Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Prince Abu vs Wenbo Analysis

Wenbo vs Abu

* Wenbo doesn’t know that he can just bair all of the unprotected jumps for free damage. Set would have gone sooo differently if he did.
* Abu’s WDes are frequently too short so good WDes become bad
* Abu does a lot of high aerials, too high to do anything but get baired/hit a fox that decides to jump for no reason
* Upairs on shield/without explicit purpose are really bad. Even if they go unpunished they keep you from being able to space for too long.
* Because you essentially have to go through your entire jump arc before upair can hit a grounded fox (it’s pretty much a disjointed tangental puff above you) it will generally never connect unless you are already right above them when they whiff. You can’t whiff punish with it without lucky timing or a hard preemptive read.
* Plus if you can fall on top of them and Uair you can probably fall on top of them and Rest.
* Pound at 0 can literally get you killed even if it hits. It is never ok.
* I am quickly falling out of love with nair. The hitbox loses to everything so it’s like upair in that it’s a garbage move unless confirmed. You shouldn’t risk your stock so frequently hoping they don’t know to wait and grab.
* Zoning with aerials is likely (not always but likely) a copout that says “I don’t know where to position/I haven’t practiced spacing in this situation.”
* you can manipulate tighter spacing by leaving your aerials empty when possible and wavelanding
* Don’t not DI behind fox when he upthrows. I don’t know why puffs (myself included) like to DI in front of him and make his job so easy.
* on his respwan go up to side as he comes down and aim to come down as he comes up. Burns his time and can put him in a bad spot. Much better than planking.
* on close whiff nair think fair

7:53 guesses sh laser and wenbo does nothing so same result
just wait for the techchase you have a long time to confirm the jab.
suboptimal pound anyway that’s fishing.
7:52 think about that uair. I do it, abu does it, everyone does it. Why? Is there ever close to enough stun on bair? I only only only ever hit baddies with that. So remove it. It locks them in shield (if they shield) for long enough for Absolutely Nothing to happen afterward (unless they’re like, falcon so the shield damage is worth it). Am I wrong?
Even Drill is better? At least empty land grab initially.
7:50 I think you can Andale rest (ASDI down to cancel hitstun with land then rest) that bair but not sure. Definitely if lower. Generally SDI all fox’s aerials down at low % seems good.
7:18 nice grab. The shield made me and probably wenbo think bair?
but way too high % for upthrow obv
5:54 that familiar situation where you WD back and fox still grabs you. I think that’s a cue to fair his face.
5:52 ooh nice CC fsmash

7:51 puff is almost dead because she pounded fox at 0.
7:46 could have shield poked again on other side if wenbo didn’t tilt down. Vulnerable on back foot. 
7:43 could have SDIed the jab down and away and fsmashed because fox had to run
7:12 hbox nairs are punishable and keep you from spacing.
7:05 if you know the upsmash is coming punish rather than avoid
7:04 super obvious bair, shield then rest it/grab the land
6:47 running away wayyy too late. CC grab or shield or something. Anything.
6:44 good example of an aerial that keeps you from spacing/punishing fox’s land
6:33 CC grab/fsmash maybe
6:12 debatably died off of position conversion from hitting fox with pound at 0.
6:03 if you can hit that tech away (with another pound?) then pound becomes “suboptimal” instead of “straight bad.” I don’t know if you can or not. Unconvinced.
5:51 might have jumped slightly too early. Jump when he falls past ledge. Grabbing ledge would have killed him but he should have been able to go on stage if he reacted.
burned the opportunity on an impossible guess though.

7:10 didn’t cover sweetspot but looking again I think that was a reaction to high
good wait for firefox, faded back in last second so trade
djs so messes up but so does wenbo
7:03 I don’t like having to go off stage vs inv it gives fox the whole stage from the getgo
6:59 I think that DI out and grab is better vs drill than di out spotdodge but don’t know
6:57 absolutely perfect place to be, above where nair will land, but wastes it
6:53 absolutely perfect timing on jump back (jump when fox falls past ledge) to cover all options. Could have easily recognized that he fell too far to dj to stage and grabbed ledge = dead fox at 20%.
6:35 another perfect edgeguard but he didn’t roll.
6:37 I think puff should replace preemptive dashes with preemptive WDs. Could have been a grab.
6:32 resting fox’s upsmash needs to be muscle-memory. It’s a freebie. Execution is an arbitrary barrier.
6:10 free CC grab, WD was too late (that’s a tight reaction anyway)
5:40 fox starts firefox inside of falco range so he is gimpable
plus don’t leave ledge uncontested, cover ledge/you with a bair then react if he goes high

7:51 had an additional moment to react
7:33 CC grab
7:01 yeah, if there’s time, falling next to them then jump initial fair is superior to falling on them with fair
6:53 upthrow? I guess he doesn’t want to trade stocks but I would.
also wtf option was he trying to cover with sh bair? ggs
6:50 yooo sick grab
and now he chooses upthrow lol
6:18 chooses to FH upair probably to avoid rest not killing at 0 but was reactable sh upair regrab (or waveland/techchase rest if DI right)
6:17 ooh smart to recognize WD grab
lots of kill opportunities in here
6:07 just wait for the endlag
lots more killable fox
6:22 ok reactions more or less off the bair techchase, was the nair good? Covered a lot of options. Maybe lost to upsmash oos
6:22 he obv has to dj to ledge
6:05 many of these FH aerials on respawn, what are their purpose? They can’t hit anything but a jump that would be better punished by grabbing the land.

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