Monday, October 5, 2015


vs Low Tiers (Young Link, Link, Zelda, Game & Watch, Roy, Mewtwo, Pichu, Ness, Bowser, Kirby)

VS Young Link
aerial through his spam, outplay him with footsies if he does or doesn't want to camp.

VS Link
this MU is a playground, you can combo him like crazzzy
don't rush in neutral or you can end up taking a ton of damage for no reason

you can CC/crouch under everything but falling kick. Makes this MU way way way easy.

bair destroys her
abuse center stage
keeping above her is really good but stay above where her legs can be with her jumps 'cause rising kick is strong.

she can only kick so just avoid that one move and you're gold

VS Game & Watch
Free AF
just drill rest him 4 times in a minute. Done.

dunno, just stay away from small stages (reverse upB will kill you at 0 on yoshis and PS) and kill him fast, don't fight his CC it's kinda dumb

dunno probs just bair

pichu is actually not that bad vs puff
he can camp you really hard with flyby nairs to rack up damage really fast
upsmash will kill puff starting at like 60 or so
but it's hard to kill puff otherwise until about 130
so as puff you just avoid getting upsmashed (usually out of dthrow or fair, looks like) and look to beat his horrible horrible hitboxes

dunno probs just bair

dunno but seems scary lol
upB kills at like 70


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