Thursday, January 5, 2017

Godpuff Reaction Techchase

I've frequently wondered if Puff has a valid reaction techchase similar to sheik/falcon's.
Shortly after researching spikestun rest I posited one that I've since ruled flawed and deleted but now I'm revisiting the idea.

There are a few recurring situations (most frequently upsmash at ~20-30%, pound, and some AC bairs on spacies) where puff can position herself at a tech position as it occurs. This opens up the possibility to reaction techchase. However due to puff's poor speed it is not obvious how she can cover all four tech options. The following sequence can cover all four within a practiced reaction time.

1) dash toward the tech location
2) if MISSED TECH, pivot rest
3) SH
4) if TECH IN PLACE, rest
5) if TECH ROLL OUT/IN, immediately drift toward then use pound's boost to catch it.

This techchase is difficult and unintuitive but feasible. Because it is so infrequent it violates the 80/20 rule and I do not advocate practicing it. But it is pretty funny/cool.

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