Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hbox vs PPU Analysis

Hbox vs PPU (CEO)

Game 1 BF

8:00 non-neutral start, hbox avoids the issue
looks like he reads the dtilt based on WDes and no DD
not spaced so CC dtilt
runs to plat to avoid issue
7:56 sideBs into the DD area but marth shieldstops
7:52 spaced to far to punish land
repeatedly retreats to side platform to avoid threat of DD, looking to fall through onto lag
7:49 ftilt on reaction to jump (instead of preemptive dtilt), adaption
7:43 recognizes not enough time for clean punish and WDes out but second WD prevents punish
7:42 really good spacing on ground to avoid marth’s approaching threats
pretty bad spacing in the air after
7:34 ftilt is working too well
7:31 marth is too low for followup
7:29 pounds into DD range again but ppu has caught on to falling puff pattern
7:27 perfect range to FH bair vs not stationary marth
7:21 crouches to cover tracks, ppu rolls away granting stage
7:19 I think dash attack was a reaction to marth’s shield being up too far away so marth was going to leave it somehow.
goal from here is to keep marth in corner so hbox rolls out then pressures space with jump.
marth on outside and puff on inside of plat is perfect position
he just whiffs but keeps marth there until marth moves in
7:14 lol tries to swag but messes up
7:11 fair was to bait dtilt so he could get ledge for free
7:06 good to slip into spot under falling marth for grab
should be backthrow
don’t know why attmepts to grab ledge attack
7:01 jumps away from uptilt, fairs when he sees jump
7:00 perfect spot but bair is too early
on right side after he keeps trying to bait swings just outside of range but is slow to punish
6:50 unsafe crossup is grabbed
messes up the hbox edgeguard, doesn’t recognize marth’s early upB. Would be funny if ppu did that on purpose.
6:46 easy rest but hbox takes aerial (obv better)
6:40 marth’s movement makes regrab safe so hbox keeps taking it
takes given space on stage too
6:35 dunno why marth fairs
hbox WDes out to avoid double fair, goes to bair it but it didn’t happen
6:33 reads a swing out of the WD. Safe bet because of high% and marth can’t get anything off a grab. (interesting to note that dash grab out of WD is pretty much never going to happen)
fthrow for stage but marth is so low
bair was horrible idea so gets dtilted
doesn’t respect marth’s space gets faired
6:22 falls in looking to cut stage, marth gives a grab
doesn’t get to ledge in time
bairs ledgejump but good DI
prefers to let marth have ledge rather than take hits
6:15 prioritizes taking perfect position with bair threat
6:14 run up shield vs marth on ledge but slow to grab
ppu runs through
hbox goes to plat to avoid issue of approaching marth
6:08 shield is a bad reaction
6:04 FH is strong because of representing retreat to plat
falling bair will now catch a slightly slow marth
6:02 trying to bait a roll through again
5:58 gets it
 5:56 second attempt at that fair edgecancel edgeguard it looks terrible
should just let marth have ledge if he can’t get to it first
5:50 tempo required marth to shield after landing or get hit
hbox edgeguard
5:42 avoids inv vertically
gets a hit
WD out to avoid counterhit then chases, gets another. Good SH to get under and to landing.
5:39 FH bair covers hella options, falling bair was good but whiffs because of ff
ideally I think instead of FH bair you run forward a tiny amount and upair. Unsure.
5:35 note such precise spacing outside of marth’s threats but on the edge to pressure space (just as important as actual whiff punish that he’s just outside of since it will corner marth).
he feigns fading out then pounds marth’s approach. Very range dependent.
messes up CC
5:27 this pound is soooooo greedy and soooo lucky
good techchase
shitty ass edgeguard
5:16 shields another fair, gets lucky and crouch rest
5:08 avoids inv by going vertical
slightly misspaces so gets faired
nair after has too much warning and puts him at bad spacing
doesn’t like position so takes time coming down
4:59 crouch is def for grab but sideB works too, shield is bad reaction, fsmash or rest of something
4:57 FH to corner of plat is strong position
4:53 hbox has represented gading back enough that close upair is strong
4:52 shitty upair
4:48 WL is safe because of marth’s range
4:47 not fast enough to shield but tried
4:43 dair better option than bair there but messes up
WD away to safely establish corner pressure
repeat of FH bair pressure until something is gifted

fthrow to extended edgeguard at high%
bairs landing spot, hbox edgeguard
crouch rest in the corner
dash attack whiffed fsmash, highish %

Stocks lost
falls into fair expecting dash back, high %

Game 2 YS

8:00 both whiff, hbox assumes outside of range position to start
YS is tricky because you are always pretty close to marth and die way eariler. However it is also a boon because marth’s horizontal space is always restricted.
Hbox is just staying safe and watching ppu move
7:55 gets a whiff punish off of FH next to plat
great spacing after hit on shield
7:53 FH bair lets him react to marth’s position since edge of yoshis is relatively close
7:52 too unsure so he resets to side plat then falls for center to challenge shallow dash forward
SH bair because he thinks it will combo but not yet
7:50 spaces out to keep safe and gets grab on marth trying to roll sneakily through an overextension that didn’t happen.
7:48 Tekk would FH waveland regrab/rest because tekk is a god.
7:47 smart spotdodge to avoid upair
goal is not not let marth slip past
7:43 good crouch, horrible grab
7:41 jump up and away from marth’s range then down when invited
sick grab
great timing awareness in edgeguard
7:33 avoids inv vertically
7:31 shitty nair
7:27 same shitty nair
7:25 edgecancel turns meh angle into a good one
combos to grab, upthrow for position. I think dthrow is better there, not positive though
7:22 threatens to punish no jump, marth has to swing to protect, leaves himself open for whiff punish
7:20 tries to shield poke but doesn’t fall low enough, would have been juicy
7:19 note how as falling he prioritizes stage position over possibly trading aerials
7:18 FH bair arc covers whole stage so he does that over SH
very fast reaction to WD to avoid fsmash
7:16 dair doesn’t combo to grab because he doesn’t connect with feet at all. Second time this set.
I think he shields based on how far marth dashed away.
tries to whiff punish but doesn’t recognize the nair will AC. Almost dies.
7:10 comes down too early because he’s nervous about running out of jumps.
7:08 def should have died
7:06 shitty nair but marth jumps into it
7:04 vertical recovery, slips in with dair, slow to grab, crouches the obv counter attack, looking for a grab but ppu sideBs
7:01 is nervous about that exchange so he retreats too far and messes his spacing up
6:58 vertical recovery
6:52 vertical recovery
6:50 should have slipped to ledge when marth jumped to top plat height. You’re looking for marth to overextend and give you the time/space to land somewhere.
6:44 takes center, cuts off stage as marth runs
6:42 assumes corner pressure with FH position
6:38 should let go fair but gets up, probably mistake
6:36 spaces around getup and grabs, great.
6:31 unfortunately in a bad position
tries luck with nair again, nope.
6:28 it’s ok if fair whiffs it makes marth back off a bit.
6:27 good grab but slightly too early, hbox does that sometimes.
fsmash on reaction to spotdodge
6:21 this time goes very high to encourage marth to jump, slips into good horizontal postition
6:19 hits shield low, WD out then look to whiff punish or force back
FH bair to take stage, fades back for confidence, repeat WD away
but this time marth expects the FH bair so hbox just grabs him instead. CONDITIONING
upthrow because dthrow would go offstage and deny followup
6:14 really good spacing
WD in place to stop himself from giving up stage with overextension, marth is slow, bair.
spaces back to corner position, recognizes shield and grabs again, fthrow to maintain stage.
I think backthrow would get techchase on behind plat.
6:07 overextends and gets hit with obv dair
but good spacing after around falling fair, tuns in to take stage, stops to avoid fair, pressure.
6:03 hesitates, doesn’t WD away so is faired
marth keeps ledgejumpng, pity to see that.
5:54 hbox sees that he’s a little too slow to get grab so he just does a move
then he’s a little slow to get pressure without risk of trade/getting poked so he backs off and crouches
5:51 rest
ooh crazy regrab for stage position, misses pivot tipper looks like.
hbox just stays out of range and waits for endl ag to let him back
5:47 reacts to the roll easily
5:44 second time he’s landed on plat to get inv at right time, that’s neat.
5:37 this time marth is too high to react to the nair
hbox wants to grab but thinks it will be slow so he tries to catch any OoS movement with jabs
ppu is totally defensive OoS so he can do this without fear
5:34 same sort of exchange. PPU won’t challenge it so he gets away with jabs and a free grab
5:32 that was a weird and hard edgeguard to get, had to delay the fair
5:30 just looking for a chance to get back, trying to encourage marth to go up
5:22 safe on side plat, stalls for just too long
shields because grab won’t do anything?
5:21 needed to SH to hit but FH makes marth dash away
5:19 attempted edgecancel
oh so scary shieldbreaker
5:15 hbox used to do this pound a lot more it banks on marth leaving his jump empty for too long  but marths are better about protecting the right timing how
5:11 catches the feet lol
bad aerial mobility control drops edgeguard
bad spacing gets him uptilted
4:59 takes middle, catches weird roll
tries to do the same fair edgeguard instead of taking stage. Is eager to finish.
4:53 takes great side plat poition but jumps off right away, definitely nerves.
lol decides to fish for a dair upsmash and it’s given to him

tomahawk grab backthrow hbox edgeguard
fsmash on reaction to spotdodge after whiffed grab scuffle
bairs a roll at high %
dair upsmash at high %

Stocks Lost
gets caught running out of jumps recovering above marth, high%
uptilted off bad spacing

when marth has stage advantage then hbox retreats to side platform until marth gives him a reason to leave. In order to challenge marth has to jump or walk up empty, both are easily punished or avoided.

When in the middle of the stage hbox spaces outside of marth's threat ranges but too far away to whiff punish directly. HOWEVER he will fall with an aerial in order to force marth to shield or dash back. He'll fade back in order to keep the fall safe. His goal when in the middle of the stage is NOT to whiff punish but to force marth to the corner where whiff punishing is more feasible. This methodology is esp good because it makes tomahawk grabs really strong after a game or so.

once marth is in the corner he uses a lottt of FH bairs to keep him there, aiming for peak of the jump just on the inside of the side platform.

if marth whiffs something there he can't dash back so it's more a more forgiving punish. He either gets hit or shields and you just WD away and start FH pressure over again.

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