Monday, October 5, 2015

Captain Falcon


* The lead is very very important vs florida falcons
* from shffl range falcon can
dash back
preemptive attack
dash under

FH bair beats dash in and jump
if a bair whiffs you have to fade back all the way
this repeats until falcon either shields or aerials preemptively

preemptive aerials lose to you crouching or moving out of the way
shielding leads to a mixup between delayed bair to crouch/WD or an umpty land uptilt/grab

if they indirect punish by taking space then it’s not a big deal because you can take it back in increments.

You can CC rest all grounded options.
uair strings hurt him pretty bad
rest attempts at dthrow knee
DI dthrows slightly off from straight down
AC nair to crouch should only lose to reactable dair oos
if you get hit with his legs it sucks and you could die.
drill is really really really good
CC grab his nair

to test: WD through just beats everything if he knees your shield?

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