Tuesday, March 10, 2015

marth edgeguard

marth edgeguard (via hbox)
a little weird but it just sort of works

1. aim to grab ledge as he falls below ledge height. If he sideBs you’ll have inv
2. immediately let go, jump backwards with fair (this input is a little hard). If he jumps this will stuff it. 
3. regrab will give you inv if he upBs on stage, let go dj rest
4. if he waits to sweetspot(/sideB then sweetspot) react to the sound (to distinguish) and roll when appropriate

might have to do an extra refresh if he’s far enough out.
if he’s at a good angle/situation you can fall off with inv fair and bump him out for the kill
reverse fair bair combos super super easy on marth/falcon


  1. Hey man just posting to say that this information is incredibly useful . I love playing Puff but I feel like not many people go to in depth with the character so it can be hard to expand my knowledge on her. Hope you keep updating this blog with a ton of useful Puff info :)