Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Debug Mode Stuff

Debug Mode Stuff from this week.

* Hitting shield does not stale moves.

* Fox’s SHDL takes 29 frames
* Fox’s sideB landing lag: 21
* upB fire: active every other frame from 20-32 
fiyaaas at 43 (so there’s no risk of trading/losing to fire at the beginning/end)
only 3 frames of landing lag

* falco’s shl takes minimum 27
* 20 frames of sideB landing lag
* 3 frames of upB landing lag
* fiyaaa on 43

If fox DI’s upthrow full out you obv can’t rest it.
* DI in front is easy, just SH uair regrab/rest (watch out ‘cause if he’s really smart he’ll DI the upair backwards)

* DI behind is a lot harder. With full DI there doesn’t appear to be a guaranteed followup (If the DI isn’t full then upair/regrab is still best). By the time you can turn around and get there he can jump before you can uair/pound. I like smash turn dash run jc grab but he can jump out/probably bair me.

___ is minimum active OoS on:
Rest: 6
Grab: 7 
Upsmash: 8
Drill: 10
Nair: 11
Fair: 12
Bair: 14
Uair: 14
WD Grab: 22
WD Fsmash: 27
Sing (lol): 29

Dropping Shield takes 14 frames. You can begin any action on frame 15.

* puff’s stand to crouch takes 2 frames to get under human grab (so you can crouch under grabs with -5 frames or better)

* ~20 frames to hit/rest marth out of shield in between his double fairs depending on when he hits you. Very doable. Obv more if you don't have to shield/it whiffs.

* marth’s AC nair can’t hit crouching puff (he has to ff)
* AC fair can hit crouching puff but is restable if CCed 'cause it's a rising aerial.

* You have 11 actionable frames after shieldstun in between hits of sheik’s fsmash, 12 after
* Her uptilt (assuming the first hit connects, which is unlikely) has 11 actionable frames after shieldstun in between hits and a surprising 0 after hit 2.

* in 12 frames in SH (including jumpsquat) you move a tangential 45 degrees upward puff diameter.
So from __o__ to the asterisk in  _*o__
So if you have 12 frames out of shield stun you can rest anything in this V shaped range. _*o*_ Obv. more if more, less if less.

I'm working on a table that lists how safe things are on shield (to make OoS actions flowchartable) but it takes a really long time.
Preview: Spacies are unreasonably good lol.

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