Friday, May 8, 2015

flowstate notes

flowstate notes from gravy's stream

* perceived challenge/opportunity
* realistic and clear goals
* immediate progress markers
* intrinsic motivation (it's enjoyable in itself)
* autonomy (being in control)/mastery of practiced skills

basically teach yourself to feel in control along with the control

easier if you break tasks into smaller pieces or steps, flowchart it
even easier if you do so habitually

* anxiety
* any anxiety at all

* intense focus
* little to no self-reflection
* merging of action and awareness
* don’t care/notice time passing
* could you hold a conversation? If so you're not even close.

increases feeling of autonomy/control

being healthy means your body is better equipped to do what you want it to.
also your brain needs time to build new paths, go for a walk and come back. The functionality of sleep on the short term.

fighting game players show measurable cognitive increase
(obv. the whole appeal of fighting games is that they transition the "ooh, a nice neat puzzle to solve" base appeal of games to "ooh, look at this puzzle called "yourself")

poker skills apparently translate

objective mindset meditation,
observe mindset objectively as quickly and fully as possible throughout the day. What are you thinking/feeling? Rapidly adjust this to optimal.

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