Tuesday, February 24, 2015

vs tapion marth notes

[old probably useless]

vs tapion’s marth (construct 17, 12/12/14)

7:58 fake him out(?) so he commits with nair
because I’m under it I can grab, uptilt or rest if I get behind where he’ll land

tapion likes to sh nair dunno why

when he’s shielding either tomohawk or bair in such a way that you can’t be punished (hit is condition to tomohawk later

STOP going for ledge. Learn to fake your way to center stage

tapion is actively looking for overextensions to punish. He won’t bother playing until those chances are gone.

punish OoS much faster. Full aerial or rest every time. No guess nairs, always what the situation demands.

when you crossup bair he wd back grabs, so duck

you could prevent him from abusing the ledge if you invincible aerial him but he’s aware of this so if he’s spaced back just jump and don’t risk getting punished on a bad swing

practice invincible grabs

he runs to one side and breaks his run with WD back

DI all ambiguous hits out and reset. Don’t take extra damage trying to be slippery vs tapion

he wants to wd grab OoS after a bair
so maybe I can space bairs just outside of grab range because I don’t think he can WD to cover that spot?

you cannot sit in your shield

you have a lot of opportunities to space just outside of his range, get him to swing, then punish.
You MUST get good punishes. Don’t overextend on what’s no there, but take what is.

Get up from ledge with getup, not roll.

You cannot rest after spotdodging a grab but you can grab it.

ok, crouching next to his shield. You either rest a grab or he rolls (jump uair/rest) or dairs (shield to punish). You can do both from shield on reaction to his not grabbing.

missed the techchase on slide platform after dthrow because I didn’t jump early enough
he goes to that same place every time so far

lmao just dash attack the grab??

if he goes to wd oos fsmash you can shield it and punish oos yourself easy

ugh make a MU gameplan based on this as bad case scenario

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