Thursday, March 5, 2015

vs xarann friendlies analysis

very not serious but still want to look for some things in the MU I'm thinking about

7:59, free bair
7:57 good bair after uair but rather than react I assume another and he gets out
his shield is already pokable so could have landed next to him and uptilted
7:55 a rest or an upair had I drifted onto him, then uptilt rest
7:53 useless nair, should have landed outside of grab range then like WDed forward
7:52, sneaking under that upair even if have to asdi it down for rest?
7:49 didn’t respect possibility of bair, grab ledge
he does it again but I’m hanging around down there instead of using inv
even the bairs don’t take advantage of inv
possibly unsafe crossup
7:45, land in front of him, what’s he going to do?
7:40 lol read was too early, but obvious grab opportunity after
what was that nair’s purpose? Easy bair.
HOrrrrible pound
Then you do it again!
7:33 should bair esp because of his landing lag
7:32 WD into his shield not out, another probably useless nair
7:26 fair makes me uncomfortable probably ledgedash
could have just ducked after the fair, remember that duck is as good as shield vs grounded falcon
nair was so-so
no need to jump at all when he does
pretty shitty DI
7:20 fair was obv mistake bair, kelvin is cc grabbing
he’s not going to jump out of shield when you’re not grounded so don’t waste pressure covering that
7:17 freee grab
7:12 techchase rest or grab
you jump into his bair, should have been below sharking anyway
7:09 freee grab
7:04 upair would have poked with no dj
7:00 he saw the crossup
6:51 we all know that was a fsmash
6:22 nair was a bair
WD in instead of bair? well he is cornered
you aren’t moving as quick as possible after the AC
6:20 get stuck in upair landing lag, don’t react to his sh
(you should just sheild when he jumps, what’s he going to do other than stomp?)
6:18 dtilt was a grab
6:12 screw up, get caught on platform, eat stomp
6:09 that bair bought you a lot of space but you give it up, don’t have to zone that far away from him
6:08 perfect time to empty land grab
6:06 nair was a grab, what’s that nair even going to do for you?
5:57 lol that was all really really really unsafe
5:55 uptilt, although I guess I was expecting asdi down
slow reaction to stomp
PS is whatever I want
maybe all stomps are restable?
5:50 rest oos
dude you didn’t even space that nair
5:48 second fair should have been empty grab, i think
5:46 late reaction to outspacing his bair
easy shield his knee, don’t assume he’ll miss…
5:42 idiot pound, stop doing that if you know it’s bad you’re just prolonging the habit lol
5:36 woahhhh, spaced nair loses to stomp? well ok then. Better quit that.
5:34 land with and grab opportunity
5:33 no need to dj for that bair
5:20 same dumb pound
the fair isn’t any safer, lol
5:13 huh that was interesting
should have crossed him up after
5:09, at least downward angle it
he calls your fadeback
5:00f free rest before he even hits the ground
missed ‘cause you thought you were on the other side of his initial tech spot lol
you don’t have to rest until he’s standing up anyway though
no sdi on the punch

lol same opener 
7:57 guessing bag caught bair startup, no reason not to be CCing those, also would have lead to crouch rest on dsmash
7:55 potential grab or maybe pivot uptilt rest?
7:48, aw free ledgehog
good reactions to the tech opportunity
missed l-cancel messes up wop
no reason to back off there
7:39 should have ledgedashed to avoid potential bair
7:35 I think those nairs lose to upair so they’re not good in this MU
7:32 interesting going off after pushing him to ledge
he could have won with same plan faster reaction?
7:29 clearly should have grabbed ledge and forced out his upB
7:25 just stalk out his land and rest/fsmash or something
7:23 bad fh bair
7:19 probs don’t challenge the bair just wait under him
7:18 could have reacted to him missing faster
7:14 accidental nair
dunno how you missed the fsmash but it was an easy grab ledge I guess
7:11 see him shielding so far away? The empty hop to lower his shield was good but should have baired after (and sooner), no need for drill.
7:09 that could have been bad, should have just landed next to him
7:05 lmao just running with him
dunno why you chose to jump then, easy shield
with the sound cue power shielding it should be easy?
7:02 grab was a little late I think
not a good % or place to dthrow
late bair
a second bair would have let you cross him up then uptilt his feet maybe
miss the fade out on upair, probably wondering if it would hit
6:53 idiot bair
real messy start to next stock
6:45 land next to his shield and engage pressure, if you meant to bait the grab then wait for confirmation don’t just assume and mash uptilt 
potentially bad fh bair. Think it might be stompable, but maybe you can fade through quick enough.
6:36 no shield
6:33 you preemptively stuffed his stomps path but that leaves you open to him dd camping your land keep that in mind
real shitty fishy moves after
6:29 no shield
6:28 grabbable, even CC grabbable probably
6:27 no shield
6:25 he was late, easy grab/rest
one more hit before the uptilt and it would have poked. Maybe dair is better there for that reason?
6:23 all that upair can do is scare him away and force you to have landing lag since his shield is already low but not so low that you are getting ready to break it. If he rolls you’re done. But I guess uptilt does stuff stomp? Or only a late stomp? Would tapion have gotten the stomp out early enough?
you uptilted him grabbing nothing.
6:21 react and bair
6:20 free empty land uptilt, but you stuff it with bair instead
6:18 free rest
6:15 agh, bad fh messes up the pressure, probably free uptilt at that place
6:11 bad spacing on that fair anyway
6:05 wow that asdi down
5:56 idiot pound
no shield
5:51 empty hop grab is probably better for a techchase than sh nair?
5:43 lol
5:34 no fadeback. You can’t change your mind that close to the ground lol
really good sequence after
5:26 rest but I think you were flexing
good grab
5:23 mango nair, not upair
useless sing
idiot pound
5:09 just grab ledge and force him to upB

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