Monday, January 11, 2016

4% vs Silentswag

4% vs SilentSwag (sheik vs puff)

Game 1 BF

8:00 non-nuetral, out to side then in under
7:55 doesn’t space out far enough to avoid fair
good CC grab, backthrows for stage
7:50 shielddrop
7:49 pound whiff punish, doesn’t react to DJ
7:47 spaces for run off
7:45 preemptive aerial needs to be FHed
too high in % to CC
7:44 shield poke on hair curl
7:38 no jump sheik but misspaced, could upair
7:35 shieldgrab is late
good crouch, grabs instead of rest
ledgegrab is a little early but looks like he reads the recovery
7:25 stalls outside of range
ledge inv earns aerial
7:22 same preemptive sh bair. Sheik doesn’t have a DD vs puff but she can dash up and whiff punish via FH
7:17 tries to protect fall with nair but starts too high so reactable
7:12 another bthrow, oh sickkkk ledgegrab bair to avoid needles, amazing
7:05 double fakeout to avoid inv, lol
7:02 anticipates and intercepts fall
7:01 spaces too close
6:58 takes center
6:56 eh pound as poke
6:54 preemptive fair is good but out of endlag so slow
6:48 ooh baits the roll? Surprised that upair whiffed
whiff punish but low % so CCed
6:45 good spacing
6:42 a little slow but good recognition by sswag
6:40, forces sheik up, shields aerial, WD out ‘cause bair is not punishable with an aerial
a little slow on whiff punish, not good spacing because not ready for shield
no CC
6:37 ballsy pound, should techchase
6:34 good spacing around needle range
wow crouch avoids bair
6:30 CC swag grab vs dsmash lol
reads the empty DJ, grab edge, rest
6:20 good DI out of throw/fair
6:14 throws off but misspaces bair so trade
6:10 SH preemptive bair is FHed over again, good tech
6:06 lol look how slow puff is
recovers high
5:60 funny mixup by sswag
5:55 lol pretty poor choice of whiff punish
5:54 another preemptive poke too low vs sheik FH but that was close
5:46 pins sheik to ledge, uses inv to get uptilt, upair, should be techchase
waveland jump, was an easy shield
5:43 crouching behind sheik is weird, invites dsmash
sh nair, uptilt at that %
another swag walk up  grab out of CC, so funny
too slow to get ledge and bair is not spaced
dash attack was good idea though
5:34 good reaction, techchase
takes fair combo

backthrow edgeguard
backthrow edgeguard
backthrow edgeguard
bairs platform movement, WoP

Stocks Lost
spaces too close to fall, is faired
whiff upair at high %, jab fair

Looking like a much better player. Consistent early kills from bthrow. Consistent reads on sheik’s jumps. Consistently wrecking him in footsies.

Game 2 YS

8:00 cuts off center
stuffs the jump
too early to combo from that bair, loses stage
7:55 sheik prioritizes position
7:53 twice
7:52 from directly above tekk and hbox would nair
7:51 pound works vs grounded/rising sheik but in that instance sheik had already proved willing to run really far away
7:48 weird fsmash
grab is barely in time but short
7:46 4% gets baited into that fair
should recover to platform instead of ledge in this MU
sheik is strong vs ledge, weaker vs platform
this is all damage from not being patient vs low% sheik
7:33 yeah that’s a whole stock. Had to reestablish position then whiff punish. Puff can’t win from that spot.
7:28 puts sheik in corner and reads jump to plat, is wrong. Tries to cover mistake with pound across but that’s slow
7:25 that is like the 5th roll into stage, can be baited hard (probs with WD forward dash back)
dair shieldpokes. That was a fast jump but I think grab should combo at that %.
7:22 good CC, bad choice of punish
7:14 gets sheik to whiff, bairs shield. Ideally maybe land then Sh through rest because she’s going to roll lol
yeah see dave reads a roll but sswag does the other way, probably because of side puff was on
7:13 bad DJ
not sure what fsmash is for
7:08 having to bair for stage, could just be on platform
spacing works out really well, gets fsmash
7:02 upairs ‘cause it’s quick but could have killed sheik
forces dj, fsmashes fall
6:57 I think he reads a grab but doesn’t work out
quick mash
6:52 good jump fair
6:48 bairs because high %
6:45 boooooo
sloppy stock
6:35 stalls on side plat, sswag plays it well
all ledge play this game should be plat play
6:29 good FH fair but too low to followup
6:25 good spacing, nair hits early so doesn’t combo
6:24 good crossup
strays into the 45
6:21 pounds the jump
combos to upair, nice
looked like a techchase but wasn’t, probably what messed him up
6:14 forfeits too much stage
6:10 goes too close to jumping sheik
6:05 looks like walk forward CC jab was a bait or a dsmash
6:03 OH COOL, it looks like tilting the shield down makes puff tilt her head which hides her ears and hair
def going to have to look up if that’s true.
6:01 can’t reliably whiff punish sheik’s fair because it autocancels
kind of interesting scenario because that makes me want to just run up and grab it
but if I don’t jump then sheik wants to jab or dsmash which I don’t want to mess with
so I just want to force shield and go for low aerial/land and uptilt mixup
5:59 fairs the jump, nice
5:58 really good spacing
chooses to cut off the center which is also great
not good decision to fair over the ledge
5:50 good awareness to avoid the bair
takes ledge, gets bair
5:45 anticipates the jump and just kills him
5:40 puts himself on ledge which is worrying
gets a lucky fair and whiff punish
5:38 gets the read but is too close so pound will trade
5:35 takes center, chases the roll easy
fair hits high so doesn’t combo (ff then fair)
5:33 slow reaction gets baired
5:32 sswag jumps earlier than 4% can
getting hit means the jump was input too close to sheik
5:30 almost cool, doesn’t work because wavedash down commits immediate and noticeable downtime so sswag reacts to an empty land timing which ends up being similar enough. Should have just done the empty hop ff grab (like he did to abu a lot) because the ff threatens an aerial the entire fall.
5:28 dunno why waveland unless it was a read on WD back
5:25 sswag reads the jump but misspaces
puff’s crossup bair is high and puff’s dash speed is slow
5:21 bad spacing
5:17 there’s the fair jab
5:14 takes stage but jumps into the 45
too many needles to counter hit
5:09 reads a neutral jump, is wrong
can’t ever fall with upair on empty sheik it never ever works. Dair or nair.
5:07 uses threat ranges to force sheik back despite ambiguous tempo, awesome spacing
almost lands him a juicy uptilt
haha just when I said it never works (but that wasn’t empty sheik so it’s ok)
important rest.
4:56 that was too long to assume sheik would sit still
WD when sheik assumed fair
4:52 good reaction to plat movement the bair was spaced but sheik gets the CC punish because she sdied it in
really good spacing on way back
4:43 gotta be careful fishing for uptilt because it’s obvious here that that’s what you need
4:42 grabs after fair this time, backthrow
sheik jumps high, upair is too early to catch airdodge
shielddrop fair, needed to take center and not challenge. sswag has never sat in shield.
4:33 another opportunity but is late
another and gets it. Backthrow. Ledgegrab is too early. Waveland really slowed puff down.
forces shield, upairs, flubs the situation away,
4:26 what a fair
prayer of an upair. Needed to see DI and dair.

extended edgeguard off of high % aerial
extended edgeguard off of high % aerial
whiff punish dsmash with upair, rest

Stocks Lost
CC dtilt fair vs bad fair
trades pound with fair at high %
jab strong baired trying to whiff punish fair
upairs into dsmash at high %

YS has less lateral space which is a struggle for 4% here. So you have to be more patient and make more use of what stage you have. Weak conversions off of weak setups.

Game 3 DL
is vs fox so I’m skipping it.

Game 4 PS

8:00 overextension
then spaces out for a bit
7:53 caught lingering in 45 should go over it
forced to shield after shallow approach
rolls away to reset
7:49 not good to challenge sheik’s bair directly, was too far away for preemptive poke so needed to wait for whiff
7:47 poor upair
good CC, good to react to the crossup with dair
but the dair isn’t followed through so it doesn’t combo
7:44 second upair was bad. Sheik wouldn’t jump there. Should fall through bair.
7:43 wow sick read to get pound, watch the DI
missed tech, reacts to tempo and follows, not quite enough
not spaced for grab after roll
7:36 avoids extended corner with high crossup
the descending bair was too high
7:33 I think it’s better to favor center over ledge.
7:32 looks like reads a jump that doesn’t happen, gets whiff punished for holding forward
7:28 ooh reads the CC , grab is too late
good shield but dsmash spacing makes it hard to avoid  3rd hit
7:25 should be careful going low there that’s so risky
slowly makes way back, invited by sheik
7:18 interesting dair, I guess assumes sheik stays grounded and close?
that should combo but I’m not sure, I think the grab was just late, good duck
shields the vertical, rolls out
7:14 weird decision to empty land grab so far, not sure what it anticipated
7:12 what happens if you roll away early? I don’t like spotdodge because sheik can just jab the end and you get faired
oh well there he rolls away way too early lol
7:10 the crouch then shield is not good, should have jumped away
7:06 low recovery could have been baired
7:03 fair was a little slow
grab is slow
6:58 cuts off center, forces shield
dunno why pound, puts in bad position
sheik jumps too high
upair would be better
6:56 sheik is forced up but that’s ok
6:53 could have rested
jumps around nair which is great, whiff punish is slow
sheik jumps OoS quickly
crouch vs nair was obv not good
grab whiffs because of pokemon
6:48 that FH is good because it cuts off so much space, puff gives up too much space after
6:44 sheik takes the bait but not good punish
now slowly inches sheik right
6:35 FHs to watch, then when sheik falls falls with her which is great
6:27 a little slow
stalls out of range
6:23 sheik does a delayed bair which wins in that situation
6:18 sheik finally allows the crossup
whiff punish phantoms but it’s ok because sheik went high
low %, forces shield
that bair was risky
6:12 too close
6:06 bad shieldgrab
5:57, I think sheik tried to jump OoS
5:55 puff stays under plat for the fall which is great
upair upair upair forever
fsmash was pretty not good lol
5:47 stalls outside of range
5:43 dair is a little late
jab was probably past reaction window for the roll
5:36 good spacing
actually really great to run forward then empty jump, so many options preserved
5:34 the needles force a delay. hbox SHs for that reason.
backing up so far gave up stage control
5:23 loses the mixup
the triangle jump from ledge works again which is interesting
grab is late again
lol same exact really nervous low recovery but airdodges through this time
5:16 need to dair
good sheiks are profiting off of puff’s falling on top of them with aerials that aren’t dair and getting dsmash/dtilt
5:11 bair comes out too late
5:04 reads the FH? that’s kinda crazy
the jump for the bair is too early so dj goes through but gets pound trade and conversion
4:55 goes too close to sheik
4:50 punishes land and spaces out far enough to avoid ftilt, nice
roll was bad
safe pokes from both until puff dies
4:34 dunno if was good to leave, not sure
needed to hold out after needles
4:23 oooh ok,
tempts sheik to keep running with the spacing then pounds
gets whole stage
recognizes no whiff punish gets the grab
4:11 was late, should have prioritized under sheik
this is getting repetitive so I’m going to write less
gets edgeguard with double fair
sheik uses stage given for needles but this lets puff jump with inv
good spacing after
3:50 letting sheik walk forward is ok because plat is there
great spacing around the bair
crouch, sheik bites, rest

stage control to pair of fairs
bair off stage high%
another low double fair
crouch rest

Stocks Lost
jab fair high %
runs of of options recovering low
upair, high %

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