Saturday, January 16, 2016

Frame Counter Exercises

Frame Counter Exercises
* Back jump is a distinct animation and thus won't appear as jump.
* Melee considers a number of animations to technically start on a frame 0 instead of frame 1 so if it says 0 then you were actually in the animation for 1 frame. If you weren't in the animation at all then the number won't change from what it was previously. Example: if you have 1f of jump before you do an aerial then the counter for jump will read 0. If you do your aerial on the first frame of jump then the jump will not register and the counter will remain at whatever it was.
* Animations are frozen during hitlag so it will not influence the counter. However it does influence the timing of the inputs so make sure to practice timings on hit.
* Reminder that it is not possible to be consistently frame perfect. Consistency within 2 frames is great.
* It is best to practice things one at a time and while visualizing a scenario and coming fluidly out of actions that would likely precede them. I.e. if I were to practice shffl upairs then I would practice nothing but shffl upair for ___ set amount of time. I would repeat shffl upairs from a dash, then from a wavedash, then out of another jump, from the left, from the right etc, all while visualizing my target as if it was a human opponent. This may seem convoluted but aims to make the brain-paths that you are forging as relevant to gameplay as possible, which should of course be the aim. Practice is only good in so far as it is related to what you're preparing for. Example: I can only moonwalk after a dash wavedash because that was my ritual when I learned it. I didn't practice from different scenarios so I can't perform a moonwalk from different scenarios. This is why a lot of players' techskill falters in tournament. It's not nerves, it's badly designed practice.

(set P1 to jump, P2 to the move)
FH Air time: 50
FH FF Airtime: 37

SH Air time: 32
SH FF Airtime: 22

low as possible
FHFFL Bair: 28, 9
FHFFL Upair: 28, 9
FHFFL Fair: 30, 7
FHFFL Dair: 32, 5
FHFFL Nair: 31, 6

SHFFL Bair: 13, 9
SHFFL Upair: 13, 9
SHFFL Fair: 15, 7
SHFFL Dair: 17, 5
SHFFL Nair: 16, 6

SH Bair DJ: 0, 30

WD dash WD: 0, 0, 1, 0
(jump, stand, dash, buffered full speed walk(will show up if you press dash too early))

perfect waveland: 0

perfect ledgedash: 0,0,7,1
(cliffwait, fall, double jump, airdodge)
(note: this is really freakin hard and anything above these numbers is subtracted from 9 active invincible frames after the waveland)

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