Monday, October 5, 2015



* samus's goal is to get her charge shot, puff's is to force samus off stage into an edgeguard
* this incentivizes puff to approach and for samus to hit her back out again.
* puff can deep aerial and then shield, which beats samus's CC options and just leaves her WD out of shield and trying to guess around with tilts/jabs, a game that puff wins over time with better conversions.
* to prevent this situation, samus does a preemptive tilt (up or f based on angle) to beat puff's descent
* to counter this puff can land outside of samus's range and whiff punish
* to counter this samus will either delay and move forward to pressure the land or preemptively rising aerial
* to counter this puff can hang further back and come up outside of or underneath samus with an aerial
* to counter this samus charges her chargeshot

This MU is sicwitit, super fun

you can CC rest most grounded options but watch out for dsmash
crouch next to shield is strong, can only be punished by grab/upB if very close and reactable WD.
if she upBs you can jump after her and rest
her shield looks crazy uptiltable
her crouch is really strong but you autowin if you just keep good spacing and only worry about good spacing vs crouch.
nair goes through missiles, FH goes over them
rest dthrow nair

samus uptilt
total, 39
hit, 14-17
iasa 35
effective endlag, 17

7 hitlag
7 shieldstun
-10 on block (hitting top of shield)

the difficulty of the punish is that she reels back during endlag.

samus ftilt
hit, 6-8
iasa 30
effective endlag, 22

if you AC bair samus's shield then you can crouch rest the WD jab OoS However jab is too quick to rest on reaction, you have to read that it's going to be a jab.
you can't reliably rest jab1 OoS but you can reliably SH rest after jab2.
if samus does an ftilt on your shield you have to punish with AC bair if it is spaced on your shield (tight window)
if it is deep on your shield you can WD rest it.

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