Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Teams Analysis

[old, I think friendlies vs modnar/gerby]

times notation by in-game clock. DT = double team

DL Match
7:46 start of file
7:43 missed rest
7:37 peach flubs
7:33 miscommunication which then gets turned into a good situation
7:26 peach dies. Very low % but technically I think it was a forced error because it was from her trying to help the helpless falcon.
7:23 we both drop the edgeguard on falcon.
7:20 fox dies to fresh peach at ok % though.
7:16 puff and falcon die, It’s an ok trade in context but there was a better solution considering that he would have been in upB lag.
7:25 assuming good players fox should not engage here. Should run away until puff gets back and at most get a couple bairs in.
7:11 amazing positioning, fox running through and letting puff sandwich them. We are both a little late, they roll out and now we’re in the bad position. Interesting. I should have baired? 
7:00 falcon dies trying to dthrow knee me. Really good opportunity but you accidentally cross her up. In this situation drill grab rest is better than drill shine. You got an equivalent amount of % (if the rest wouldn’t have killed, which I’m not sure) before falcon got back though.
6:47 wow running to the other side before you grabbed falcon was so sick, sorry I missed the rest.
Had it connected we would have been up 6 stocks to 3 with a DT on peach.
6:56 fox should have abandoned peach and we should have DTed falcon, but I was either scrambling to assist position instead of locking falcon down for us or got cut off by peach’s butt.
6:43 puff and fox die
6:30 peach dies, good gimps.
6:24 falcon dies
6:21 I don’t know what to do when peach grabs you. I couldn’t figure it out all session. I guess focus on falcon?
6:15 peach SDs
lol I kept hitting you back because I knew that you teching would let us DT falcon faster than you recovering.
6:10 fox and falcon die

1:50 total (partly because red got rid of some of their own stocks)

5 blue kills
3 red SDs
3 red kills
2 blue SDs (trades)

It was good practice and our gameplan was more solid than it’s ever been. However, poor and unfamiliar execution could have cost us a lot more if red team had decent punishes. This would have been a massacre had we followed through with all of our ideas with the right spacing etc. even if ron wouldn’t have SD’ed so much. The enabling we were setting up was way too strong.
Idea: there are a lot of places where you commit to nair where I think that running (and keeping the option to shine, grab, upsmash, or continue to run and upsmash an unsuspecting partner) is more valuable than the followup from the nair. I remember seeing places where I would force someone to shield with bairs and you would nair the back of it, which isn’t bad but at least in some cases grab has better rewards.
In the fox/puff team in particular prolonged edgeguards are not worth it at all. You can either spend 5-10 seconds hopefully edgeguarding a player or you could DT and get a rest on their partner and finish just in time for them to get back and get DT’ed themselves. Amazing.

Next is a BF match where I do silly things so I’m skipping it.

Next is FD which I want to critique just to understand FD a little better.

8:00 teams trade good positions back and forth (most of the time not knowing it) and then falcon SDs
7:41, we hesitate the close the pincer, bad jump and DI and I die 
7:34 lol that was such a bad rest but we cover options out of the mess and he gets rested anyway.7:25 peach upsmashed while falcon is looking at me.
7:23 I think that I thought you were shielding behind peach’s % icon. You die very unfortunate-like.
7:19 I make a double-edgeguard but miss it, creating a sandwich instead. You hit falcon out, we DT the peach, I miss the rest (would have put us up 2 stocks with a free DT on falcon). You play the 2 on 1 like a baller and get a juicy gimp while I set up an edgeguard. I don’t know why I didn’t actually do it.
7:05 Bad move choice by me on falcon but you follow through. Dead falcon.
7:00 we can’t do any DTs because we already did them and they’re invincible, haha.
6:56 there’s that shine rest you want me to do. Would be sick nasty. drill grab would work too.
meh stuff
6:45 dead peach (she sounds really funny in slow mo)
6:41 I think we were both surprised by that sideB. They just let us come back though.
6:32 knee beats my bair
6:24 dead fox but at high %
6:17 falcon SDs but would have gotten shined
6:14 should have rested OoS the dash attack
we screw around, whatever, it’s done.

1:45+ total (so fast!)

1 red SD
4 red kill
7 blue kill

You are doing a million times better switching targets on the fly
Yeah, I think that our gameplans are super solid for the most part, we just have to continue to develop them and practice executing.
I’m glad that we got this particular practice before we have to play good players.

I think the point of FD is that big and no platforms means constant sandwich opportunities. It’s a big teamwork catalyst. I don’t think that it’s very good for fox puff because it’s a better teamwork catalyst for the other team but that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage.

Skipping yoshis

Skipping Kongo because I’m tired but watch it in slow mo because we stagger kills really really well the last half

Pokemon Stadium Match AKA **** City

7:44 a string of great positioning calls and falcon dies
we’re covering so many options
7:33 falcon gimp
7:31 Sick Nasty shine on peach
7:27 I rest falcon trying to help
7:22 you bair peach and then wake me up, avoid falcon and then kill her. Soooo good.
7:19 kelvin is at 0 and mashes so I miss the rest. We might have been up 3 stocks to 8 depending on DI. you fthrowing me works out too.
lots of messy stuff and then I rest peach out of grabbing falcon.
7:02 I got stuck buffering crouch so I missed that rest. We would have been up 8 stocks to 2.
I survive an extra 4 hits, haha. You barely miss that uair. Great setup.
6:51 you finally die at 130%
6:48 the tree comes up and we get some more nasty sandwich action
6:42 lol I like how you just stared peach down and kicked her. Then you do that BALLER upsmash. I should have finished the edgeguard.
6:35 the jon of last week would have jumped into the dsmash but the jon of today went and killed falcon.
6:27 modnar dies spamming in the same place and situation that he did 15 seconds earlier, haha.

1:33 seconds
Sexual Blue Team

That match was all great positioning imo

there was one spell where we didn’t put ourselves in amazing places and that was when we took meaningful damage

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