Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sheik/Peash Dsmash Rest OoS

Sheik's Dsmash (take a hit on shield then WD in if she's facing you).
This concept also applies to CCing the dsmash but is more situational via requiring you to jump at mid%s.

Peach's Dsmash
* Hold Shield, try to shield DI one hit out. Tilt down and away. It's not hard, there are 7 frames of hitlag per hit. Don't tilt shield afterward or you can get poked. Your shield should get hit with 2 then be outside of range. (If the initial hit is the skirt, not the body, then you don't have to shield DI 'cause natural push will be enough)
* flick the c stick up approximately when shieldstun ends to buffer a SH
* drift over her endlag
* rest.

If for some reason you're unpracticed and late you're still in a good position because she'll obv have to shield.
If you are hit with a third hit of dsmash you won't be able to rest the endlag but you're very likely to get shieldpoked anyway.

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