Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hbox vs Rojo analysis

Hbox vs Rojo

7:59 immediately threatens the sh laser
hbox tries to make sh laser as unsafe as possible
pokes at the shield because at that range he has no options in the next moment
7:57 bad shield makes reaction to land impossible
WD forward to make space?
Rojo hightails it and hbox fh bairs immediately to close space

Note that exact spacing. Puff at FH height above where sh nair would land. Safe/reactable. If fox chooses wrong then he gets hit with at least 12%.

Rojo lasers as hbox is coming down like an idiot
maybe could have gotten grab
lol look at how automatically hbox keeps bair spacing
dj = upair but too far out/early
bair is too late and rojo jumps over twice
hbox is careful to never relieve pressure so far
7:53 No AC so he gets dash attacked
mashes the hell out of bair, rojo spotdodges it lol
maybe could have pivot grabbed
roll in enabled by fox idiotically leaving his DD
hbox goes for fh bair spacing, but because of endlag sh would have been better I think
rojo’s jump out was bad but sqeezes through
hbox chooses to wait for the land, whiffs, rojo hightails it again
hbox immediately fh bairs, would that have hit sh nair? Prob
upair is too late
gets grabbed, no DI
they both fuck up
rojo doesn’t take the freee bair
hbox is a second behind lol
accidentally free bair but right spacing to get it
easy grab, goes for dash attack maybe assuming at tech % (30)
cheesy upsmash maybe to cover grab, cheesy choices
shields the bair, chooses nair oos, bad choice but works
even on hit gets upsmashed
at 35% (was 34) would have forced tumble but it’s frame 12 anyway should have gotten shined
rojo is slow
easy bair
hbox sees that dj ledge is impossible and covers dj sideB
should have been able to snipe the upB or at least fsmash it
(is it possible to jump out with fair on reaction to no on-stage sideB?)
hbox is scrambling so he tries to contest it instead of sharking the land
he crossup bairs instead of uair, safer. Better?
rojo hightails it
really bad nair will lose to fox nair 10/10xs
rojo doesn’t followup
shields the bair then WD out fsmash, dunno if that’s good vs bair but seems like it
bair and high aerial are sort of the same
lmao really hbox? You were too slow? or were you too busy debating showing off?
waits it out and grabs the fumbly land but misses lol
now he’s just fishing
DIs the throw back, rojo drops it and gets baired
hbox should have gotten baired for committing to platform land
premature ledgegrab prevents invincible letgo fair
actually could have just stood up and fsmashed he couldn’t have sweetspotted
7:17 retreats to ledge vs inv. Always suboptimal imo
also should have been baired for too early fair
7:13 two hbox nairs. Horrible. Second one prevents bair punish on sh lasers
7:12 doesn’t react to the dj so misses a huggge punish opportunity
lol they both just jump around and rojo doesn’t bair untill hbox upairs
I think that was a free rest. falling upair loses most of the time it’s a bad habit.
7:08 very questionable recovery
um, horrible upsmash
rojo has proven that he can’t actually upthrow upair lol
7:04 weird mistakes maybe?
unorthodox drill but if linked to grab amazing. Instead missed l-cancel
hangs around wayyy too close/long to the stage up there recovering
7:00 fair toward the stage would be better if you wouldn’t have to land I think.
takes way too long with all of those actions off ledge and loses tempo
Are rojo’s empty FHs missed upsmashes?
Puff in the corner sucks. Should prioritize getting out. Spotdodge when left with no choice?
There was borderline time to fair the grab
6:56 DIs the throw backward
fox is too late jumping again and gets baired
they both whiff, hbox because he fell too far
6:54 falling drill ‘cause landing too far behind to grab. Forces shield. Look up frame data on that.
6:52 gets shined trying to shield grab bair. Look up frame data on that
Missing tech on shine sucks. Pick your poison based on %? In which case gettup attack is best here because grab doesn’t lead to upthrow anymore I think.
6:49 backs off to avoid getting baired
6:48 should waveland on, fair hbox nair is begging to be grabbed
6:47 weird backwards jump, don’t understand
6:45 when fox is on the platform stand outside of runnoff spacing
rojo hands hbox the stock
6:35 seems hard for puff to do much with inv
probably try to anticipate the top platform and be ready to catch the descent instead of fish for aerials
a la hbox lol
6:32 I don’t get it. If you think he’s gonna sit in shield why don’t you just grab him? I guess that is a mango thing but rojo hasn’t proven especially willing to sit still. He’s mostly just proven that he’ll empty jump at any given moment lol.
6:30 doesn’t wait for confirmation so gets grabbed
DIs the throw back
almost gets a fair off the low hitstun
potential andale rest with sdi down onto the platform lol
6:28 weaves around the bair on seeing the fallthrough but doesn’t punish
easy grab on the drill but bairs instead (safer but from top platform reactable punish)
6:25 easy upair but eh %
yeah, asdis down and shields
woah how did that uptilt hit? Rojo dropped for some reason, that wasn’t a poke
Amazing reaction to the asdi down no tech geeze
yeah I would have run and missed that grab too lol
no time to sh follow from a missed jab
6:23 hbox chooses to WD back shield when losing to tempo approach there
rojo misses a bunch of inputs and gets baired
no tech but has to land so hbox can bair again. Ok, so that’s a really good hbox setup? Unsure if could have shielded
6:20 he definitely has to tech that one so empty land next to it. Hbox goes too far to keep adv then reacts too slowly to spotdodge to get tempo
oh geeze those bairs took up all the stage available to rojo
should have immediately grabbed ledge (‘cause he went too far down to sideB to stage) then fallen with a fair
6:13 going up to side platform at same time as fox is coming down looks pretty good
yeah then you fall through and fish for the end of his inv
6:10 easy grab.
Hm. At 0 upthrow techchase? Seems better than the all-in on a guess.
or backthrow grab ledge is maybe ok? ‘cause you’re trying to cheese him anyway.
He can def just doublejump on stage. Don’t know what’s reactable. Probably just stick to flowchart that we know is reactable?
Hbox guesses the dj back which is likely but I think that just grabbing ledge gives you time to react to that and covers the not-idiot option
in any case empty jump with him would have netted a bair
hbox goes straight to bair spacing after he drops the edgeguard
rojo goes high, whiff punish bair
hbox uptilts probably assuming flub from not having to tech. Better options for that. Upsmash/pivot grab is faster
gets spotdodged
hail mary upsmashes
missed tech jab rest
but messes up lol
missed DI on upthrow
fox is slow gets baired,
same situation, this time attempt at fallthrough upair, meh just as supoptimal as uptilt lol
shields the bair, rolls out between missed l cancel and shine, so wd fsmash maybe? Need data.
5:57 hbox nair but rojo moves his face into it instead of grabbing the land
hbox jabs instead of grab
then backs off and bairs to induce shield I think?
or maybe it was to punish a potential spotdodge had rojo recognized the grab setup?
bad crossup rightfully gets baired
really bad DI
now he’s just throwing out aerials ‘cause he’s got 3 stocks to burn

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