Wednesday, February 25, 2015

MaNg0 Puff Notes


SH ff nair is not punishable if you start it at dash back of their DD
in neutral you can use it if a) they can’t reach your land or b) it will stuff something’s startup

commonly mango’s nair is followed up with a fair to catch the run in to punish the nair

nair is soooo good for stuffing falcon oos superior to uair most of the time, probs
uptilt[really?] and upair are situationally safe if spaced as far as possible

stand just outside of marths nair range?

nairs can fill empty shs, no real downsides other than they trigger reactions from the player (so a crossup bair would get baired oos where a crossup tomahawk might not)
^ but they prevent you from being able to react to anything for a unit of time

if he techs in place and you can’t rest it he’s going to shield obv

uair spaced out is sooo good

consider pound to cover the far tech on platform option when you don’t have time to position yourself to double jump to cover both, then fade back might catch the tech in? pound may cover both out and miss. Not sure.

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