Wednesday, February 25, 2015

4% notes

[old, I think from vs some fox]

4% notes
uptilt when he runs up to grab as mixup from jump away
wow he keeps running up jc grab to catch the dash backs
he’s also staying mobile by delaying his aerials until he visually confirms he needs them. 
in scuffle situations just turn and grab fox
falling upair not confirmed sucks 
if you’re in the air and fox nairs under you you can fall jussst behind him (on ground or in the air) and punish with grab or upair
you can at least ff uair if you accidentally jump instead of upthrow
nair OoS active on 12 minimum
fh bair falling uair behind marth, watch for roll
***CC marth’s from ledge option?***
after missed tech on platform jump to roll away and bair other option on reaction

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