Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Your Personal Smash Bible

I highly recommend going through the following exercise

What makes a better player better? Skill is not some ambiguous quality that slowly grows with prayer. It’s the sum of various and mostly easily attainable qualities.

Open up a word document, title it 'Smash Bible'  and type up a list of what qualities you think a top player exemplifies.
Now examine every item on that list and under each make a list of what it contains in turn.
Keep going. Keep breaking topics down further and further. Keep using your logician’s knife until you have specific things that are easy to practice.

You now have a precious document with all of the ingredients of a top player as you understand what that means. This is your smash bible, your personalized recipe for being good. Edit it for accuracy, brevity and utility, but keep referring to it. It's a simple, clean and powerful resource that can keep you from making 'getting good' any harder than it has to be.


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