC is extremely strong vs all of these, usually leaving the victim at a minimum of +9 in frame adv

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