Monday, July 13, 2015

Reaction Techchase + Ledge Techchase

contained incorrect information, have since deleted this page


  1. What are some common knockdown situations where this methodology applies?

    With Sheik, reaction tech chasing is possible and relatively simple because there are very common and easy ways to get knockdowns. Dthrow is the obvious one on spacies. You always get a knockdown off that, so you just walk/turnaround so you're at the tech site and then reaction tech chase. Another one is low-% ftilt on spacies which will also result in a tech chase (esp on DI away). So when I play Sheik, if I hit with a ftilt at certain %s and DI, I know that the proper reaction is to immediately get to their tech site and kick off my reaction tech chasing.

    Is there anything like that as Puff? Any common hits or % windows where you should know that once you get the hit, you should take to the air to get in position to perform these tech chases?

    1. Situations where you can get this setup with puff are infrequent but not nonexistent.
      I used uptilt in 20xx.

  2. Also on a similar note, how would you go about practice this sort of thing on repeat in 20XX?

  3. Wouldn't falling uair to rest be more optimal for tech in place?