Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Soft vs Druggedfox Analysis

Soft vs Druggedfox (puff sheik)

Game 1 FoD

8:00 nonneutral start puts puff in center, bairs to cover runoff fair
nairs in looking for nair(crouch) rest
sheik bounces before shield can shrink
7:55 sheik challenges vertical spacing, running under plat is good. Makes it harder on her and gives enough time for that bair.
7:54 upair prevents counterattack. Mixup. Good intro poke for information. Sheik jumps.
Vertical sheik is scary. Nair. Puff rolls.
7:52 nair would have caught startup of a grounded option maybe? Gets faired.
SDI out of the dsmash
7:50 more nair trades, soft is fishing.
resets to neutral
7:49 sheik shallow fakeout
7:47 punishes jump after needle landing, cool.
still too low for bair to combo but 2 hits is good.
7:45 really bad crossup, now reversed positions
7:42 crossup over shield gets naired
7:41 soft watching the spacing carefully
7:40 ooh reads the tilt? Probably actually a reaction to his own fall through the plat feeling slow.
does an extra DD so no punish.
7:38 gets caught with dash attack, sheik whiffs a grab, bad spacing so aerial but surprise so bad nair.
Sheik jumps OoS for vertical space. Soft fills it with fsmash.
7:32 second fsmash was even more cheesy, just grab
7:29 good DI off the throw that looked hard to catch.
7:26 soft punishes same descent pattern again
rest edgeguard
FoD plat gets the rest punish
7:14 sheik gets puff to jump then needles around the fall for damage and stage, needed to be patient and just shark for single hits, esp at this %.
7:11 FH nair, platform messes it up, FH for more mobility
7:09 good situation for empty land uptilt but doesn’t work. Was possible but hard to space.
pretty gross pound
now out of CC %
7:02 spaces outside of sheik’s aerials and kicks with her jump
the shield pressure is weird. Soft pauses so I think he thought drugged would look to avoid uptilt. Then they both saw nothing happening and decided to retreat to be safe.
Then soft jumps to corner drugged with FH nair again.
Unfortunately the nair isn’t ffed in time so it whiffs and instead of a probable nair rest sheik gets out.
6:59 tekk says to stay parallel but in this situation staying grounded and spaced like soft does seems better.
shields in reaction to jump, has to be needles or bair
spotdodges ftilt/grab
6:58 try to bait each other into committing to grab and soft ends up whiffing because drugged dtilts expecting a crouch lol
6:51 all of this is slightly misspaced
6:49 reverse uptilt won’t poke there, needed to turn uptilt
6:42 fakeout landing angle with nair gets a bit of space back
6:40 normally this fair is a jump read but it comes out after the jump
6:37 dj bair is to avoid possible tilt? Dunno, it is a nervous tempo step back.
fall through crouch, sees no grab, shields
gets grab, no platform on other side  for dthrow so backthrow
spaces to punish aggression from ledge but doesn’t take the punish
empty land was from too high up so telegraphed.
in bad position again
6:30 pound is high risk low reward
high risk options from the corner are actually pretty predictable because people are more likely to go for broke from a bad position.
6:26 takes center
forces double jump then punishes fall, gets the sick inner hitbox on strong fair so combo
6:24 3rd hit was slightly too late for strong but he calls out the double jump like a boss
and reads the on stage recovery, from here edgeguard is easy
6:15 ideally sing fsmash
6:08 FH nair again vs sheik moving at low %
combos to uptilt
forces shield, land, uptilt catches roll startup, rest
5:58 cool nair from shiek covering jump
5:57 nair loses to offensive option
5:54 needles were obv gonna hit dunno what to do there maybe just use normal getup inv
5:53 dunno why sheik backs off at 0, maybe afraid of light hit
5:52 bairs into the jump, tight timing
falls onto jump w/ nair, doesn’t combo, forced to shield but spotdodges probable grounded followup
drugged pivot jabs. probs not flub because 2 hits but not good choice here.
Buffered crouch earns rest when drugged grabs after.

grabs descent from plat, backthrow edgehog rest
forces double jump, combo with fair off stage then edgeguard
nair uptilt force shield uptilt roll startup rest v low %
crouch rests grab after CCing jab

Stocks Lost
rest punish
whiffs pound in from ledge

Clutch spacing when it counts. Esp situational spacing, moving small distances based on shiek’s momentary options.

Game 2 PS
8:00 AC bair rest right off the bat goodness gracious that worked out perfect.
7:55 damage after dthrow nair is for prioritizing hits over position
7:50 spaces far enough away that needles won’t hit then jumps over the potential arc as sheik falls. Very neat. I haven’t considered that before.
7:47 catches sheik overextending, both back away from scuffle, that gives soft stage, both challenge this and trade, soft’s high % pushes him back and a desperate pound to center is punished.
7:42 mashes grab after close whiff, backthrow, baits a reaction but spaces too close
drops stage with another bad pound
7:37 big overcommitment by sheik is dair grabbed
backthrow, fakeout, looks like drugged tried to option select with his angle is that even possible?
small scuffle after, ends with reading a grab and resting
7:23 fades way back to avoid bair, nice. Think drugged could safely go deep though.
7:18 another nair rest at low %, looks like drugged expected another fadeback
gets stage but djs aren’t good angle vs grounded sheik so has to back off
7:10 quick reaction by sheik from situation to get shield up
7:09 drugged pivot jabs again. I wonder why. Probably because he feels that the pivot introduces enough time for inconsistency for an evasive action so he tries to stuff it.
7:06 good spacing
and such a good WD away from sheild. Prioritizes position.
7:04 flub pushes soft back, ends up crouching a grab but another flub and no rest
6:59 spaces around aggression from ledge, bair, good patience to get second aerial
6:50 sheik can’t punish that angle. Would have to double jump and let puff get underneath her.
drugged reads the approach and charges upsmash
6:42 reads sheik’s jump and fairs under the fall
6:40 airdodge through ftilt followup? weird
drugged misspaces punish and gets baired
reactive spacing gets soft some bairs
feigns retreat then dairs getup
6:32 nice to use plat to quickly ff under falling sheik
6:28 recognizes he’s late and stalls over grounded counter
empty land grab fthrow
Misstimed fair, get’s hit out of it then jumps too close to shiek,
6:20 upair kills at top of mountain lol

AC nair rest at 0
crouch rest after missed grab
spaces around aggression from ledge, edgeguard
upair missed tech at high%

Stocks lost
falls onto an upsmash callout

Some monsterrrr punishes, goodness. Some overextension.

Game 3 PS

8:00 same AC nair but drugged jumps out haha
soft CCs a jab shieldpoke after needles, waits and dairs the followup action, only gets damage.
7:54 they both reset but sheik wins at that distance so soft presses but is too hasty
sheik has been expressly vertical so far
sheik jumps into a falling nair, uptilt, whiffed rest
7:44 pound punish on missed needles, no punish. Could rest or at least dair grab.
tries to trade but puff is slow
7:40 super high falling dar is fsmashed
7:37 puff is spacing a bit close but it gets her a juicy double bair. Easy rest edgeguard
7:24 spacing outside of sheik’s needles but hesitates too long to get direct punish on needles of the preventative nair after
7:22 should CC grab here I think.
7:18 drugged baited the approach hard.
7:16 takes center, uptilts to catch a run through but drugged waits until after
needles bad upair then gets dash attack off of no asdi down crouch and upairs crossup attempt
7:08 pound hits ‘cause WD couldn’t take sheik back far enough
waits for roll in, reads getup, upairs but sheik CCs
another upair keeps sheik in shield, reverse uptilt will not poke, crouches grab attempt, gets upsmash, easy rest techchase
6:54 too close to run out of needle range so has to shield, spotdodges the followup then crouches, sheik is nervous and shields
6:52 upairs to hit shield or jump, second upair is too slow should have just watched sheik whiff
6:49 WD away bair looks so good vs sheik bair on sheild
6:46 crouch rest but obv going to live, optimal I guess crouch grab upair combo
6:41 ooh smart airdodge after seeing drugged wait for tech
sheik’s dair covers 3/4 getup options
6:32 takes 30% pressing way too hard
they trade hit for hit for a while. Lots of % to take just so that sheik can’t charge needles.
6:07 doesn’t hold down after AC nair?
6:05 good airdodge, phew
6:03 don’t know what sheik can do after that fadeaway bair. Not enough range. She whiffs a jab but soft isn’t ready for punish.
6:02 godlike spacing
backthrow, forces getup
5:56 wow slick option coverage, that series of aerials covered like everything there was to do. It was shield grabbable but I don’t think on reaction after the first nair.
5:42 that grab isn’t real yet
5:35 yeah hanging too close
5:30 gets stage pretty heavily
slow to fair the jump but gets falling upair after
combos to rest, nice

WoP easy rest edgeguard
crouch upsmash rest techchase after uptilt on shiek’s shield
fair edgehog at high%
falling upairs behind sheik’s FH fall, rest

Stocks Lost
unsafe aerial approach from ledge is faired
really nasty rest punish against the tree
baired for recovering too low vs on ledge sheik

good conversions
more overextension
positioning is weird, getting milage off of odd things that I’m not sure I’m recognizing correctly. Nullifying a lot of sheik’s strengths with timely punishes and familiarity with what can happen next.

soft strats:
spam nair rest/uptilt at low % lol
spotdodge crouch after a hit on shield to avoid the jab/tilt, often converts to rest
spaces outside of fair range or if can’t punish jump directly goes over needle range
FH fair under her jump as she rises, catches sheik going up and starting to come down

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