Tuesday, March 3, 2015

recent debug mode stuff

Recent Debug Mode Stuff.

* Consistent 2 inputs of SDI are possible by smashing 16 degrees from a cardinal direction and then rotating 32 degrees (to 16 degrees on the other side). 3 inputs (by rotating back to the first 16 degree mark) are situationally humanely possible but you’re gonna have to be godlike.

*Jigglypuff’s fastest way to travel less than SHFF distance is:
1 frame of Dash > WD > 1 frame of Dash > WD
(this, SHFF, and Dash are all comparable. This way shaves the most frames and while it’s not all that many the difference is more impactful the farther you have to go. The obvious downside is that you’re introducing a lot of non-actionable frames in the WDs. It does however keep you more or less pancaked to the ground almost the whole time. If you’re frame perfect you’ll just see 1 frame flashes of her standing (the dash).)

*Jigglypuff’s fastest way to travel more than SHFF distance is:
1 frame of Dash > SH > Waveland > 1 frame of Dash > SH > Waveland
(this is noticably the fastest way to move across an entire stage. You’ll be surprised. It is potentially impractical to do backwards because you have to release the analog stick to neutral after the waveland to keep from buffering a turnaround. Unsure.)

* Standing turn animation is lengthy but purely aesthetic. It is cancelable (while preserving your new orientation) on frame 2. The one notable exception is jumping, which if you do before frame 6 will start jumpsquat with your original orientation (might be frame 5, don’t remember but it isn’t important because there’s no reason to standing turn jump instead of smash turn jump).

* You can only shield DI during the first half of shieldstun(!)

* Shield DI appears to move you the same distance regardless of if you press horizontally or not quite horizontally. Too far from horizontal and it obviously won’t do anything ‘cause you can’t shield DI into the ground.

* Contrary to popular belief, powershielding does not influence the length or existence of shieldstun. All it does is make GuardOff state (the lowering your shield animation) cancelable into anything you want (assuming that you let go of shield during shieldstun). It does not cancel the animation automatically, it just makes it cancelable.

* Contrary to myth, The duration of Hitstun is not influenced by wiggling your stick or anything like that that I can think of. Once the value is calculated it is set.

* Tumble is cancelable with any move (or jump) after the duration of Hitstun finishes.
(This is why mashing laser is good when hit with samus’s upB. It cancels tumble after the relatively low hitstun before you have to tech and then has no landing lag)

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