Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tekk vs Amsah Analysis

Tekk vs Amsah

Game 1 BF

8:00 non-neutral/sheik start but they’re polite and tekk just takes center
7:57 FH nair keeps sheik in the corner, backward jump to watch for sheik’s reaction
7:56 why is he already there with a fair? How would he know that?
reads the needles after too
7:50 interesting choice to wait and nair the land instead of fair, late so gets naired
7:47 poor spacing
next section he spaces overtly out of range and horizontal
7:39 gets 2 bairs that way w/ stage
7:37 shield is too healthy for that uptilt, naired anyway. I would have low upaired WD back.
7:36 funny dash attack
7:34 sheik can’t grab so shield then choose OoS based on aerial
good reaction to the dair (also restable OoS)
looks like tekk looks for techchase rest opportunity
could have WDed to ledge
spaces outside of aerial range, bad reaction to airdodge
sheik gets center out of it
7:26 good to recognize tempo and wait outside of sheik’s FH,
tekk’s aerial placement so far makes it look like he tries to read jumps raw a lot
7:24 bad jump
7:23 flubbed ledgecancel
7:19 quick movement through plat
7:16 tries to stagespike sheik but misspaced
takes center, sheik rolls in and buffers spotdodge, grab
7:14 shield means expecting dsmash
WD away seeing crossup
jumps right into the 45, obv not good
7:09 bad nair
7:05 not good spacing
7:01 good bair but amsah rolls, that’s ok there’s stage
amsah jumps up, he’s demonstrated a want to do that
tekk with him but doesn’t expect DJ so gets needled
I think fair instead of bair would have solved that
6:57 why no bair?
6:55 reads the movement but poor reward
2 more empty jumps that say “I recognize that attempt is not going to work, I want to wait a moment”
but not good positioning with them.
6:52 amsah jumps into nair (looking for another vulnerable jump?) gets comboed
6:45 really good spacing around the aerial, slow punish, should have grabbed landing
6:41 where soft spaces out on the ground then jumps toward with fair, tekk jumps out then fades in with bair (worse results here)
6:39 reads the movement
6:35 hbox would have intercepted the fall
I think getup was too late
6:29 really good vertical spacing
shitty edgeguard
6:24 doesn’t poke, spaced too close for whiff punish
6:22 bad spacing
6:17 FH nair on recognition of sheik landing so far away
6:12 goes high to stall for time
6:08 good WD, bad instead of ok crossup because sheik shielded in time
6:03 FH nair from the corner works again
so much preemptive stuffing amsah’s jumps
6:00 amsah baits a jump so he can do that
5:55 sheik jumps into fair, then upair, sdi up makes followup hard
no jump sheik, another upair, rests fair startup
really really important stock to take
and off of jump reads
5:48 stalls outside of range
5:45 stays just above FH height again, gets nair pressure
5:43 kind of interesting, example where tekk leaves FH empty
most puffs would FH bair
he leaves it then dj bair to maintian height/orientation
that seems to be his focus. To stay at a height and to stay relatively open.
5:42 sheik challenges tekk to interrupt needle charge without getting hit, tekk flubs approach
staying horizontal, anticipating sheik’s movement, nair is fast but doesn’t combo
5:36 oh yeah the god-granted pound lol
late to rest because that was a surprise
5:32 goes to vertical nair pressure but slow
5:28 reads that movement again
upair forces no jump, bair
5:26 that turnaround nair is very tekk-specific
5:23 too slow
too slow to punish dsmash but threaten is enough for grab
5:19 no WD to ledge again
5:17 reads an aerial
5:15 does nair because he recognizes he’s late
5:13 grab
5:07 amsah wasn’t sure which way tekk would go from the edgecancel
WD away then fsmash the trigger movement
5:03 chooses to shield and stay close
4:57 good spacing but slow
4:55 vertical nair
ooh good shield
4:45 good empty land
slow reaction to airdodge, predictable at low%
4:39 vertical nair
4:32 booooooooo
just watches his spacing for a while
4:16 reads the aerial
gets the combo fair but hesitates
4:12 don’t like that spotdodge unless he thinks amsah will grab but amsah hasn’t ever treid
4:05 poor spacing
4:02 same situation as the rest combo this time sheik goes down after hit 1
tekk keeps landing next to sheik and spotdodging I don’t know what he’s looking for but it’s not happening
some bad spacing
3:49 tricky puff stuff
3:43 bad spacing
3:31 good fair
3:25 lets sheik back so that he can vertical nair crossup
3:00 wow godlike DI but bad positioning to get there lol
2:51 again lol
2:44 both choking

fair at high%
upair combo to rest off of jump reads
delay then fsmash the OoS option
fair at high%

Stocks Lost
bad nair, bad spacing on vertical recovery
sheik falls on top of puff from top plat with strong bair
bad spacing from corner, gets faired

Game 2 YS

8:00 non-neutral, amsah with good option coverage
gets counter hit and stage, leads to additional aerial
7:56 maybe fh upair would have caught the land
7:55 slightly misspaced upair
7:53 threatens bair then amazing empty land uptilt but misses rest, analog jump
7:46 amsah lets him back to center looking to punish land but tekk spaces out
horizontal spacing
7:43 this is an interesting nair, it covers a lot of options
sheik gets a clutch dj so no combo to uptilt
7:42 poor DI
makes way back by threatening vertical spacing
7:37 slow to shield or drop
7:35 spaced too far out for upair
7:31 good situation reaction for grab
7:28 goes for stage spike, ehhh not good
7:23 reads the dsmash, close enough for grab
goes for same fair, sheik gets back again
7:15 rolls away from mixup
dair grab after dsmash, backthrow, no real attempt at edgeguard, prioritizes stage so gets punish on ledgejump
7:02 vertical evasion but stays too close, gets faired
6:55 sheik slow to evade
reads the shitttttt ouf of that jump
kind of awkward followup, jumps for vertical spacing instead of a maybe uptilt
6:52 flubs his spacing
6:49 reaction was too slow to avoid bair but good DI so gets nair punish, ideally dair grab?
takes center
6:47 really really good going under needles
anticipates techchase, rest. Sickkk.
6:38 slow to get out range so takes some hits
6:31 pound because he thinks that sheik will whiff? Seems good but amsah didn’t bit and just jumped again.
6:30 WD away from scuffle
6:26 poor crossup
takes vertical spacing again, nair
then takes center, then bairs the jump
6:23 anticipates bair but amsah spaces it
6:17 oh cool, pounds the landing on the wide whiff
reads the roll sooooo hard but whiffs (; ____ ; )
6:08 gets sheik to jump up then chases, WoP, note hitting close to body
6:00 keeps great horizontal spacing, slow to fair off of edgecancel
fairs the runoff option then nairs feet, should upair (maybe because he doesn’t claw)
5:54 rawww read on jump but not enough hitstun to combo
ummmm ok that was maybe the worst rest punish I’ve ever seen
5:49 they’re both a bit nervous to commit to grounded mixup
5:45 slow reaction to jump
vertical spacing
5:39 he’s done that dash attack before, not quite tech %
5:35 looks like he tried to bait a roll right
5:32 oh gosh that was risky
stays out of sheik range on return until bair at
5:22 takes stage, reacts to ledgejump
easy edgeguard

bair on ledgejump, edgeguard
sneaks under needles, upairs land, techchase rest
forces sheik up with inv then wop
spaces outside of jump, wop, edgeguard

Stocks Lost
faired staying too close vs inv
missed rest, zelda kick
trades upair with sheik upsmash

Game 3 PS
8:00 takes center but slow to react to needles
jumps with jump
trying to fill air above sheik
7:52 whiff punish after fadeback, not followed through enough for combo
7:50 gives himself lots of room
7:48 dairs jump or land
7:46 avoiding ground game altogether
7:44 premature fall
7:41 not enough fadeback to fix nair
7:38 spacing far enough away it’s like marth
7:37 choice of whiff punish
7:35 wants him to roll so badly, fading back until whiff punish on run off fair is fine
easy dash attack (jab reset) on missed tech
both misjudge height, does not grab ledge
7:25 up and over but not up enough
sits outside of range waiting for overextension
7:19 that’ll work, dashes out to avoid counterhit, dtilt can hit under descending aerial so he’s waiting it out, spaces for crossup nair because amsah demonstrates no ftilt to stuff it
really good spacing after
7:12 too late
shielddrop upair, nice
no double jump, should be upairs to rest
7:02 oh I didn’t know that sweetspotted, ok
6:55 tekk waiting for aerial lets sheik run under
6:47 waiting over sheik’s jumps
6:44 gets the opportunity but is slow to whiff punish (not that it’s easy, sheik’s leg is long)
6:43 goes up with sheik, over the needles is prime, bairs shield
6:42 had already committed his action state to bair so couldn’t punish roll uptilt
6:39 too low % to follow up
6:35 sheik is a little early to antiair so nair connects (would have caught jump too), uptilt, rest
6:30 shield instead of crouch. Tekk seems to shield out of stun at close range either habitually or because he’s more afraid of dsmash than grab.
oh geeze if you could DI like that out of dthrow in ntcs I would shield too.
6:26 good spacing
6:24 tekk turnaround nair to stuff jump space after confirming timing
crossup roll
so that’s tekk’s return from the corner habit
6:23 upair was good if sheik did anything else
6:16 test for jump, hazards descent, amsah doesn’t react
good poke, goes to punish jump, just shy
6:14 WD out to avoid grounded followup, jump is slow so can pressure
crouch after low upair but doesn’t react for rest
6:10 amsah uses grounded puff as opportunity to crossup
ooh, good of tekk not to bite and get baired
slightly misspaced and gets dsmashed, not too bad though
6:05 recovering high enough to react to jumps
5:59 no jump, whiffs uptilt, not expecting fade away
5:58 tekk turnaround nair to get over the aerial, cool
not good to land on plat
recovers high, gets nair opportunity, pressures for stage
5:49 hard guess, is wrong
5:43 corners the shiek
5:41 spaces outside of fair but not in time to avoid needles 
fills space in front of shiek with bair so that she has to stay in corner
5:37 a couple close judgements
jumps in as sheik WDes in, can’t react to aerial
forces jump with upair, doesn’t ff with sheik so gets baired instead of a nasty punish
5:34 fills the jump arc with tekk nair
is slow to jump away because of missed uptilt
5:31 amsah thinks another nair, tekk delays
5:25 tekk hasn’t lost from this position
5:21 recognizes is late, gets grab
5:14 amsah reacts to empty land probably because of spacing
5:10 wants to get under bair but slightly misspaced
5:05 catches sheik’s fall
5:04 easy jump from ledge bair
5:00 empty jump to threaten followup then fair to hit shield or evasion
4:57 misses bair on another ledgejump
4:50 sitting in bad position, just wants to end it
4:34 ok there’s something lol

whiff punish, dash attack missed tech, flubbed recovery
shielddrop upair upair upair rest
vertical nair, uptilt rest
upsmash OoS, high %

Stocks Lost
upsmash rest punish, high%
misses randy fsmash read, faired at high%
This game looks way way better, he's using the space on PS so well that it looks like it favors puff.

- - -

It seems like Tekk’s primary strat is to stay spaced either directly above or horizontal to sheik’s jumps. His grounded game is not very present or successful.
He waits outside of sheik’s jumps and looks to whiff punish. If he uses enough to earn it, he will drift over sheik and then do a vertical nair to stuff her jump or crossup.
When out of position he jumps up. He’s not afraid to empty jump rather than commit too early or predictably.
He’s not afraid to look for hard reads, esp if it will land him an upair.
Amsah plays into this with lots of jumps and reluctance to walk forward, so it’s hard to say how much of this is anti-sheik and how much is anti-amsah.

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  1. To be honest I don’t really understand the analysis, (looks like you are talking about a game) but your blog theme is so cute. I love jiggly puff!