Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Puff's Pivot Grab

As Puff if you try to smash turn (DD) later than frame 13 of dash then you will do that awful turn

This means that Pivot Grab can’t be delayed further than (active on) frame 20 (12 frames of dash, 1 frame of pivot, 7 frames of grab startup).
Because Puff’s dash is sooo slow this in turn means that you can only move about 1 puff diameter forward before turning around and grabbing.
Looks like ____OO____ where the blue O is the initial standing puff and the red O is reversed puff that is grabbing the blue space 20 frames later.
All things considered, not a very good option.

Dash* WD Standing Turn Grab moves Puff ~2.5 Puff diameters before the turnaround. It is active on frame 24. (1 frame of dash, 5 frames of jumpsquat, 10 frames of special land, 1 frame of (easily buffered) standing turn, 7 frames of grab startup)
Looks like ___O_oO________  where blue O is standing puff, the red O is a reversed puff and the purple o is the grab hitbox at frame 24.
Not amazing but definitely better while only nominally slower considering the situations that call for a pivot grab.

*I haven’t mentioned this explicitly before but 1 frame of dash ensures that you are sliding forward instead of stationary during jumpsquat. It’s a small improvement but an improvement nonetheless and not all that difficult.

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