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Hbox vs Zero Analysis

Hbox vs Zero (Evo 14)

8:00 non neutral start
weird fair. To prevent FH nair?
Zero just takes laser stance
hbox’s nair is interesting because in response to the dash back it’s either safe vs runaway lasers or hits the DD
but it whiffs, lol. Should have SH as if to nair then do it on confirmation.
7:58 hbox gets shined trying to do something
rolls in assuming run forward, rolls back ‘cause he’s freaked out, zero lasers…
7:55 hbox nairs to cover laser in place/approach. Jump starts as zero is falling from previous laser
late reaction to fox nair (crouch grab opportunity)

so when fox jumps at you jumping is not allowed. When he jumps not at you that’s your cue to jump.
when he runs at you fair it

7:54 zero drills for some reason hbox just backs off but goes too far imo
definitely can’t punish anything now let alone the drill
ok so hbox is deliberately timing fh nairs to fall into a rhythm with the lasers. Jump just after his jump and you can land with him.
but if he runs instead of jumps you’re in a bad spot so make sure to confirm it.
i.e. these two hbox nairs (a nair that’s easily easily grabbed on land)
7:52 spotdodges the nair thats funny but yeah that’s gonna lose to shine just CC grab
rolls in rolls back again, zero doesn’t wait
lmaoooo zero dies from that?
7:46 hbox goes straight to the side platform.
then jumps up into the stratosphere for no reason?
I mean, it’s working out but only because zero shows no intention to do anything but fish for 3% lasers instead of 15% bairs…
7:43 zero goes to punish landing but (badly spaced) nairs instead of grab or DD so he gets backthrown
no attempt at an edgeguard
I think every option was reactable off of an empty sh backwards there
7:39 hbox uptilts assuming no waveland. Maybe would have at worst traded with drill.
zero airdodges so he gets upaired but sdis down so no rest
djs to avoid followup upair after panic jump, falls after hbox and bairs
zero backs off and lasers to hbox can be less carefull about how he gets back to center
(but like jon said, arriving at center is a big moment)
yeah, because he’s clearly lost tempo when he lands hbox has to fade away to avoid the incoming aerial but does so with enough buffer to maybe get a punish
zero spotdodges it,
hbox is hesitating over to the side don’t blame him that is an odd spot but probably should have immediately assumed bair stance
zero goes top platform
hbox nair that doesn’t actually do shit about it
a FH nair catches zero jumping. That actually covers a lot of space even if there’s time for a full fox sh before it gets there. Unsure if good.
No need to tech, zero gets faired I think holding down.
Hbox second guesses and gets naired.
Unable to get tempo so stuck in corner.
Hbox Nair but spaced out/zero is slow so gets faired. Functions as a bait.
crossup uair, wasn’t gonna hit
forces shield, I think hbox guessed retroactive bair oos so tried to crossup bair but doesn’t crossup so they both drop it
7:25 lol zero sees that he dropped an easy land punish runs back and gets baired
techchase opportunity, hbox guesses missed tech and gets the bair. I think had time for jab recet on confirmation.
djs so drops the easy fair edgeguard.
7:22 catches zero shielding (assuming some unspaced falling aerial?) with a good tomahawk grab
shine off stage is an invitation to fill the space above them with an aerial but stuck in WD I think
no attempt at edgeguard, guesses high but high is still coverable after covering ledge.
7:19 guesses waveland on platform, backs off
7:18 bair would have worked reverse nair is not good for that
backs off again, zero freaks out then does the same but now hbox has tempo
does another reverse nair, I think he’s looking for nair fsmash
gets DD grabbed.
DIs the throw back zero spaces the upair extremely well
7:08 comes down centerish and makes zero pick a side/shield, guesses he will jump out
zero slips up and walks into bair
really bad edgeguard again
zero represents both wavelands
lmaoooo then sakurai gets up and gets whacked in the face 
Another abysmal edgeguard what a bunch of morons
invincible bair is sooo good
hbox thinks he can get out of hitstun early enough to fair, zero runs away rather than challenge/claim his free uptilt
hbox goes all in on a dash attack gets shined, then grabbed after a correct DD
DIs the throw backwards, zero is slow to jump?
6:54 hbox nair oooh but it’s actually early so it was a feint? A fake hbox nair? Probably not in conception. Should have been naired? zero false starts because of it and gets baired
6:48 free bair on firefox startup but hbox gets nervous and abandons his all in on it
he’s not jumping with tempo so he’s losing a lot of situations
6:44 hbox is weaving back in unorthodox places
6:38 finally gets handed the stock lol
oh gosh I’m wrong.
no tempo so he’s dropping all this as well.
6:28 that high fadeback nair is working vs zero I don’t think he recognizes it for what it is
6:25 ……. top 6 in the world.
6:21 habitually goes to the side platform but doesn’t react to zero and bairs a bunch of empty space
looks for the fake hbox nair but it’s not there
yeah he’s spamming it like crazy lol
zero is committing to his 3%s instead
it’s safe to incrementally move forward when fox is moving back?
6:12 catches a jump with a bair
I think that zero saw a non-fadeback aerial and assumed punish despite it being spaced/tempoed
hbox saw the DD and assumed “not SH laser”
they both stumble into a uair but hbox reverses the grab
6:09 sucky place to be WDing
6:08 hbox recognizes the upsmash and weaves around it but too slwly
easy buffered roll away from the slow grab
hbox jumps back in case a hitbox is coming
his jump forward would be bairable but zero is too busy lasering
6:03 I have no idea what they’re thinking. If they’re thinking, I guess.
6:01 ooh zero learned? 
Hbox DIs the throw backward, zero overcompensates the spacing (to beat demo kirby DI) then lets him back
lmao he just sh lasers the wrong way, runs back and forth wondering what to do and gets pounded
(in this case I think upward angled pound was better than down? Unsure)
trade stocks
yeah just make fox pick a side
gets a bair for fox picking slow
fox almost runs into an uptilt
repeat uptilt for no reason. I hate it when hbox does that. He just throws shit (Shit. Absolute fecal matter.) out there hoping that you’ll run into enough of them to make his net gain high enough to be worth it. He does it constantly and it’s annoying.
Top 6 worldwide ladies and gentleman.
5:45 bad aerials, zero doesn’t grab the land
they’re both slow
5:43 hbox tries to falling upair and gets shined
Good DD by zero, No DI on the throw, zero prioritizes lasers to punishing the fall…
gets pounded doing a bad sh laser, hits tech
5:35 do you have to guess to get these bairs?
hbox hesitates and drops the second one, gets nair nair upsmashed, maybe could have sdi’ed a nair up
zero jumps in with upair slightly too early for the trick to work
also doesn’t confirm the need for bair so hbox punishes it
5:37 edgeguard opportunity but hbox guesses a trigger jump instead and gives it up
guesses correctly on immediate get on stage
steals ledge (‘cause who is going to do anything else there?)
too slow on letgo fair
5:21 protects recovery with bair, gambles with hbox nair but once it isn’t baired it gets him safe ledge.
More bairs could have easily done that
lol then he gives it up
5:19 catches zero being a little greedy
misses his followups
5:15 I think that nair had to be a read? I wonder if nair is synonymous with fair vs running past nair range after a %?
read the shit out of that roll looks like but didn’t do anything
5:08 ok so look at how hbox is jumping then choosing what to do after the jump based on if fox jumps or runs
5:05 another dropped edgeguard
It’s like the moment he’s a stock up/a minute in he stops playing melee and starts playing “well it’s ok as long as one of these kills him eventually.”

Maybe later. Too much moron for one day, it’s tiring.

Unless he’s way far away:
* When fox jumps at you jumping is not allowed. 
* When he jumps not at you then jump at him.

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