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* stay just in range to punish turnip pull, don’t move first, just punish her for twitching
* don’t challenge when she’s higher than you
* early kills with empty land uptilt
* fairing when possible unstales bair which leads to earlier kills

Overt Goals: shark at bair range, especially at head height the entire match as far as is possible. Punish all turnip pulls. Abuse her low mobility and continue to build damage until she dies through extended edgeguards. You are required to rely on bair to win this MU.
Uptilt to rest at low % when possible. Mix in empty hop grabs when shield happy (dthrow>techchase rest).
Peach wins when she is allowed to build damage faster than you do by turnip abuse and trading with your bad spacing.
Avoid bad situations completely. Don’t gamble or press.

- space space space
- be patient. Committing to unsafe approaches instead of waiting a few seconds is how you lose.
- you can do some funky rests because she can’t punish a miss very well.
- fullhop bair pullback bair on shield to catch nair etc OoS. Never cross over the shield.
- low % watch out for nair out of hitstun, cover with back up bair until mid range
- spaced bairs = bair on DI out rest on DI in because what can she do?
- all FHs to stay mobile.
- FH in response to unpunished turnip pull, stay out of the arc or prepare to nair.
- nair through turnips but fast enough to hit her at end of throw animation.
- remember 4%. If you don’t like a turnip situation just take a step back and wait for your chance to reset to bair spacing.
- you can’t win vs her shield if she has a turnip just focus on baiting the throw.
- all of hbox’s nairs are reactionary to peach being in endlag of something. Very abusable.
- nair rest from ~10-35%
- don't run into fair. Stay away from 45 degrees below her.
- buffer roll when she hits your shield. Every time until they demonstrate they can punish it. You can crouch rest dash attack if that's what they choose.
- her dair beats your upair without perfect spacing. Wait under it.
- nair is bad in this MU without confirmation (what a surprise)
- always DI out. Never get overzealous and continue to hold toward her.
- Upsmash OoS on lag
- crouch rest is real on grab and dash attack
- rest dash attack OoS every time. Free.
- drill to upsmash kills
- drill rest is real after 45% but tricky, grab is easier
- upthrow on grab after dthrow techchase % and follow direction to (safe) uairs for damage
- you can straight up rest dsmash spam instead of bair because of endlag.
- dsmash is restable OoS if you don't get poked first.
- trade upsmash with her getting off ledge seems ok but might actually be bad
- crossup uptilt or grab when full shield or low % prevents threat but watch to bair (or rest) her roll away

low %
look out for nair
fish for uptilts to rest
execute obvious punishes
high %
keep her in the air, hit her without taking any more damage yourself until she dies.

to test
- FH fall straight down on her with nair (why doesn’t she nair?)
- bair to rest at ~30%
- rest FC aerials OoS (might lose to jab but beat dsmash?)
- 60-80% nair fsmash/upsmash is true?

I don’t know about stages. Need more friendlies, for now use the CP rule and watch the order that they strike.
DL favors your survivability because taking a few bad hits is less dramatic but you can’t lose patience.
I don't like Yoshis at all.
I do like FD but seems like preference.

Struggling with:
Not struggling with this one I just drop easy punishes.

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