Monday, October 5, 2015



Overt Goals:

You lose by getting pinned.
Stay at FH height or so. Only fair at punishable things.
I like trying to powershield lasers and buffering a full hop/WD with C stick.
Don’t WD OoS unless sure (never before shine), just wait and nair out etc.
you do better if you can take the fight to the platforms? More like you can respond to his ranges better.
buffer roll away if he crosses up with dair
rest OoS dash attack etc
rest OoS missed l-cancel dair?
bair to rest at 80%?
fair to rest at 130%?

shield pressure:
tilt up your shield and try to shieldDI every hit out. A single correct shield DI and he's done.
hit high > wavedash out
hit mid-low > shield DI > grab
missed L cancel > grab
shield DI shines out > grab

sh laser can jussst hit fh but you can easily dj higher on reaction
crouch and fh just after the laser passes over you or powershield FH

AC nair vs falco
0, -3
12, -3
0, -4
12, -3
so it's pretty bad

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