Monday, May 18, 2015

Jump Frame Data Dump (draft)

a little dry but it’s soooo important to understand

Puff has 5 frames of jumpsquat. She’s airbourne on frame 6, so the earliest you can start an aerial is frame 6.

On frame 4(have to double check but I am 80% sure it is 4) of jumpsquat the game will register the horizontal position of your analog stick to determine your jump arc/velocity. This is called Analog Jumping. It can be anywhere from -100% back for a backwards jump to a neutral vertical jump to a 100% forward jump (including many slight degrees between these).
This same concept applies to double jumping but the horizontal value is read on the same frame as the jump input.

After you are airbourne any horizontal values on your analog stick will influence the your velocity in a similar way. For the purpose of vernacular, this is designated as Aerial Drift. One of the benefits of playing jigglypuff is that her aerial drift takes effect extremely quickly and her velocity has a profoundly wide range corresponding to -100% backwards to 100% forward, allowing for substantial spacing decisions in the air and on the fly.

In application: if you press 100% forward on frame 4 of jumpsquat then via analog jump you will have 100% forward velocity during the jump, so holding forward does not give you additional velocity, rather it maintains it at 100%. However, in jigglypuff's case aerial drift is applied so quickly that should you return the stick to neutral your velocity will be reduced to 0% almost immediately. The same can be said for any other value of aerial drift.

It is interesting to note that jigglypuff's aerial drift has reduced potency while rising after double jumping unless you fill it with an aerial.
An empty double jump has a larger animation/hurtbox.
In addition, she can only prevent herself from turning around while double jumping by inputting an aerial within 4 frames.
These three things are why a lot of jigglypuffs spam aerials, even if they don’t realize it. Knowing the reason will help you determine what is and what isn’t needless spam.

Fastfalling will increase your downward velocity if input after the apex of a jump. It is not an analog input, meaning that if you press 100% down you will not fall faster than if you press 50% down on the vertical axis. 

From a fullhop the earliest ff is on frame 27 (first frame of the flip that she does if empty jump). You'll be grounded on f39 (no ff f52).
From a shorthop the earliest ff is on frame 19 (no obvious visual cue beyond being the apex of jump). Grounded on f23 (no ff f34).
Because every consecutive double jump is shorter than the last they all have different ffs and similarly do not have an easy visual cue.

You cannot double jump until 29 frames after your previous double jump.
You cannot fall through a fast fall until the animation ends 50f after a double jump.

Bair has IASA frames at 31 (slightly after full 360) so you can cancel the ending animation with either jump or another aerial.
(Uair at 38/39
Fair 35/39
Nair 40/49 but these are less applicable.)

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