Saturday, December 3, 2016

Coaching Abstract

I've decided to start experimenting with structured coaching.

The following is a proposal outlining the overarching design. I am open and expecting to tailor it to meet individual needs. If interested please contact me at on on fb.


My goal in coaching is to give you the tools that you need to improve as you want to. I want to be a resource that enormously benefits you by way of greatly simplifying/streamlining and the process of improvement. I cannot do the work for you but I can make sure that you are doing the most relevant work and doing it well, eliminating waste and confusion. It should have dramatic impact.

This all assumes that coaching is distinct from an analyst. Here I would define each as: an analyst dissects your gameplay and offers corrections. I already offer match analysis for $10 a game to fill that role. A coach analyzes your methodology (in and out of game) and offers corrections.

To be transparent, my direct experience regarding coaching is limited to working with Soft to construct our methodology. That being said, having tested individual ideas on Soft and myself and having thoroughly researched their legitimacy I am extremely confident in our ideation.

I know first-hand the frustration of a bad teacher or false information. For that reason I make a concentrated effort to purge anecdotal strats and make sure that anything I say can be verified in game or is supported by (usually empirical) research. I’ve spent a huge amount of time in debug mode and have had to read a lot of scientific journals/etc over the past year.

I would ask for $30 initially to prepare personalized notes/schema
then $20 per prepared session +$5 for every hour.
I.e. 0-59 min=$20, 60 min=$25, 120 min=$30
This is much less than an LSAT tutor and I think I have higher efficacy.

A session may be done over skype or the equivalent. That time will be used that time to a) identify a systemic problem that needs solved and b) discuss the best way to solve it. Afterward you just have to execute whatever plan we make. When it comes time that you feel that you need more elaboration or come across a different and meaningful problem, we can set another session. This way you are in full control of your pace, we both make the most of the time spent, and you can stop at any time you want.

This is just my first impulse and it reflects me taking your coaching very seriously. Like, preparing you to be a top regional player or more levels of seriousness. If this is too ambitious or if you think there’s a better way to structure for you than sessions then I am naturally open to that conversation.

Working together to find the best possible personal solution is, I think, the core value of successful pedagogy.

We will work together to identify a very clearly defined
* appropriate goal
* subgoal(s)
* optimal methodology per subgoal
* appropriate timeline for subgoals
While these will certainly be flexible and may shift/evolve, they should always remain defined.

Your Responsibilities
* Log your effort. We need to keep track of how long you spend working on anything that we talk about and how effective that effort is, otherwise we can’t truly track your progress.
* Open communication and feedback. If something feels like it isn’t working or is confusing, we need to identify the problem as soon as possible or it can’t get solved.
* Try to stick to whatever schedule we come up with. If you can’t/don’t that’s ok but again needs reflected in your log.
* Anything more that we decide together.

My Responsibilities

* Make quick and accurate assessments.
* Work with you to find the best solutions to specific problems.

* Keep a group of google docs
 - 1 to archive our conversation etc
 - 1 to organize notes tailored to your individual situation.
 - 1 to be your smash bible
* Anything more that we decide together.

Once more, please direct any inquiries to me at on via fb message.

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