Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hbox vs Dart Analysis


Dart doesn’t DD so there’s a lot missing

8:00 P2 puff can auto fall through BF? Nice. Possible rest lol.
lots of deliberate whiff punishing
7:40 why does no one DI like this for me? They probably do and I’m not ready for it.
7:29 wow that spacing
7:10 andale rest
7:09 perfect incremental spacing
wow even up to the platform that’s brutal
7:02 hbox hasn’t lost position/tempo yet
7:01 opportunity to marth edgeguard (grab letgo fair regrab) instead he gets ledge
hbox is jumping staggered response to the ledge actions
6:56 hbox moves over a bit to preserve bair/position adv even with top platform marth
but loses ‘cause he doesn’t turn his back fast enough on crossup
6:51 there is is
6:40 just outside of tipper makes it easy to punish jumps
6:24 wow drill is good at high %
6:19 when above marth you just have to make sure to come down just outside of aerial arc and you’re fine. Tight spacing but it’s that simple.
6:16 note the WD out to get good position rather than a hit
wop enabled by in place bairs (no fadeback or in) and jumpless marth
6:05 looked like a king rest
6:00 free grab or rest
when marth is in the air never first
5:50 pound actually is perfect response to the hop
5:49 no shield vs dash because marth had nothing but now he has dash grab so spot dodge?
ah, that edgeguard is easy and hard at the same time? Probably just practice. Marth should die every time.

7:58 get out of dtilt range if not riggght next to marth ‘cause he’ll want it
7:52 easy
7:48 can you fair marth’s AC fair? Is that something I’m getting punished for?
7:14 was that a good sakurai ledgejump?
6:50 grabs when marth falls past ledge height
wow, crazy
6:27 grabs, punishes the sideB
remember sleepyk says every sideB is punishable if you’re anywhere close
drops it by respecting the jump even though he’s invincible, pretty sure
6:12 can’t crossup with that bair in like any MU
6:07 grabs after the sideB (gets there as marth falls below ledge height), let go fair covers dj to stage, regrab

5:31 look how vulnerable his feet are

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