Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hbox vs Duffy Analysis


partial 'cause this isn't as useful as I thought it would be.

7:58 marth doesn’t CC = more bairs
7:55 that nair was CC grab/fsmash(?) (restable if crouched under), crouch would have beat fair range too
7:54 if there’s tempo to crouch next to marth’s shield it doesn’t seem like a bad idea
7:52 prioritize stage > hits
7:36 covering roll covered all the other options well too
easy edgeguard ‘cause he burned his dj
7:18 wow that dair missed. Restable.
7:13 restable.
7:09 hits the space right in front of marth ‘cause what’s he gonna do? WD forward shield?
marth hasn’t been able to DD partly cause he’s just getting stuck in the corner/his shield
but he isn’t choosing to when he can either
6:53 slightly too early to steal ledge
6:45 watch for those roll backs they’re easy to rest/bair
6:42 picture of a king rest
6:30 he starts moving and what do you know hbox freaks out and dies
6:12 easy techchase rest

he’s so pleased with himself….

 Duffy doesn’t actually use the lateral space or DD/hbox doesn’t give a shit when he does so PS isn’t worth doing.
instead of unfollowupable uptilt hbox follows up upair with another upair then a wop
maybe could have upair rested but unsure of % where that stops being true combo

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