Monday, October 5, 2015

format notes

I recognized that prior notetaking format wasn't very good for my mental workflow so I've reorganized some of it. MUs page is gone and instead the smash bible is gonna link to character matchup posts that I'm going to fill out and edit over time. They're super rudimentary (partly because my current understanding is often super rudimentary lol but also) largely because I haven't transcribed a lot of stuff yet. Basically please understand that those posts will always be incomplete/changing in one way or another.

Haven't had my 20xx so I haven't been able to test specific things the past couple weeks but I have some notes on vs shield and on ground that are pretty stellar to verify and flesh out once I get it back (^_^ )

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  1. Hey man, this one of my favorite melee blogs. Read through the whole archives. Keep up the quality content