Sunday, August 2, 2015

Buffered Shield Drops

So there's an interesting mechanic where you can buffer a shielddrop by pressing down during endlag (or an animation like dash or shieldstun during which pressing down does nothing to your character state). Discovery is credited to Shai

If you press down and shield becomes active (either by being pressed during dash or by being buffered after endlag) on frame 4 or 5 after pressing down then the game will buffer a shielddrop. If shield becomes acive earlier than f4-5 then it will buffer a spotdodge, any later and it will buffer a downward tilted shield.

Example: For Jigglypuff press down and shield on frame 2 of her empty landing lag and frame 7 of her L-canceled landing lag (except for dair, which is on 12). If your input is early you will shield. If it is late then you will spotdodge.

While this is interesting and neat, I personally think it's better (assuming you have a good controller/muscle memory) to buffer a shield tilt during landing lag and quarter circle down (i.e. AZ method) on the first frame of shield. If early, you shield. If perfect, identical timing with buffered with down shielddrop. If late, you still shielddrop.

Utility being you can skip crouch animation if you intend to fall through the platform or skip jumpsquat if you intend to jump from the platform. Due to puff's aerial mobility/moveset this is especially applicable.

Upair shielddrop DJ rest... (#´O`)

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